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Online Classes Vs Offline Classes: Which is Better?


Prakriti Dhodare





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Generally, you may feel that going out is pointless if you get something at home. The same thing happens with kids too. When you ask your kid if they want to go to school or to be at home and study, they might probably choose to stay at home and study. Today’s generation finds online classes easier compared to offline classes. After the pandemic, students have become comfortable with the concept of online classes. What do you think as a parent? Online Classes or Offline classes: Which is better for your kid? In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online classes and offline classes that we are going to discuss in this article. Here you can find what is suitable for your child.

What is Online Class?

Online Classes

Online classes combine video recordings and live lectures with course assignments and tests. It is usually conducted using a virtual portal through which students can connect and gather reading materials, interact with teachers and classmates, view grades, and monitor progress.

What is Offline Class?

Offline Classes

Offline education is a traditional method of learning that provides students with a physical environment for learning with their classmates.

Advantages of Online Classes 

  • Online classes bring education to your home easily.
  • Online classes can save expenditures on fuel, bus charges, private vehicles etc.
  • E-learning offers flexibility. In online classes, you can record the screen and view it whenever you want.
  • There are not many classes offered online for kids. So your child has more time for other activities.
  • Online courses offer kids personalised education. Students can choose the time that works best for them.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

  • It might be difficult for young kids to adjust to online classes. 
  • Online classes have high chances of distraction from study.
  • Online classes may create a feeling of separateness.
  • Online classes require personal time-management skills. If you don’t manage your time properly, you may miss a few topics, affecting your kids’ studies.
  • In online classes, responsibility for learning will fall on either the kid or parents. Because in a virtual class, no one can force or make them study.

Advantages of Offline Classes

  • Offline classes help in improving the concentration of students.
  • In offline classes, students learn to maintain discipline.
  • Usually, offline classes make students punctual when it comes to homework.
  • Extracurricular activities are crucial for student’s health, though, in online module, it’s not easy to conduct those.
  • The offline mode of study allows direct interaction between the teachers and students.
  • Students get a chance to make new friends and interact with teachers in offline classes.

Disadvantages of Offline Classes

  • Students might not get the chance to learn about developing technology.
  • Offline classes, where you have to be at the school, cost more because you have to pay for gas or travel costs.
  • Students become more dependent on teachers in offline classes.
  • Once a lecture has been given on a topic, it is difficult to discuss it again in an offline class.
  • Students who have been doing offline education since the beginning may not have had exposure to technology.

Are Offline Classes Better Than Online Classes?

In this article, some advantages can be disadvantages for many parents and vice versa. It is all about the perception of every individual. Whatever parents feel is most convenient for their kids, they follow the same. 

What do you think about your kid’s education? You will be making decisions based on your kids’ abilities. In this blog, we have discussed some pros and cons, which can clarify your thoughts about your child’s education. Some parents choose offline classes for their kids because they think it’s easier to interact with their classmates and teachers in person. While, some parents prefer online classes because it provides flexibility. They believe their children should be at home so they can take care of them adequately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Concentrate in Online Classes?

To concentrate on online classes, you need to create an uninterrupted space. Make a proper schedule and update your technology skills.

2. Can We Learn Maths Easily in Online Classes?

Yes, we can learn mathematics in online classes. But, it requires all your attention on the screen. It also depends on the kid’s ability to grasp the way of teaching.

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