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5 Ways To Deal With Your Kid’s Homework Challenges

5 Ways To Deal With Your Kid’s Homework Challenges


How does a child learn to ride a bicycle? Does she do it on her own? Absolutely not. At least not at first. Learning to ride a bicycle requires help from your end in the initial days. As your little one is about to hop on the seat to ride for the first time, you make sure they have supportive paddles on both sides of the bike while holding the bike steady from behind. As they start paddling, you walk with them holding onto the bike, and repeat this process for a few days till your child is confident enough to ride it on their own, without supervision. Well, dealing with kid’s homework challenges is quite similar to teaching them to ride a bike. In the initial days of being introduced to the concept of homework, kids will require some hand-holding done by their parents till they are certain that they can do it on their own. 

A mother helping her daughter with homework

By the time your little tot starts attending school on a regular basis, you are most likely to expect homework coming your way. As you read about it in the school diary or receive an email from his class teacher, the first question that would pop in your mind is “how to get a 4-year old to do homework?” After reading these 5 ways to deal with your kid’s homework challenges, you will break free from all such worries!

5 Ways to deal with kid’s homework assignments 

  • Meaning of Homework – The way in which we are introduced to things have an integral role to play in building our perception towards it. Kids are new to the term ‘homework’ and it should be the responsibility of parents to introduce this term to them in a positive light. Homework is a means of self-assessment for your child. Instead of rushing them into completing the homework on time, convey the importance of it in their path of educational development. 
  • Formulate a Homework Routine – This is one of the most important tips to follow to overcome kid’s homework challenges. A routine life is a healthy life. It’s time for you to apply this notion in your child’s life by working out a homework routine for them to follow on a daily-basis. Formulate a structural pattern of this routine by assigning a designated time everyday within which they would be doing their homework. What also might work is to first read and revise the assigned topics of homework. This will give them a clear idea about what to write and help in memorising the important points. 
A parent forming homework routine for her child
  • Set-up a Homework Station – Set up a homework station for your child similar to your work station for work-from-home. Just like you need a working environment to work at home, your kids need a studying environment, similar to their classroom, at home too! Allotting a seperate space for them to do their homework will increase their focus, build concentration and eliminate sources of distraction. 
  • Discussions before Homework – Once your kid is back from school, give him enough time to rest and relax. During his snack time, ask him about his day and what all what taught school. If any new topics have been taught, discuss with her. If you show interest in their studies, it will motivate them to do better and give you all the knowledge they can! You can even discuss answers to homework, before writing them down, to clear all her doubts.
  • Timely Breaks – Kids become bored and exhausted from doing homework at a stretch, for a long period of time. Make sure to include sufficient break time in their homework routine to freshen up and clear their mind. This could be done after every hour for fifteen minutes or after completing one subject. 

Challenges faced by students during homework and how to overcome them

One of the major challenges students face in terms of homework is the lack of motivation and improper encouragement by teachers and parents. It should be understood that homework is not something that kids should “just get it done” for the sake of completing it on time. Homework for kids is a continuous process of evaluating their progress in studies. It tests their ability to read, learn, understand and retain information gathered through various subject areas, in and out of their curriculum. Therefore, it is vital for parents to encourage their efforts. 


A simple high-five after being able to finish their homework, praiseworthy compliments when they solve a math problem on their own and saying “it’s okay, you will get it right the next time”, instead of yelling at child during homework, each time they make a mistake, can motivate your kid to do better in unimaginable ways! These five ways to overcome homework challenges are sure to help your child excel, not just in studies, in life too. 

Till then, happy learning!

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