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Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control Guide


Samadrita Chakraborty




null mins read

The 21st century is all about the digital ecosystem. Even the home page of our phones is crowded with important apps. These apps are deeply intertwined with our lives, and to some extent, they control us. Can you imagine your life without WhatsApp? Since the time of the pandemic, our work life has also crawled into this digital medium. 

Now not only adults’ lives are mingled with technology but technology has become an integral part of our lives. After the pandemic, digital DNA has been infused into the educational system as well. Our children are also dependent on these gadgets.

None of us wants our children to face the digital divide( A technological generation gap) that we are experiencing but we also need to protect our kids from the perils of online access. Therefore, we must ensure that our children’s digital well-being comes with enough parental control. We must have a keen eye on their time spent on digital devices. But before that, every parent must have a clear perception of digital well-being and parental control. 

What is Parental Control?

Nowadays, digital media is making things available for everyone. If the content has an age limit to consumption, young minds can be limited from doing that. Now, they do not know those boundaries. Therefore, parents need to control inappropriate content for their children.

If you are wondering how to put parental controls over the content, several platforms help you do that. 

YouTube’s parental control is one of the most common examples of the same. This entertainment app is the first one to introduce its baby version. In this version, kids can access content especially tailored for them. As it is vital to a child’s growth, most devices have some form of parental controls built into the operating system that allows parents to restrict usage and access. Parents can filter the content their children will consume. 

How Parent Controls Help Kids in This Digital Age?

The digital age is progressing at rocket speed. Everyone has to meet their pace with this rapid change. You cannot hold your children back from participating. But, you can restrict their reach. Let us see how parental control helps kids in this digital age:

Digital Wellbeing

Protect Kids from Objectionable Content

Digital media gives everyone access to everything. This situation is a serious concern for every parent. But, parental control works as a savior and helps parents to guard their kids against harmful or objectionable content. YouTube has already put a boundary on the age limit of the content.

Internet scheduler is another parental control app that helps parents to block objectionable content from their children’s devices. 

Gives Options for Category Blocking

The entire parental control comes when you can block a particular category. Blocking websites also falls under parental control. But, sometimes one might not know how many or which websites feature adult content.

So, usually, parents end up blocking the entire adult content section. It will decrease the chances for your children to consume adult content when they cannot have access to any of them. 

Put a Full-stop to Cyberbullying 

Kids are becoming more and more vulnerable to bullying with the rise of the internet and digital mediums. Some of the helpful apps assist parents to control their kids’ devices and they can prevent any unnecessary interaction. Now you can see all the incoming and outgoing messages on your kids’ devices and take charge when your child is getting triggered by the bullies. 

Limiting Downloads to Keep Their Device Safe

Under parental control, you can limit the downloads on your children’s devices. They can download only the content that goes with their age. It keeps your device from catching viruses from unprotected sites. Block the suspicious sources and help the device with complete security. 

Increase Familiarity with Technology

In this tech-era, if you are the parents of zen A, you must be tech-savvy and have to overcome their resistance to the use of technology. Learning technology will keep you close to your kid and closer to their devices.

This parental control blesses you with familiarity with technology. You keep all the updates about technology and websites to keep your child safe from any vile or inappropriate content. 

Some of the Popular Parental Control Apps

The number of popular parental control apps is increasing as everyone understands the importance of parental control over children’s devices. Nowadays, you can find several parental control apps in both Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. Some of the most suggested them include:


BARK is the most popular parental control app of 2022. You cannot find a free version of it but you can try a 7-days-trial period. This app is easy to use from almost every device and gives you overall control. Use it on as many devices as you want. 

Family Time

The app comes with a three days trial period where you can access this app on a maximum of 5 devices. It is accessible only to iOS users. The app gives total control over your little one’s devices. 

Several apps like Boomerang, MMGuardian, Qustodio, etc. are known as good parental apps. 

Make the Most of the Parental Control Apps

With this vivid idea of all the parental control apps, we believe you can create a better definition of parental control and digital well-being for your children. If you find the article helpful, extend your helping hands to others and reach the information to the parents who need it. 



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