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Parenting Tips: Why You Should Talk to Your Child Like a Boss?

Parenting Tips: Why You Should Talk to Your Child Like a Boss?


Parenting is a tough job. It’s hard to know what parenting strategy will work for your child, but there are some techniques that have been proven to work over and over again. One of those parenting techniques is called “parent as boss.”

Parenting your child like a boss can be very effective in teaching them responsibility and discipline, while also giving them the unconditional love they need from their parents. This blog post will discuss why you should talk to your child like a boss, how parenting as a boss works, and how it can help improve parenting skills in general!

Benefits of Talking Like a Boss to Your Child

Let’s get this straight. Talking like a boss during parenting  is not the same as bossing over a child. If you sternly tell your child to not disrespect others, then you’re talking like a boss. If you tell your child in a rude way to clean the T.V, you know the answer. There are plenty of benefits when parents act like a “good” boss.

The Child Won’t Argue Unnecessarily

This parenting style is also known as authoritative parenting. It’s rewarding for both parents and children when you talk to your kids like a boss! Your child won’t start an argument when they figure out you’re using this tone because they’ve done something wrong. Also, they’ll figure out you’re trying to bring a change in them and so they’ll let it cool off.

The Child Becomes More Obedient

In parenting when you talk to your child like the boss they’ll be more obedient, not because they follow your orders but because they know whom to respect. They’ll figure out why it’s important to obey certain people. They’ll reflect this habit in their school if their teacher also uses this tone. Remember a bossy tone is not bad. It’s how a leader leads.

Your Child Will Be Prepared for Career Life

A bossy parenting style is good for your child in the long run. They’ll know how to lead people and they’ll be able to take charge at work better. When you talk to your child like a boss, no matter what their age, they’ll understand why it’s important for them to abide. When they grow up and figure their boss being like this, they’ll know they have to respect it. At the end of the day, it’s the child that is going to be benefitted so they’ll abide by it.

They’ll Grow Responsible

A parenting style of this kind is also very helpful for the child. It teaches them to be responsible, as they’re constantly being told what’s expected from them. lt will teach your children that there are consequences when it comes to everything in life and they’ll learn fast.

What If the Child Rebels?

If you have this question, “but then what if the child rebels?”, we have the answer. Yes, this type of bossy tone will teach them to rebel, and it could make things worse. But who said parenting was supposed to be easy all of the time?

If you want your kids to do well in life, they’ll need consistency from you. You can’t just turn a blind eye whenever they’re giving you trouble; you need to correct them. And if you’re going to be sweet with them all the time, then they’ll take things for granted. At those times, talking like a boss to your child will make them fear you in a good way. They’ll respect you and realize they’ve done something wrong.

What If When They Grow They No Longer Listen to You?

That’s what you need, don’t you? When you have shaped them since their childhood by making them know you’re in control, the mission was done. So when they grow up, they needn’t really behave like old times. They’re still going to listen and be kind to you if you had treated them with empathy as well. Because It’s not about being loved or liked by your kids; it’s about making them feel safe and cared for while teaching them right from wrong. So how can you make this possible?

  • When you’re having a boss-like conversation with them, you must remember to not use harsh words.
  • You shouldn’t give them punishments because your voice is already cold enough for them to handle.
  • Once they do what you said, reward them. If you gift them or give them a kiss, they’ll feel secluded.
  • Even if you sound bossy, remember to show empathy. Put yourself in the child’s shoes and see whether they’ll learn from you.
  • Let your child know why you do it. Let them know that you love them and want them to make the right decisions.
  • If your child argues with you stating they dislike this parenting style, reflect on what you did. Did you really act like a leader or did you offend them?

Final Thoughts

Parenting is not a one-way street. If you aren’t the family’s boss, the child will start to engage in wrong behaviors. They might also become overbearing and patronizing. Parents do want to be their child’s friend, but friends do fight. A good friend always corrects and they also use an authoritative voice.

In parenting, you can indeed follow this parenting style because even if you and your child have a friendly bond, it won’t change the fact that you’re an elder. They do understand that they have to respect you because you’re old, you’re a parent, you have lots of knowledge, etc. If you’re worrying that you might cause your child trauma, remember being strict isn’t equal to bossing and commanding a child. So wisely choose your decisions and words.

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