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10 Simple Parenting Tips to Manage Preschoolers At Home

10 Simple Parenting Tips to Manage Preschoolers At Home

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Parenting in the current times is something no one expected to handle. One day your kid was going to school and the next day the world was shutting down. It can be quite challenging to manage preschoolers at home, now more than ever. Without regular schools, you are either reduced to being the teacher yourself or your kid has to use video classes for lessons.  Since adjusting to the new reality can be hard, we have compiled a few pointers to help you through the transition. Read on to know how you can effectively handle online schooling for your preschooler.

10 ways to manage your preschooler’s learning while they are at home.

Establish a daily routine

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If you want to manage preschoolers at home, the first thing as parenting guides to do is create a schedule. Having a consistent routine brings a sense of familiarity to your little one as they can associate a certain time with school, a certain time with a nap and play activities. Repetitive routines will help them learn about sequences, time and develop autonomy. Set the routine close to school timings so they don’t have a hard timing adjusting once things are back to normal. Once you create a routine, remember to stick to it. You can also create a picture schedule of all the classes for easier understanding.

Set up a designated space for your toddler to study

If your toddler has regular online classes, it is essential to set up a study corner in a quiet corner of the house. This space should ideally be different from their play area. You can incorporate their own desk and a bookshelf for convenience. Having a studying setup also gives them a place to store all their stationary since preschoolers tend to lose their stuff quite easily. If space for a desk isn’t feasible, you can also set up a small table on the bed.

Reduce distractions

If you want to successfully manage preschoolers at home, it is absolutely necessary to keep them away from any kind of distraction. Even a single ring of the doorbell can easily distract a kid’s mind. Find out the things that can distract your kid from their lessons, for example, video games, computer, TV, toys and pets. Then make sure to limit their exposure. This means turning off television or desktops, turning off Wi-Fi, not attending phone calls loudly while they are studying and putting pets in different rooms.

Communicate clearly with the teacher

This pandemic has many parents worrying about how to teach preschool online. If your preschooler has online classes, you should regularly communicate with the teacher. Preschoolers tend to have a specific syllabus focusing on numbers, alphabets, sequencing and moderate vocabulary. You can ask pointers from teachers on how to tackle these subjects. Another thing to learn from their teacher is how to give feedback and positive affirmation for completing the lessons.

Introduce different ways to learn.

playing indoor games with kids is a way of parenting

Physical schools provide numerous school indoor games for kids. However, distance learning for preschoolers doesn’t have to be boring and stagnant. Young kids have an active imagination which is ideal for using figures and projects to teach them lessons. This can range from simple picture and coloring books to complicated puzzles and models. Find out the method of learning and some parenting tip that works best for your kid and utilize that for lessons. You can mix up visual, auditory and sensory learning methods like books, audiobooks, YouTube videos or even Legos.

Talk to your child

The current situation is already not optimum for learning, so it is vital that as parents we do not put more pressure on our kids. A good parenting tip will be to sit down and talk to the child before setting up a daily schedule. Giving your child the choice to input his own opinions is helpful in creating a productive learning experience. For example, let your child choose which story they want to read, or which topic they want to write about. Verbal back and forth exchange is also necessary for almost all preschool lessons. Teach them numbers by saying them aloud, teach them vocabulary by asking him to name everyday household objects or simply ask questions orally.

Celebrate the achievements

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One of the most effective preschool virtual learning ideas is positive affirmation.Complimenting your child after their effort helps in making them feel accomplished and increases their confidence. Positive reinforcements can be done by verbal praise or by actions such as awarding them a star for each successful test. Recognizing your child’s effort and celebrating them can further motivate them to try harder next time. Show positive motivation to not only your kid but also yourself.

Set a timer for breaks

Give yourself and your child enough breaks throughout the study time. Concentrating on a single thing for a long term will inevitably lead to your child losing focus and getting distracted by his surroundings. Utilize a timer, which also works doubly as a way to teach time. If you see your child struggling with a particular activity, then try to work on it again tomorrow. A good parenting guide will be to encourage your toddler to go take a walk during the break or perhaps even get himself something to eat.

Incorporate exercises

It is a challenge to manage preschoolers at home during a pandemic. Staying inside the house tends to make kids restless and irritable. Unlike school, they do not have the outlet to let out their energy by playing with their friends. Thus, a good parenting tip is to make sure exercises are a mandatory component in their daily routine along with studying. being physically active has also shown to increase academic performance. You can take walks nearby in the morning, do stretches at home together or even try light yoga with your toddler. The movement will also help them be less anxious during these worrisome times.

Help them keep in touch with their friends

online preschool help the kids stay happy at home

Without a proper classroom in the pandemic, preschoolers have become isolated and stuck within their own homes. To bring some normalcy back into their life, set up facetime or video call sessions with their friends. This activity can not only cheer your child but also bring up the mood of their friends. If possible, you can even ask the teacher to arrange video sessions by groups so the preschoolers can see and talk to their teacher.


The main focus of preschooler’s lessons is understanding concepts and not learning and memorizing. Thus, with good parenting you can adjust the schedule if you see them becoming miserable with a certain routine. Incorporate various ways of leaning into their day-to-day activities, for example acting out plays, learning music and rhythm, dance or even simple story times. What is your chosen method to help your preschooler study at home?

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