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How to Stop Procrastinating Before Exams


Samadrita Chakraborty




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“Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so abhi” is the proverb we have all listened to since childhood. But, whatever we listen to, do we ever follow that? If we had followed every good advice, think how better this world would have been. But you can start from today itself! Do you know how? By not procrastinating before exams. Most of us build lethargy before exams and begin to postpone study plans every day. A vast dilemma starts bothering us, and we somehow go into the zone of “Netflix and chill!” 

Do you wonder if it’s only you? Despite looking for that lost zeal to study hard, we cannot find it. A study says that 90% of students procrastinate before exams, which includes 30% of toppers. So dear, you’re not the only one. There are many with you in this battle. Here, we’ll learn to master the art of controlling our minds during and before the exam. 

What is Procrastination?

Students Procrastinate

The act of delaying or postponing something is usually known as procrastination. Though you will find the only definition in the dictionary as procrastination meaning, there is more to it. The word carries a more profound significance that comes with a lot of regret at the end. But the taste of procrastination is too sweet to miss. Therefore, even after thousands of parental warnings, students love to procrastinate before exams. The zeal to “finish a chapter in one day” becomes a far-fetched dream when students choose to play one more round of “call of duty” than study. 

Now, there must be a reason why something happens to many people. Therefore, I delved deeper and found out some reasons why students procrastinate.

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

Like adults, children have some valid reasons to procrastinate. The cause of their procrastination is often avoided, and they are held as culprits, not victims. As a 21st-century parent, would you ever blame your child for postponing a task five times that you would have delayed at least ten times if it was in his place? Try to delve deeper into this trouble and find out how procrastination can be stopped. By uprooting that tendency in your child, you can motivate them quickly. Before that, know the reasons: 


Though the term is often associated with adults’ life, children experience it more often. They set a goal for themselves, and the fear of failure to reach that goal makes them dead anxious. 

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation

This syndrome has been a mood killer for everyone. Extended detachment from school has made students lazy about their studies. Especially during the pandemic, people have become clueless about their long-term goals. 

Unrealistic Goals

The pandemic has detached children from reality. They often fail to find rationality in their actions. Targeting to finish many chapters in one day sometimes becomes too burdensome, and they need to work on it. 

Fear of Failure 

As I have already mentioned, children’s fear of failure is severe. Even if it’s just completing ten sums a day, they take it very seriously when they fail to do so. Thus, a constant fear works within them. 


Every reason related to procrastination is not children-centric. Parents also contribute to some of them. Think honestly and answer, “Are you one of those parents who pressurise their children to be a perfectionist?”, When parents set some goal like this for their children, children take them as a real challenge and end up neither a practitioner nor a perfectionist. 

Mental & Physical Exhaustion

You become too exhausted after office work, and your children also get that exhaustion. Too much pressure about studying or anything can drain children’s energy entirely. Refrain from putting any pressure on your little one. 

Effects Of Procrastination On Students & Schoolwork

Effects Of Procrastination

Every action has its opposite and equal reaction. Not me; Issac Newton has said so. Procrastination made everyone pay sooner or later. Some of the early effects of procrastination on students are as follows: 

Academic Issues 

With a long time of procrastination, students often get detached from their studies. Long-term detachment makes them uninterested in their academics. Thus, even the brightest child becomes dull. 

Consistency Issues

Nowadays, people face one consistent issue in their personal and professional lives. That is consistency. Procrastination brings consistency issues with it. Do you want your child to suffer the same? 

Interpersonal Issues

As long as a person suffers from consistency issues, he will not be able to concentrate on his spheres. Hence, inconveniences will keep occurring. 

How to Avoid Procrastination?

Every problem under the sun blooms with a solution. The question is how soon you avail it. Avoiding procrastination is easy when you follow some easy steps: 

Creating Realistic Plans

Help your child make realistic plans. Let them know their capabilities and plan accordingly. If they can finish one sum in one hour, encourage that. Tell them to make their pace faster, keeping it associated with reality. 

Making A To-do List

Your day becomes charming when you know what you have to do precisely. You can create task segments, and there will be no need to procrastinate. Teach the same to your children, and you cannot imagine how productive they will become. 

Organising Tasks 

Do you know why something becomes messy? Because it needs to be maintained from the beginning. Let your child not make the same mistake that you have made. Teach them to organise their tasks from time to time. Help them be a thoroughly organised individual. 

Procrastinating is not only one habit. It is a mixture of bad habits. Do away with it as soon as possible. If your child can bid goodbye to it in their teenage years, their life becomes more accessible, and success lies at every turn of the path. 

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