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Best Indoor Activities For Kids To Keep Them Busy!

Best Indoor Activities For Kids To Keep Them Busy!

Hop, skip and jump. These are some things kids love doing during their free time, at least as fun activities to let their hair down and play. But is there ever free time? Kids are always busy. They are constantly engaged in some indoor activity or another. They like to fidget; they like to touch things. Similar to adults. Recall that colleague who uses your laptop without thinking about good hygiene practices. Adults share a lot in common with kids in some respects. Perhaps it is a cultural phenomenon. Or it could be our innate human tendencies lying dormant in mind and expressing themselves through specific actions. Whatever the case, it is National Nutrition Week, and your child needs to be kept on the go through exposure to everything that shimmers. She must also possess good hygiene habits.

What Are the Best Indoor Activities for Kids?

Doting parents are everywhere. The definition of a parent is what she should be doing. All parents want to coddle their children – up to a certain age, preferably till five years. Some kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, while some continue to be tied to their mother’s apron strings. Each parental practice can be decoded, but love is critical to it. The parent’s task is to bring about an evolutionary change in their kids’ preferences, attitudes and beliefs. It is not to locate a spirit of revolutionary change as that is impossible. Love is the binding glue that holds them together, that creates the food you put into their mouths through that silver spoon.

Are There Any Fun Activities for Kids at Home?

When kids come back home, they tend to have a spring in their step. They will need refreshments. Buttermilk is suitable for your child when she is tired and needs rehydration. Mothers are usually heard saying, “Forget sodas. Just drink water.” Water is that good old drink that solves everything. More water will benefit your child. Remember that when you come back from work, you too are tired. If you have not drunk enough water, you may get a headache and feel lethargic. Kids need a fountain of water as they are young and raring to go. Water is good, buttermilk too. The latter cleans the system, cooling and aids in digestion. You could churn the buttermilk in a mixer with coriander, cumin or mustard seeds and with a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice, you and your child are good to go.

Thrilling and Fun Activities for Kids and Parents!

Your child will likely want to play after returning from school. Do not worry as we are here. At Orchids, we conduct after-school extracurricular activities that benefit your child tremendously. She can do so if she likes to play in our sports spaces. This culture helps you and your little one so that when she comes home, she can rest and take time off from a day brimming with activities. Our teachers have the skills to handle them after school and see that they drink enough water. Since the pandemic besets us, we also follow good hygiene practices. Your children are told to wash their hands regularly and to use sanitizer when necessary. Our didis sweep, mop and swab the school premises daily, making them fit spaces for various pursuits and activity games for kids.

Here are some ways to get your child to do suitable activities during National Nutrition Week.

Fun activities for kids include playing board games and chess with them. This is an age-old trick that keeps them on the go. It is said that every mental hospital has a steady flow of board games, and that is why they keep patients active.

Similarly, kids will benefit from several games (including those played in the garden and balcony) because it replenishes the soul and reactivates their physical equilibrium. Some craft activities for kids include paper mache, and some art activities include painting, drawing and basic doodling that you can save to remember the days spent doing them. 

During National Nutrition Week, we pay special attention to your child’s needs. We are focusing on their health through initiatives that resonate with this week’s theme. Giving your child the best care is our motto, and we see that they remain physically and mentally active. Comment in the section below if you have geared up for this week. What are some of your thoughts as a parent? Let us know!

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