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Nursery Admission FAQs for Kids and Parents


Divya Chopra




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What Questions are Asked During Nursery Admission?

“What will they ask my child in the nursery admission interview?” “What if my child doesn’t know the answer?” “Will I be interviewed too?” If you’re a parent who just got a nursery admission interview call for your little one, these thoughts must be hovering over your head. Relax! This article will help you with all the FAQs and their answers to prepare yourself and your child for your first ever nursery school interview!

Teacher interview kids

Nursery Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Your Child .

1. What is your name? 

Answer- “My name is (example) Khushi Gupta.” This is the first question asked to every child during nursery admission interview. The interviewer gets an idea whether your child can identify herself  when called by their name. This simple question will also help the interviewer understand your child’s responsiveness. 

2. What is your age? 

Answer- “I am 3 years old.” This will indicate that your child is aware of her age. Some interviewers may also ask your child if he/she knows their birth date. 

3. What is this?

Answer-  “This is an apple.” The interviewer may ask this question for various other objects as well. This is to observe whether your child can identify and name different things in and around themselves.

3. Which shape or colour is this? 

learning color shapes set for kids

Answer:  “This is blue” or “Blue star” – The answer given by your child will ensure whether your child can identify and differentiate between shapes and colours. 

4. Do you know any Nursery Rhymes? Can you sing one for me? 

Answer: “Yes. Johnny Johnny… Every nursery admission will ask your child to recite a few nursery rhymes or sing any one rhyme that is their favourite! This exercise will highlight your child’s memory and speech clarity. If your child can express nursery rhymes with a few hand gestures and facial expressions, it can be a huge plus point to crack that nursery school interview!

5. Can you bring that toy? 

Answer: “Yes.” Your child may also be asked to bring or pass on a few things to the interviewer or yourself. This is to see whether your child can understand and follow orders. 

6. Do you have siblings? 

Answer: “Yes, I have a brother.” A few more questions about the family may be asked to your child about grandparents, names of parents, etc.  This shows your child knows about her family. 

Nursery Admission Question and Answers for Kids and Parents

Your child will also be observed on the basis of a few activities to analyse their mental, physical and cognitive development. This part of the interview can be done before or after the question-answer session. 

Colouring nursery worksheets can be given to your child to observe their fine motor skills – how they hold the crayon or the pencil and their wrist movement while colouring an image. Their choice of colours will also give an idea to the interviewer about your child’s cognitive development. Solving 5-6 piece puzzles and a few nursery worksheets in English or any other second language may also be helpful in knowing your child’s capabilities better.

Worksheet for Nursery kids

Once your child has played his/her part in their interview for nursery admission, it’s time for you to pitch in your answers! A lot of nursery schools also conduct a round of interview for the parents to understand the family background, their expectations from the school and how well they know their child.

Interview Questions and Answers for Parents.


1. What are your names?

Answer :- Introduce yourself one by one. This is only to make you feel comfortable!

2. What are your educational qualifications? 

Answer:- This gives the interviewer an idea about your background and a measure of how much you value education.

3. Are you both working? 

Answer:- If yes, this would imply how much attention you are able to give your child. 

4. Are you a neutral family?

Answer:-The kind of environment a child grows up in says a lot about their personality and behaviour. The answer to this question will help the interviewer get an idea about the environment in which your child is being brought up. 

5. How would you describe your child? 

Answer:- Briefly mention your kid’s likes, dislikes, nature and behaviour.

6. Is your child toilet-trained? 

Answer:- Be honest about this. This is usually asked to check whether your child will require additional help in the washroom. 

7. Why did you choose this school? 

Answer:- This is to understand your expectations from the nursery school for your child’s education and what prompted you to choose a particular school

Start Your Prep Today!

The key to crack your child’s first nursery admission interview is to stay calm. School is a safe space for your child to learn, grow and develop various skills. Preparing your little tot for the interview by asking common questions like these regularly, in a playful way, will help them stay focused and calm in front of the interviewer. You can practice these sets of questions during their bath and play time! You can even download a few nursery worksheets for your child to practice colouring, drawing and writing alphabets. 

We know you and your child will ace it. All the best!

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