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10 Secret Tips for Making Kids Do Whatever You Want

10 Secret Tips for Making Kids Do Whatever You Want


Do you have a child who does whatever they want to do? Parenting can be super tricky, mainly to raise a child when trying to learn about discipline. While parenting, you have to balance every factor affecting children’s development! No matter how often you tell them not to do something, whether playing with the dog or jumping on furniture, they still won’t listen. 

It may seem like there is nothing that can be done but don’t worry! Check out these secret tips for making kids do what you want them to do and see if any work for your family! There are plenty of ways to make your kids listen without having to use punishments such as spanking or grounding.

These Ten Parenting Tips Will Make Your Child Do Everything to Tell Them To!

1. Don’t Tell Them What To Do

This is not the right parenting style! If you constantly tell your kids what to do, they will feel like you think they are incapable of making their own decisions. This might lead them to refuse to listen to anything you say because they may believe that if they don’t do what you ask, you will always tell them what to do.

2. Use Incentives Instead Of Punishments.

If you provide your child with something they want when they behave the way you want them to, it will make using incentives a lot easier than punishing them for not being good. A proven parenting style for so many parents!

3. Be A Role Model For Your Kids

The best parenting tip is to be the change you want to see in your kids. Kids learn a lot of things from their parents. If you want your kid to be good and do what you tell them to, you need to show them that you are also good and follow whatever rules society has laid out for us.

4. Don’t Yell At Your Kids!

Yelling is not the best way to deal with a child who refuses to listen. You may have heard that yelling will make your kid stop doing what they are doing, but it is not valid!

5. Treat Children The Same Even If They Are Different

Some parents try to treat their kids differently, especially if they are different in some way, such as gender or age. If you are a parent, you need to remember that children will grow up and be mature enough to accept their differences. Telling them, they are different as kids won’t teach them anything because they might feel bad about themselves.

6. Show Them The Rules Are Meaningful To You!

Don’t just tell your kids that they have to follow the rules even if you don’t care. You also need to show them that those rules are essential by living them yourself.

7. Your Kids Will Not Always Listen, But They Can Learn!

In life, not everybody will always listen to what we say, but there is a way we can teach them to understand better what we are saying. This is not some magic, and you need to listen and guide them simultaneously to learn from your example.

8. Be Consistent With Rules And Consequences!

Many children don’t follow the rules, especially when it comes to being home early or not talking back to their parents. They always think that they know better than us and that it’s okay if they break the rules just because “I’m a teenager now” or “Mom, you are so lame!”

9. You Can’t Please Everyone

To be a good parent, you need to understand that your kids will not please everyone. It doesn’t matter where others stand on this issue! Don’t ever let yourself down because of this; you can only do what is suitable for those you love and care about.

10. You Have To Trust Your Gut And Instincts

For many struggling parents who require help, you only have one shot at getting things right. Don’t let it go without any regrets, and above all, trust your gut and instincts because they’re going to look after you!

Things That Will Make Your Child a Rebel!

1. Let them do all the things they want from a young age.

2. Don’t show love or affection, because this will make them think that you’re weak.

3. Praise the qualities of bad kids instead of good ones, as it’s not going to build up their self-esteem and confidence but urge them towards a wrong path.

4. Don’t discipline them because this is going to lead them towards a rebellious streak. It’s going to make them hate you, as they will think that kids who do things you want are the ones who get punished and the ones that do all the wrong things; they’re just punks!

5. Don’t have family time, if you do it once or twice, it will make them used to that kind of lifestyle, and they’re going to be bored with it after some time.

6. Teach them how to lie from a young age instead of being honest.


Parents have a lot to contend with on any given day. It can be challenging to manage your children’s often selfish and demanding needs, teaching them the skills they need to succeed in life while also attending to your responsibilities. You may feel like you are always at odds with your kids or that there is no way you will ever get through to them. But it turns out all of these challenges parents face stem from one source: their child’s brain development stage! With this knowledge, we hope you’ll find parenting easier going forward because now you know when to expect certain behaviours from your child and what strategies work best for each developmental phase. The key is understanding how the human brain works during different stages of growth. We wish you all happy parenting!

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