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15 Indoor Games for Kids During This Pandemic

15 Indoor Games for Kids During This Pandemic

We all love games, but in the recent scenario of lock down and Corona virus, we all have been facing tough times at home. As an adult, we somehow manage the routine but it becomes terrible for our kids at home. What to do? If we can’t go outside, we have to manage entertainment inside our home. Even there are some schools in Kolkata that are encouraging parents to introduce indoor games for kids because we don’t want your kids to get screen stuck with smartphones and tablets.

Indoor games for kids

Many times we prioritize housework or other matters over spending fifteen minutes a day sitting on the floor and playing with our children.But what is the use of playing with children? The most important aspect is that it is probably the most direct way of entering into relationship with them .

So here is a list of indoor games for kids that even you can play!

1. Sticky Note Wall Bop:

Indoor Games for Kids | Sticky Note Wall Bop

Attach 26 sticky notes to the back of a door and write a different letter on each one (in random order). Make a “start” line a few feet away from the door (more if you have older kids), and have your child stand behind it with a softball, bean bag, stuffed animal or pair of rolled-up socks. Now instruct them to throw their object to try and hit the “A” or the “T”. Players with more advanced aim and spelling skills can try and hit all the letters in specific words (to make it even tougher, if they miss one of the letters, have them start all over again!).

2. Ping Pong Ball Catch:

Get out those plastic red Solo cups and a few ping pong balls (or any small object that will fit in the cup) and have your kids toss the ball to a partner and try and catch it in the cup. Start out close together and then keep taking a step backward to increase the challenge. For a single-player, they can simply throw the ball in the air and try and catch it.

3. Alligator Alley:

One of our favorite go-to inside games of all time. Simply scatter some “islands” or “boats” across the floor (use pillows, stuffed animals, books, etc) and then have your kids jump from one to the next without falling into the “water” and risk being eaten by a hungry alligator. Bonus points if Mom plays said hungry alligator and chomps after them when they stumble!
5. Crab Walk: Teach your child how to do the crab walk, then see how fast they can scurry across the room. Have races with siblings (or yourself!) and then increase the level of difficulty by having them balance a stuffed animal on their stomach. If it falls, they have to scramble back to the beginning and start again!

4. Cotton-Ball Crawl:

This Cotton-Ball Crawl game (via Parenting) is tons of fun and involves moving a pile of cotton balls from one room to another using a spoon. The feather-weight cotton balls make it easy to fly off if they don’t balance it just right! Trust me this is one of the best indoor games for kids which is so much fun.

5. Indoor Croquet:

Make your own indoor croquet course using toilet paper rolls or pieces of construction paper (via Toddler Approved). Amp up the activity by writing active tasks on each “tunnel” that needs to be completed once your ball makes it through like “do 15 jumping jacks as fast as you can” or “go run up and down the stairs 2 times”.

Make your own indoor croquet course using toilet paper rolls or pieces of construction paper (via Toddler Approved). Amp up the activity by writing active tasks on each “tunnel” that needs to be completed once your ball makes it through like “do 15 jumping jacks as fast as you can” or “go run up and down the stairs 2 times”.

6. Movement Chain:

You need at least 2 players for this interactive game where the first person starts by performing a certain movement – this could be something simple like jumping 2 times or more complex like holding a plank for 30 seconds. The next person has to perform the first movement, and then add on another, forming a chain. The following person does the previous 2 movements, plus adds their own. You continue in this fashion until the chain sequence is broken (usually forgotten!) and then that person is out. The last one standing is the winner.7.

7. Mirror, Mirror:

Stand face to face with your child, about a foot apart, and have them attempt to copy all your movements. Reach up and stretch to the sky. Do 10 jumping jacks. Run in place. Act like a monkey. Make it fun and you’ll both be working up a sweat in no time. Then switch roles and copy your child – they won’t be able to hold back the laughter (and neither will you!).

8. Airplane Landing:

Make paper aeroplanes and throw them. The catch? You have to collect it and bring it back to the start line without walking – this could be running, hopping, skipping, twirling, crawling…let them get creative!

9. Crib Mattress Slide:

This is another one of our go-to activities when we’re stuck inside – it’s super simple but kids think it is a riot! Take a crib mattress and prop it up on a bed or soft chair so it creates a slide to the ground. Now your kids can climb on up and slide down over and over again (just make sure you keep a hand on it at the top so it doesn’t slip down).

10. Pillow Case Race:

On hardwood or tile floors, sit on a pillowcase (or a t‑shirt) and use your arms and legs to scoot around a “race” course.

11. Target Practice:

Set up some targets (empty water bottles or paper towel rolls work great) and have your kids try and knock them down with Nerf guns or throwing soft objects. The exercise comes in when they have to keep going back and forth between retrieving their objects and the start line.

12. Wiggle Jar:

Print out these inventive activity cards from Home School Share and place them in a jar for whenever your child needs to let the “wiggles” out. These cards are packed with great movements and silly actions like “pretend you’re in a band for 2 minutes: play the instrument of your choice” and “push the wall (hold it up) for 30 seconds”. Discard the few cards that have outdoor activities for when you’re truly stuck inside!

13. Puzzle Piece Hunt:

This is a genius idea courtesy of No Time For Flash Cards. Hide all the pieces of a wooden board puzzle and have your child search for them – returning each piece to the board as they go. This game gets them moving, and their brain working at the same time, and kids love having a goal to complete. They’ll beg you to hide them again! This game they can easily play with their CBSE international school friends as well!

14. Paint Chip Color Hunt:

Pick up some brightly colored paint chips from your local hardware store and ask your kids to find items that match each color as closely as possible (again, keep a timer going so they quicken their pace). Don’t have Paint Chips? Use colored construction paper instead like Simple Play Ideas!

15. Balloon Tennis:

Toddler Approved has a fun idea to allow her kids to play tennis indoors! Kristina replaced a tennis ball with a balloon. I think their racquets are very creative!

Indoor Games for Kids

If your kid is more into board games but not just looking for fun, in fact, he or she is trying to have a logical and sincere play, we will suggest you go for Chess. It is one of the most popular indoor games in India, though it can only be played between two people it is a great way of letting your child explore and use their brain to win.

There are other such indoor games for kids available in the market which you can bring home and play like –

  • Scrabble
  • Checkers
  • Business board game and many more

All you need to do is ask your child what he or she is interested in and help them explain why he or she can’t go out and thus try one of these amazing indoor games for kids and enjoy.

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