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What to Do if Your Child is Struggling in School: Parental Supportive Strategies

What to Do if Your Child is Struggling in School: Parental Supportive Strategies


Parenting is the most important job you will ever have. It’s a real challenge to be parenting in today’s society where parenting styles are constantly evolving. As parents, it can seem like we’re doing everything right one day, and then suddenly our child starts struggling in school or with their friends, and we don’t know what to do. For many of us who feel out of control when it comes to parenting because life doesn’t always go as planned, there are some things that you can do about your struggling child!

Reasons for Child Struggle in School

Here are some reasons your child might be struggling in school and you are unaware. they are:

The Work Is Too Challenging: 

Some classes offer a variety of different work for students at various levels. if your child is in one of these classes, they may have completed all the assignments and be bored out of their mind because there’s nothing new to do.

Too Much Pressure from Teachers: 

Some kids learn when they are told what to do but others need more time to process. Every child has their own pace of learning.

Bad Parenting:

Some parents are unaware of their child’s needs, and as a result they don’t know what to do for them.

The Work Is Not Too Challenging

Yes, this can also be a reason for your child being bored or having low grades. Sometimes, when a student doesn’t have anything to do and feels overwhelmed by the work assigned, they start procrastinating and then end up not doing any of it.

Bullying at School:

One of the most common reasons for kids to be distracted at school. Bullying is one of the most harmful things that can happen in a child’s life and it has been linked with many adverse outcomes, such as high levels of anxiety or depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm behaviors like cutting or burning oneself.

Parenting Tips to Deal with Your Child Struggle in School:

Understand and Talk to Your Child First:  

When your child comes home from school and shares with you a story about the day, it is important to listen attentively.

Be Supportive: 

Try not to be judgmental or give advice when they talk about their struggles in school; this will only make them feel worse than before.

Meet Your Child’s Teacher: 

It’s important enough to regularly meet your child’s teacher and talk about their parenting strategies.

Play with Them: 

In order to spend a little time together, you can play some games or just read an interesting story; it will make your kids feel better and they will not have the chance of feeling lonely at home.

Encourage Them: 

This is the main parenting strategy. Encourage your kids in everything they do, no matter how small it might be, and take care of their self-esteem. This will make him feel better about himself.

Find Out How Your Child is Doing Academically:

You should monitor his exams and assignments and help him excel in academics.

Go for Extra Tuition Classes If You Feel the Need:  

This will give your child extra support in the areas where he is struggling. While he is back home, you can also help them memorise things or repeat the subject he has done in tuition.

Find Out What Your Parenting Style Is:

There are so many parenting styles. From authoritative parenting to helicopter parenting, there are loads. But which one are you? Know yourself as this will be very useful for parenting strategies to use on your kids.

Try to Be a Role Model:

Your child will follow you in life, so if he sees that you are trying hard no matter what the obstacle is then he can too.

Provide Emotional Support:

This parenting strategy might not seem like a constructive one but it’s really important for every child to be able to talk about their problems with someone who is a friend and a parent.

Provide Parenting Support:

This strategy will help you both, your child can learn parenting skills while they are still young.

Encourage Them:

This is the main parenting strategy. Encourage your kids in everything they do, no matter what it takes.

Help Him with His Homework:

This parenting strategy is the most important one. You can help him with his homework, ask if he has any questions, and explain to them how they should solve it.


Some children may struggle in school because they are academically behind or have a learning disability. One thing you can do in parenting is to make sure your child has an understanding of what he/she is doing and why it’s important for their future success. You might also want to check with the teacher about any special accommodations that might be available, such as extra time on tests. There are other things you can do at home too, like work on one subject together each night before bedtime until it’s mastered. If these strategies don’t seem helpful enough, talk with the guidance counselor or another support person at your child’s school so you can find ways to help improve his/her academic performance without stress and frustration from both sides.

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