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10 Best Online Learning Courses For Children

10 Best Online Learning Courses For Children

With the world changing faster than ever before, we find reforms in various fields due to the change in technology. Education has also been seeing significant reform as a result of it. While you might find it difficult to deal with changes proactively, we as humans need to do so anyway. However, it’s not the same for your kid as it is for you. Your kid belongs to a generation that is surrounded by technology in every phase of life. The e-learning advantages are vast. And to make him/her excellent in every field of life, you should inculcate in them a habit of learning apart from academics in schools/preschool using technology. One technique is online learning course for kids.

Role of parents during online learning

Here is a list of 10 recommended online learning courses that your kid can take up to get an edge over their peers. We will also recommend some online learning platforms below to help you find the course:

Interactive Online Learning Course Of English

Before joining the school, learning comes automatically for the kids. It is the best time to introduce them to different languages. Since there’s no requirement of any previous knowledge to learn a new language, the kid can grasp every bit of information to learn a new language. If your kid belongs to the age group 3-4, do not wait for academic enrollments to make him/her learn languages. The little one can get familiarized with the language even before joining any school, and this definitely will help them to learn as well as have fun. Taking up Interactive English Courses can help the child to get an edge over other students when at school.



Since the world Is changing at a face pace, so is the education system. Only relying on schools and private tuitions for academic excellence can keep your child lagging in the game. However, if your kid takes up online academic learning also through allied online courses, it can help to attain better learning and develop a competitive advantage over classmates in solving problems and conceptualizing study materials. Though it is not a must to let your kid take online classes from platforms, it can surely add value to the learning if guided effectively. Free online kids courses are provided by various platforms.

Recommended Platforms: KHAN ACADEMY, BYJU’S, UNACADEMY

Online Learning course Of Computer Programming / Coding

Online Learning course Of Computer Programming / Coding

Computer Coding stands as the most important course that your kid can take up. Coding has a language all of its own. Language helps to communicate and strengthens the thinking and logical abilities of children. Computer Coding itself lets your kid learn different programming languages that help to develop computer products and allied services. Learning to code is indeed the best way to understand how the technology operates around us. Online learning of coding comes with many advantages bundled together into one package. Throughout the process of e-learning for kids, they learn and become creative. It helps children to visualize abstract concepts and lets them recognize real-world problems and apply mathematical approaches to it. To learn to code means to learn how to plan and organize. This leads to better academic skills and brings confidence in the minds of the child.

In today’s era of digitization, coding should be termed a basic literacy course than something one should aspire to take up.

Recommended Platform: EDX.org, COURSERA.org.

Drawing Through Online Learning Course

Drawing can be an essential course for your kid’s all-round development. Drawing can be a beneficial tool for a lot of reasons. You can be able to see kids learning and see how they play around with an idea and transform their lives. It increases cognitive processes. Cognitive processes include the acquisition of knowledge and understanding thoughts, experiences, and senses. While drawing, they always think and feel something about the art; in the drawings, they help them build their knowledge and visual skills. Imagination being a key aspect of growth, is driven while a kid draws. It also helps attain confidence when the drawings are, in turn, applauded by many.

Recommended Platform: SKILLSHARE, UDEMY.

Environmental Conservation Courses 

Schooling and preschooling is the time for kids to learn more; they become socially aware and develop selfless personal behavior. By taking up an online learning course on environmental protection, a kid can generate a spark to care for and protect the environment. The idea behind taking up an environmental course is to let your kid develop an ecological mindset. A lot of activities can be taken up to teach your child about ecological behavior. The activities include going outdoors to learn about plants, trees, and most importantly about current ecological issues, namely pollution, deforestation, gas emissions, waste management, best use of available resources, and many more. Along with the outdoor recreational activities taken up to teach your kid, you can also rely upon a few online courses.

Recommended Platform: COURSERA.org, Futurelearn.com.

Online Learning Of Foreign Languages 

Learning a new language comes with many benefits, including interpersonal relationships that your kid can develop over time. By learning a foreign language online, your kid can always be equipped with the ability to talk to different people all across the globe. Multilingual kids always tend to be better learners in all the fields and become better task doers than monolinguals. As they understand more people and their languages, they become empathetic and develop a positive attitude towards their life. While socially, they become more resilient towards others, financially, the kids get a boost in their salaries and vast career opportunities due to the demand for foreign language in the market.

Recommended Platform: UDEMY, EDX.org, FluentU.


photography courses for kids online

To draw and to deal with images requires creativity, or creativity is developed while being in the process. Good devices might cost you some money as it is a pre-requisite for photography, but once your kid gets hold of the devices, photography can add to numerous benefits for your kid. Through online learning photography, your kid can learn different things about lighting, angle, positioning, and much more. This, in turn, helps your kid to understand various aspects of photography. Along the process, a child attains social skills and self-confidence. While sharing the works with others and on social media, a sense of one’s creations allows the kid to feel proud and applauded.

Recommended Platforms: SKILLSHARE, COURSERA, UDEMY

Personal Finance

We find many rich personalities who had worked in their teens to generate extra income, making a kid market smart. Kids aren’t usually taught about how to manage money in schools, and this leads to them learning it from others. This is seriously something you won’t want. If you have fine learning of personal finance, you can afford to teach yourself, but if not, you should instead take up online courses from learned professionals. By joining online learning courses on personal finance, your kid can learn age-appropriate money skills, strategies to earn and save money, create budgets, and ultimately create a financial foundation.

Recommended Platforms: COURSERA, UDEMY


Group of children singing song

Music is an all-time favorite course offline but is slowly and gradually attaining acceptance online. Online learning of music often works as an alternative for kids who are not natural athletes in schools. Hence free online homeschool is there. Music can be the extracurricular activity that teaches you kid the importance of teamwork, discipline and working towards a goal. Several pieces of research find that making music enhances the neural abilities of children and develops the part of the brain, which helps in thinking and reasoning. It also helps regulate mood and acts as a medium to de-stress your kid from academic pressures. It can also be viewed as a technique to make friends and find kids accepted in the friend groups.

Recommended Platforms: SKILLSHARE, UDEMY

Graphic Designing 

Graphic design is more of a commercial art used by companies to communicate with the target audience. Graphic designers can use graphical tools like images to convey an idea to the people. If you are looking to let your kid learn graphic designing, you first need to assess whether the kid is interested or not. An interest in photography can often result in learning graphic design as a level up. Such level up can usually result in your kid expressing his thoughts through designs and do freelancing even while at school or college. This online learning course of graphics adds up to an extra income source much relevant in terms of personal finance and growth.


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