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10 Things To Be Checked Before Sending Kids to School

10 Things To Be Checked Before Sending Kids to School


Is your child’s backpack too heavy? Did you check their lunchbox to ensure they have a healthy and nutritious meal? Is their homework done? These are just some of the many questions parents must ask themselves before sending kids off to school in the morning. Parenting is all about taking care of your child, isn’t it?

There is an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with being a parent, and even more so when it comes to preparing kids for school each day. Parenting can be ridiculously tough but never impossible! In this blog post, we’ll guide you on what to check before dropping your kid off at school.

Parenting Tip – 10 Things to Check Every Morning

Schools are a source of education and socialization for your kids. However, they also have a duty of care to provide an environment that is safe from harm. This means ensuring all the necessary safety checks are in place before sending students to school on any given day. Speaking of parenting, these 10 tips will help you to ensure your child is receiving the best from school and you. 

Check Their Lunchbox and Water Bottle

Lunchboxes should be checked every day to make sure they’re in the same condition as when you packed them. If there are cracks, leaking, holes, stains, etc then it needs replacing and students will need a new one for school each day. Make sure the lunchbox contains nutritious foods.

Make sure there’s enough water for them throughout school hours – one liter per hour would be recommended.  Check to make sure the bottle is in good repair – if not, it’s best to replace it.

Check Whether Your Child Is Feeling Well

If they have a fever, are feeling nauseous, or feel generally unwell it is important to stay home and recover. For young children, every day at school will give them various experiences. They must step beyond their comfort zone, which requires emotional preparation. You should prepare your children to step outside that shell as a parent.

You should teach kids how to communicate with teachers, complete independent work, and use toilets. This will help them cope with the sudden stress and mentally and physically prepare for the changes ahead.

Check Their Clothing

It’s essential that students wear clothes that cover them properly – this includes shirts with sleeves. If any articles of clothing need replacing then parents should purchase replacements on the way to school in order to avoid being late. Also, teach your child to clothe themselves each morning. This includes zipping pants, buttoning shirts, putting on socks, and removing gloves.

Check Their Supplies

It’s important for kids to have all the necessary materials to complete independent work and homework at school, including pencils, pens, erasers, crayons, or colored pencils – not just a notebook. Teachers will be able to let you know if there are any other items your child needs in order to do their work. If your child goes to school without supplies, they might have to face the questions of teachers that will spoil your child’s day.

Check with the Teacher

Parents should always contact their child’s teachers before school starts in order to establish a connection and find out what is expected for student success every day at his or her new school. This will also allow parents to check whether there are any special items that they need to purchase, such as a calculator for math.

Tell Your Child to Be Kind to Every Student

Kids are going to be kids. Even though they should always have their best behavior, it is also important for parents while parenting to teach them kindness and understanding of others. They need to understand that there will be many different types of students in a classroom, including those with disabilities or learning differences who might require some extra help from time to time.

Be Sure to Read Their Locker Notes Before They Head Off for the Day

When children start going to school, they will most likely have a note in their locker. It is important that parents while parenting always look at these messages and try to help their children understand what it means or how they should react. Parenting does not mean being nosy in their lives but by checking up on things that the child is okay with you checking it. So if your child prefers these messages not to be read by you, talk about it with them and then check on it.

Check If They Have Completed Their Homework

When it comes to parenting, checking whether the child has completed all homework is essential. Because homework teaches students responsibility as well.  If the child hasn’t finished it, parents need to let them know about the consequences. Then help them complete it and ensure that they understand how important it is for them to do a good job.

Ask About Any Problems

It’s never too early for parents to start asking about the student’s day and any problems that they are having. If there is an area of concern, it might be a good idea to try and get some outside help for their child so that he or she can start feeling more confident in schoolwork again.

Start the Day with Some Compliments

It’s important to start the day off on a positive note, so parents should try and give their children some compliments first thing in the morning. This will help them feel more confident about themselves and be able to take on new challenges with greater ease throughout the rest of the day. Be their cheerleader, because according to a study, kids who are confident in their abilities show higher academic achievement and attendance rates.

Final Thoughts

It can also be helpful for parents and students to take time during the school day to talk about what is happening at school. It will help kids get more comfortable with being able to communicate with others, as well as it may give adults some insight into their school life. Checking on children is a good way of parenting and it needs to be done effectively. Speaking of parenting, making sure a child’s day at school is fruitful is essential. 

Hope our guide helped you, have a nice day!

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