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How to improve concentration skills of my child






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Kids love to play; they try their best to avoid things that don’t interest them. Therefore they make excuses to avoid other works and do not give their best to them. Sometimes due to their mischievous nature, they don’t focus on the given work, but sometimes the reason behind it is more complex and dire. Kids need to possess good concentration skills to complete a task successfully. However, a lack of concentration skills makes them confuse easily, and they can’t stick to one task for an extended period and quite easily get distracted with other things. Having less focus ability might also affect their future because from studies to career to social life, everything depends on how attentive a person is. After learning that, you must surely want to know how to improve concentration in kids, but before that, you must have a better idea of the general signs of an unfocused kid.

  • They easily get distracted
  • All-time daydreamer
  • Are not able to keep things scheduled
  • Show lesser interest in things
  • Find hard to learn something deeply.

Various senior personalities have deemed concentration skills vital for their healthy development and termed them as necessary for a better learning process.

The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy-Dr. Maria Montessori.

Now, it’s a common dilemma for a parent, as to how they canexpect good development of their kid when even he/she is not able to give proper attention to essential things. However, the first question in parents’ minds will be how to improve kids’ concentration, and here you will find some easy to adopt methods. These child concentration exercises are more like the habits that one needs to take on in their daily lives, specially fabricated keeping kids’ interests and capabilities.

Games & exercises for kids to improve their concentration skills

It is a well-known fact that if you want your child to get into some habit, then you need to do it in a fun-oriented and gripping way. Premium psychologists and child specialists have joined their hands to create some child concentration exercises and games combined in one to improve concentration. Like the other body muscles, brain muscles also need a workout; it strengthens them and improves their ability and capability. Here we’re mentioning some of them!

Brain exercises & games

      Brain exercises & games

  • Sequencing Games

These games involve activities related to arranging and sequencing objects, like following a list of steps, putting the things in order. It provides the required work out for the brain muscles and improves the concentration level. They also improve the memorizing capability of a kid in a playful way. With the time limit factor, the mind responds faster and provides them with a much-needed dose of child concentration exercises. 

  • Memory Games

Spot the difference- A game in which one has to find minor differences between two almost similar pictures. Also, the flashing pictures game where you have to match a picture to a previously seen one is a stellar game to boost concentration skills. These are uncomplicated fun games but are very crucial for increasing concentration skills. When a child repeatedly tries to memorize a number, picture, or figure, his cognitive and attention capabilities improve.

  • Puzzle & Maze Games

These games provide pretty good exercise to the brain muscles; they help improve the concentration, planning, and memorizing power of the mind. A puzzle and maze challenge the mind to reason, to find patterns; it also improves the processing speed of the brain. Also, some maze games involve physical activity, which improves the motor skills of a kid; it also improves mind-body coordination. The variety available with these games will offer you with a complete bunch of child concentration exercises.

  • Command Based Games

These are the best gates to improve the concentration of a kid on a particular thing; for several game-like “Statue” or just “Sit” makes a child more patient and focused. As a significant after-effect of lack of concentration in kids, they get distracted very soon and cannot concentrate on work for a long time. This game improves their tolerance power; they get trained not to get distracted easily and stick to a set of commands or work for a long duration. Repeated days with this game or exercise increases the bonding between the mind and body, along with the significant improvement in concentration skills.

  • Meditation & Breathing

These child concentration exercises are good for the mind and body. Kids need to focus on their breathing rhythm and patterns; it relaxes their mind, just like the outer body needs a rest after the hard work. Meditation is a popular exercise to relax the mind; it improves focus and frees the mind from other distractions. Getting the kids to do meditation and breathing exercises from a younger age develops their focusing power much faster. Also, they get aligned to set their priorities slowly, under the guidance of elders.

  • Sports & Recreational Activities

The mind not only needs academic and calculative methods to improve its abilities, overhauling with the help of sports and other recreational activities improves the focusing & attention power of the mind. Not only do they relax the mind but also better the mind-body coordination; motor skills get improved when a kid is involved in any physical activity. With uplifted social and behavior skills, along with the grown happiness quotient of your child, you are going to recommend games for improving concentration.

Many other exercises and games have found their way into the recommended schedule for kids. It is best to follow these child concentration exercises at an early age as possible because a child’s mind is like raw clay, and if we start molding it for good at the primary age, it is helpful for kids and parents both.

Along with the exercise and games for improving concentration, experts suggest following some ground changes in lifestyle, which affect the kid for good.

1. Prepare A Daily Routine For Kids’

Children don’t possess much flexible work skills as adults; they mix up things until and unless they don’t get a proper schedule. Therefore, you should finalize the timings for everything like for studying, playing, having food, watching TV, etc. It will help kids in having more arranged and less distraction during daily schedules, which will improve their concentration skills significantly. 

2.  Short Breaks And Power Naps To Improve Concentration Skills

When we do a physical workout, we take short gaps between exercises for regaining energy. Similarly, the mind also needs refreshing breaks in between mind exercise, studies, etc. for refocusing. Power naps are said to be quite helpful to relax the mind; in fact, some studies propose 20 minutes of power-naps in school time.  

3. Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones & Propose Short Time Goals

Kids learn to focus for a long time after time and repeated efforts, so it is advisable to feed them with smaller tasks instead of larger ones so that they do not lose concentration. As time passes, they learn to handle large ones themselves.

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