Indulge Your Toddlers in These 10 Super Fun Activities for 3 4 year olds Kids
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Top 10 Fun Activities for Kids of 3-4 Years

Top 10 Fun Activities for Kids of 3-4 Years

What Do I Do with My Toddler?

Are you looking for ways to entertain a 3-year-old? Well, If you are the parent or nanny of kids such an age, it’s no surprise if your child has a short attention span and always seem to be in search of something to do. Children of this age don’t require much to be captivated. They are always curious to discover new things around them. Thus, it’s good to channel that seemingly endless energy into fun activities for kids that will help them learn and develop.

But how can that be done? Well, parents need to help their kids to grow through different games at this stage.

More than just a chance to have fun, playing is a serious way to improve on child’s health and development. From peek-a-boo to pat-a-cake and hide-and-seek to hopscotch, several fun activities for kids enrich a child’s brain, body, and life in many ways. If you are bored of playing the same old games with your little munchkin, here’s what is waiting for you!

10 Fun Activities to Try at Home with Kids

This blog contains a few simple learning ideas and fun activities for 3-4 year old kids. So, continue reading and keep playing to keep your toddlers interested, active — and on their toes!

  • Time to Make Puffy Paint 

There is something unique about Puffy Paint, and it is a must-try for your child to paint and play with. Trust me! It is super easy to make with all the ingredients you have right in your kitchen and after your child has finished painting, place it in the microwave for the magic to happen. Wow! It is so much fun! This activity willencourage your child to be more creative and self-expressive with paint.

Experimenting and exploring with a new paint tool will not only help your child in coordinating with eyes and hands and recognize colors but will also help to build fine motor development. Once the activity is done, you will get to see how he enjoys his achievement and takes pride in that.

  • Listen to an Audiobook

If your kid is too young to read independently, this is the best activity for a 3-year-old kid. Pick up audio versions of her favorite books, and let her sit down, and enjoy listening to a friendly voice reading it. And what if you can’t find a recording? Simply use your phone to make one yourself. This will help her develop listening and imagination skills both at the same time.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles
make jigsaw puzzles as a fun activity for kids

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just for retirees! Toddlers can gain fine motor skills as they move puzzle pieces and place them in the correct place. All you need to do is look for puzzles with pieces that are easy for little hands.  This activity is indeed one of the great learning ideas that teaches patience- a key attribute at all stages in life.

  • Balancing Felt Balls is the Real Fun!

Are you always looking for playful yet learning ideas for your child to develop their fine motor skills using fun resources? Then try out Balancing felt-balls. These balls are so tactile and sensory that your kid is sure to love playing with them. Challenge your kid and his friend using the balls, suction pads, and tweezers, and ask them to transfer the balls from the basket and balance them onto the suction pads without even touching. Just as they start playing, switch on the timer to see who among them is able to balance all the felt balls first.

Be ready with a surprise gift for the one who wins! Along with Fine Motor Development, this ball game will help your child in language development, build concentration level, and learn mathematics, counting, and pattern.

  • Doctor-Set

This game is known for paging all future med students! Playing doctor with your child on her dolls, dinosaurs, or even each other is not only a tremendous role-playing activity but will also help assuage any pediatrician fears in the case if she has. And the interesting part is, you do not need much for this game. Just a doctor play set will do. If your child’s creativity is infinite, provide her with a pair of earmuffs that will easily suffice as a stethoscope for her. 

  • Try an Information Game
try out fun and informative games with your kids to engage them in fun activities

Are you looking for totally different yet engaging learning ideas for your little one? Then try out this innovative, fun activity for himYour kid should know a few key pieces of personal information before stepping into preschool. Help him learn his full name, names of the family members, addresses, and phone numbers by playing games. Simply cut out cards with the letters of your kid’s names and then have them rearrange the cards until they spell the correct name. You can even sing a song of your own that lists all this info in one place because the melody is the key to help them remember.

  • Nature Hunts

Even if your “nature hunt” is just around the garden, it’s sure to be a slam dunk with your 3-year-old kid. It will not only provide your baby with some much-needed exercise and fresh air, but it will also give him an oppurtunity to connect with nature and you. And no matter how you approach — your child can always enjoy a lazy walk through the woods, flower hunt, foraging mission- completely free.

  • Worm Rescue Mission

We all know three-year-olds love to hunt and explore. So this cute “worm rescuing” activity is a fun way to spend an hour. Place some wet worm in chocolate pudding, ask your little one to hunt for them with a magnifying glass, and then rescue them with kid-friendly tongs. This fun activity is an excellent fit if you are looking for unique learning ideas to hone your kid’s fine motor skills.

  • Create a Tin Can Phone
two girls playing with tin can phone to have a fun activity to perform

Yes! Talking over an actual cell phone is no more fun! Help your kid to DIY a tin can phone, and teach him about vibration and sound waves using it. How to do that? Well, simply start by using two cans. Remove the edges fully, so they don’t have any sharp areas. Then, drill through the bottom and place a string in between the cans. Tie a knot on each end, so that the string stays intact. A string version will not make any sound, so you can wiggle it to show what sound waves are like. The tin will transmit some sound, illustrating what happens when your kid talks over the phone. Wait and watch! You would simply love those glees in those eyes!

  • Trace Letters Together

Three-year-olds are often big fans of drawing. They will draw different imaginative structures of humans, giving different shapes to each with stick legs and funny facial expressions all day if you let them! So why don’t you try to use this penchant for art by helping them trace letters? Buy paper with red dotted lines, and make them join each dotted line. This is one of the most accessible learning ideas you would find to help your little one learn the shape of each letter. 

Your Takeaway

Online games have proven to be a treasure trove of learning opportunities. There are a lot of content-areas, age ranges, and skill levels to choose from! From Sheppard software, PBS kids games, and National geographic kids to Poptropica, fun brain and Arcademic skill builders, there are several free online education games sites for 3 -to 4-year-old kids you can look up into.

Aiding your kid with plenty of opportunities to indulge in fun activities and play is one of the best ways to help them grow into curious, creative, healthy, and happy adults equipped with the skills they need today. Next time he/she asks to play with you, jump at the opportunity! We know, keeping little ones occupied is tough indeed, but what’s the harm in trying? Try out these above new fun activities for kids to get them used to play independently!

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