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How to Prevent Injuries at School for Kids







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A school is a place where kids are supposed to feel safe; however, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that in 2015 there were 3.8 million children who had been injured at school (including preschool). This blog post will provide some tips to help you prevent injuries while kids are in school.

What Injuries Do Students Meet with at School?

Injuries happen when kids are playing or in the process of going to and from school. Preventing these injuries requires a little bit of effort on your part as a parent.

Do Schools Take Up Responsibility for Such Injuries?

Schools have a responsibility to make sure that the environment is safe and free from any hazards, but they do not always take up this responsibility. Schools do ensure that teachers inform students about safety measures. Moreover, all dangerous equipment or places will usually be repaired by the school safety committee as soon as possible. Moreover, they do put up posters warning students not to cross by, but despite that, if children do it, they won’t take responsibility.

So, What Should You Do?

Parents should be proactive in preventing injuries at school by knowing what potential risks there might be for their child’s safety while they’re in school. Preventing injuries can be done by following these simple steps.

Explain to Your Child Why Running Over a Watery/oily Platform Is Dangerous.

Children love jumping in puddles but if they carry this habit in school when you’re not around, things can get risky. Teach your child that running on slippery floors will cause them to fall down resulting in injuries. Your child will definitely understand if you explain how bad it will hurt later on.

Ask Your Child to Inform If Any Schoolmate Encounters Accidents in School

Always tell your child to report what’s going on in the school. If your child says that one of his/her classmates fell from the staircase, it will alert you to take the next measures. You can tell your child the dangers of running or jumping in the staircases etc. You can also figure out whether the school premises are not maintaining safety.

Ask your child about the school environment and whether he/she feels safe in going to the bathroom, kitchen, or other places. Remind them that they need to let you know if there is an issue with their safety at school.

Check the School Premises Once in a While

As parents, going to the school to do a small investigation is not wrong. Visiting the school to see how the atmosphere is, the grounds are, etc, will give you an idea of whether the committee is doing a good job. If you come across anything on the premises that seems unsafe, you can instantly report to the school committee as a parent.

Show Your Children Videos About Safety

Prevention is better than cure. And so, to prevent injuries, you need to start showing your child how to. There are a lot of animation videos that explain safety measures and dangerous spots.  Show them these videos and teach your children how to deal with all the accidents that may happen.

Tell Your Child to Follow Warning Signs

Children tend to break rules by doing what’s asked to not be done. But if they’re educated about the consequences, they’ll fear crossing their limits. Tell your children what such signs mean and why not following them will cause danger. You can share your life experience or someone’s experience to make it sound real and authentic.

Advice Children to Watch the Floor While Walking

It’s important to keep your eyes on the floor while walking. Preventing children from tripping over something will avoid accidents and injuries. Children are known for their enthusiasm when playing or running around, but that can lead to collisions with other people if they’re allowed to do so indiscriminately. So make sure to tell them to walk while also looking at the floor and around.

Tell Them to Tie Their Shoelaces Properly and Check Up on Them Often

It’s important to tell children to tie their shoelaces properly and check up on them often. Checking up on twisted or tied laces is a good way to prevent injuries, not just for the child but also for those around him/her. Kids are known for being very energetic when running about, meaning that there can be an increased chance of their shoelaces coming out. This, in turn, will cause them injuries.

Teach Your Child About First-Aid

It’s also essential to teach your children about the basics of first-aid. This will help them prevent injuries on their own and be more prepared when accidents happen. Knowing how to take care of a cut, for example, can come in handy should they get into an accident while at school or elsewhere. It is one thing that everyone needs to know.

Teach Your Child How to Be Careful During Sports Activities

Another way to prevent injuries is by teaching your child about how to be careful during sports activities, such as the long jump, running, etc. For example, teach them that they shouldn’t just focus on winning without looking around. Children tend to collide with other children when they’re only into winning. Teaching your child sport ethics will prevent injuries and will also improve their personality.

Tell Your Child to Not Go near Fences

Another way to prevent injury is by warning your child not to go near fences. Teach them that they should stay away from areas with a lot of holes, such as ditches or potholes, and also teach them that it’s dangerous if they lean over a fence.

Final Thoughts

Children are active and injuries often happen. Though such accidents cannot be controlled 100%, teaching precaution methods can reduce the risk. Your child will not only benefit from such education but will also teach it to his/her friends. So as a parent, letting them know about potential dangers is mandatory. Don’t give them boring lectures but rather include videos and interesting stories to make them understand safety.

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