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Why is Your Child Hyperactive?

Why is Your Child Hyperactive?

“Again, you broke the glass?” Does every morning start like this? Welcome to the club of hyperactive children! You are just at the right place. We will tell you how you can control your hyperactive child. Children with excessively active brains and bodies sometimes harness danger for themselves. They end up making mischief that indirectly hurts them. If both parents work and someone else is in charge of the child, hyperactivity creates more problems. Experts say that hyperactivity is a sign of brilliance. So, parents must learn how to turn their children’s hyperactivity into creativity by avoiding their focus on destructive ideas.

How to Control Hyperactive Child?

Before you control a hyperactive child, you must know whether your child is hyperactive. So, understand the hyperactive child symptoms:

How to know if your child is hyperactive?

Reckless behaviour and too much activity stemming from a lack of attention define hyperactive children. If you see that your little champ is never tired and has a brief attention span, they are hyperactive. Some severe cons of hyperactivity are:

  • Children are never attentive to their academic activities.
  • They cannot socialise. 
  • These children are reluctant to participate in group activities.
  • Often they end up frustrated or depressed. 

Practical Tips to Control a Hyperactive Child 

Try to Calm Them: Do you know the easiest way to calm children? Ask them to sit for five minutes straight. Increase this time bit by bit. Incentivise them so that they are interested in doing so.

Take Them for a Walk: The closer your child stays to nature, the more composed they will find themselves. Serenity in nature helps them untie all the knots and to focus more. One walk a day keeps all stress away. So, this walk won’t rejuvenate your child’s body and mind only. It will help you as well. 

Take Them for a Walk

Change Diet: Nothing beats home-cooked meals. Eating clean food improves your lifestyle, mood, and overall mental and physical well-being as they are free of preservatives and artificial flavours. 

Give Attention

Play Games: Nowadays, children are all into smartphones. Show them a world beyond that. How about visiting your childhood and playing some offline indoor games? Multiple games like ludo, chess, UNO, and chinese checkers are waiting for you on the shelf. Not only indoor activities for hyperactive kids, engaging them in outdoor games like table tennis, cricket, soccer, and badminton is also essential. 

Play Games

Give Attention: It’s understandable that you are a working parent and cannot devote all your attention to your child. So, work on it and fix a proper family time. Do not neglect your child even for a moment. The reason behind hyperactivity in children is often a lack of attention from adults. Try pointing out their mistakes less and pat their back for the small accomplishments. Bring positivity!

Make a Schedule: Routines are to make people organised. Fix this routine for children from a very tender age. Discipline helps them at every phase of their life. 

Make a Schedule

How to Keep Hyperactive Child Busy?

Do you know why notable businessmen become philanthropists? They want to inculcate their extra assets into some excellent social work. Their excessive wealth positively impacts society, and thus, their brand value enhances. Parents of hyperactive parents must understand that their children have got more than what they require. The parents are responsible for channelling this energy to sound output. So, understand how to handle a hyperactive child:


People associated with sports are always highly energetic. Why do you not engage your little ones in some sports activities? Be it cricket, football, tennis, badminton, or any sport they choose. 

Camping and Outdoor Activities 

Camping is the first step in making your child self-dependent. This is an excellent initiative to introduce them to nature and the real world. So, encourage your child to go camping and engage in outdoor activities more. As they have a high energy level, this will be a perfect spare time for them. 

Art & Craft

Indulging in art and craft requires patience. You can utilise your walking time for that. Take them to a park and ask them to draw whatever they say around them. Who knows, you may discover the future of Van Gogh in your child. 

Helping with Household Chores

The first step of building your child as an independent self starts with seeking help from them for household chores. This step enhances their management skills also and helps them shoulder the responsibilities of adulthood. 

Dance & Acting or Music Classes

Channelising your child’s hyperactivity to dancing and acting can bring out great performers. They will pour their extra energy into these activities entirely, and hyperactivity will not pose any trouble either for the child or the parents. 

What Foods Can Make a Child Hyperactive

Food habits can severely affect your children. Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) should avoid some food items. So, here is a list of calming foods for a hyperactive child:

  • Candy 
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Sodas and caffeine 
  • Energy drinks
  • Seafood

Parenting Tips for Hyperactive Child

Bringing up a hyperactive child is a challenge sometimes. Yet, everything is simple with the right plan and knowledge. As I have already mentioned some practical tips to control a hyperactive child, this portion will focus on the don’ts more than the dos. 

  • Do not let the disorder or your child take control over you. Deal with any situation with utmost patience. I know sometimes it becomes challenging to hold your nerves. Therefore, work on it more and never let your anger come out. 
  • Children with ADHD lack self-control. Teach them delayed gratification. When you do it with care, they must give in to your love. 
  • Suppose you have given them four tasks. Out of which, they have completed three. Be flexible about the fourth one and appreciate them for the completed tasks. Refrain from pointing out their mistakes. 

Frequently Asked Question’s

1) How to deal with hyperactive children at home?

Answer: Create a positive atmosphere where children feel included and loved. Children with ADHD are in continuous search for attention from their parents. 

2) How to handle hyperactive children in the classroom?

Answer: In the classrooms, teachers must maintain a continuous bond with the children. The communication mode should be well-designed to engage children all the time.

3) Does an active baby in the womb mean a hyperactive child?

Answer: Though this information is unfounded yet, there is less possibility of this. 

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