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Importance of Girl Child Education in India

Importance of Girl Child Education in India

What is Education?

Education is a pivotal part of a living being, whether a boy or a girl. Education assists an individual in being more innovative, learning new things, and knowing about the facts across the globe.  

According to the oxford English dictionary, Education is the process of teaching, training, and learning to improve knowledge or develop skills. Education, in the true sense, is the process of acquiring knowledge and experiences along with the development of skills and attitudes of an individual. It helps them lead fruitful life and contribute to the development of society. 

Importance of Education in Girls

Importance of Education in Girls

“When you educate a man, an individual is educated, but when you educate a woman, the whole family is educated.”

Educating the girl child refers to that aspect of education which focuses on developing their skills and knowledge. It includes general education at schools and professional, technical, and vocational education at the college level. Their education encompasses both non-literary and literary aspects. Educating your girl child can bring socio-economic changes. Democratic countries, including India, have constitutions that guarantee equal rights for both women and men. Primary education in India is a fundamental right.

Advantages of Girl Child Education

Realizing the importance of women’s education, the government and many non-government organizations persistent efforts to spread awareness of women’s education. Several literacy programs are being taken in favour of educating girls.

Some important government schemes in India to promote girl child education are as follows-

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • CBSE Udaan Scheme
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Advantages of Educating a Girl child in India

Here we have listed the advantages of Educating girl child in Indian society-

Contribution towards economic development and prosperity: Educating girls will empower them to come forward and contribute towards society’s prosperity, growth, and development.

Economic empowerment: 

The economic conditions of society can’t be changed if women remain illiterate, backward, and co-dependent on men. Financial independence and empowerment in women will come when we educate the girl child.

Assurance of a sustainable society:

Society is assured of sustainability when a girl is protected through her rights. Realizing the importance of education, the government and several non-government bodies have taken various projects to strengthen girls’ child education. Educating girls will induce knowledge of social skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking in them. After getting educated, they will play a crucial role in providing stability to the family. 

Self-Reliance in girls:

Education is crucial for a girl as it enables her to become self-reliant and mitigate the need to depend upon any person for her and her family’s survival.

In the present times, financial independence is crucial for women. A financially independent woman can raise her voice against our society’s rigid social customs and unjust practices.

A Word from ORCHIDS:

Every day, girls face several barriers on their path to education caused by poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure, violence and fragility. Their education is a priority for the strategic development of any nation. Education is a crucial element for the growth of any society. A well-educated country always grows faster. We need to increase our literacy rate so our country can compete with the world. The government provides free education for girls to succeed and make our nation proud.

The concept of girls’ education goes beyond getting our girls into school. It is also about ensuring that they learn and feel safe while in school; have an equal opportunity to complete all levels of education. We must ensure that they acquire all the necessary knowledge and vocational skills to compete in the labour market; gain the socio-emotional skills required to adapt to a changing world.

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