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Things To Keep In Mind While Raising Multiple Children


Mautushi Paul





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Now raising more than one child simultaneously is quite a challenging task. There are so many things to keep in mind when raising multiple children. Yes, indeed, you can’t do everything alone, but certain things will help you immensely raise your children.

12 Tips For Raising Multiple Children

Here are a few tips which will help you in raising multiple children effectively

1. Having enough patience

You must have enough patience when raising your kids because having multiple children doesn’t mean giving up on their education or other activities just because they’re too busy with each other’s demands and requirements. It sure does get tiring raising children, but that doesn’t mean you just let them do whatever they want. You need to have patience and discipline your children to grow up being responsible citizens.

2. Keeping track of time

There are times when kids are engrossed in their world, doing what they like or playing with whomever they wish. Make sure you keep track of the time at such times because you need to know where your child is, especially if they are below ten years of age. Also, ensure that your kids do not go out of the house without informing you even if they say that there’s nobody at home or one sibling is staying alone at home, etc.

3. Categorizing the children

It is crucial to categorise your kids and provide each child with a specific area and time that they can use for playing, learning, etc. For instance, you can ask them to do their chores before playing or watching television. It is best to give each child appropriate time slots so that the house runs smoothly without any arguments or fights between siblings. You should make sure that each one of your children gets an ample amount of personal space where they can play, learn, sleep, etc. This way, there will be no complaints from anyone about another sibling hogging all the space!

4. Keep track of homework too

Make it a point to know what your kid does in school. Keep track of their task. You can help them if necessary but let them understand that you will not do all the work for them. Once they grow up, they need to manage everything on their own. It is pertinent to impress upon children the value of education and hard work during these early years because if done well, your child’s adult life will be much easier!

5. Teach kids to share

One of the essential things you should teach your children is communicating. The concept of sharing among siblings might not be obvious initially, especially when they are young, so parents should ensure that everyone gets equal shares in terms of love, attention, etc. This way there can be no complaints from anyone!

6. Be a good role model

If you want your children to be hardworking and responsible, you need to set up good examples. Parents should always try their best to manage household chores and other such tasks on their own to not depend too much on their children later on in life. This would teach them how to grow independent and become better individuals!

7. Teach kids about the value of money

Parents must make sure that they teach their children about the value of money. Children should know what it takes to earn it and utilise it properly without becoming too dependent on others. If they learn these things from an early age, there will be less cause of worry when they get older.

8. Teaching them to be independent!

Teach your kids to do things independently, without depending too much on others. Ensuring that they learn the value of money is a step towards making sure that you can raise a kid who can fend for themselves when in trouble!

9. Making plans in advance

Always plan everything. Ensure that there are enough activities planned out so that the children will never feel bored and get into mischief, which might lead to undesirable consequences later on in life. They should learn how to manage time properly with fun-filled activities lined up for them at all times!

10. Making them responsible!

A child should always understand what responsibility means. They need to understand all the chores required to be done daily. Only when they are responsible for their actions will they know the consequences!

11. Making rules with firmness

You must stand by your word always. You should not get into a compromising position regarding imposing strict rules upon the children! Ensure that you have set some specific practices followed by stern warnings to make it easier for you to follow up on the situation later on if needed!

12. No time for tantrums!

While raising multiple kids, the parents are often very busy taking care of the children. Therefore, they can’t handle tantrums thrown by their kids! These types of negative attention-seeking behavior must be avoided at all costs as they can make your task much more difficult.


Raising multiple children is indeed a task, but it can become a lot simpler with proper planning and execution. One must follow specific rules and regulations upon raising kids to make sure that the child’s upbringing is not affected in any way!

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