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Reading Tips For Your Kids To Excel In Life

Reading Tips For Your Kids To Excel In Life


Reading has deep ties with history. From papyrus rolls to e-book readers, we as readers have adapted to various forms of Reading. The written words in the papyrus rolls date back to 2400 B.C. with its origin from Egyptian dynasties. Since time immemorial, we have used various reading formats as a form of information acquisition. Yet, today, it stands out to be the best source for communication and recording information.

With advancements in the technological landscape, the younger generation is exposed to different entertainment sources and receiving information. While the kids today are going farther away from books, you should motivate kids around you to read more and more to excel in studies and be future-ready. This is a step towards smart learning. Here are a few reasons why motivating kids to read is important and few reading tips to help child grow more in life.

What does reading stimulates?

Enhance Cognitive Development

When a child reads, he/she imagines and perceives things in a better manner than what he/she does through audio-visual modes. The process of cognitive development involves the emergence of the ability to think and understand. Tips for Reading helps a child perceive its surroundings through language understanding, intelligence, memory, reasoning, and processing. By fostering a love for books, you not only unleash the scope of knowledge attainment but help the child perceive the outside world better.

Improves Communication Skills

Tips to help your kids excel in reading and writing

Be it storybooks or poems, the more a child reads, the more he/she improves communication skills. Having the right set of communication skills helps children build good relationships among their peers and befriend whom they like. Usually, parenting is tough when a child isn’t a good communicator. This is where the parenting tips are required to be connected with their children in all the areas of life; better communicators achieve better recognition and acceptability. By communication, it not only means to convey a thought but to frame and articulate words according to situation and context. An author uses various communication techniques among characters, and this helps the child form correct sentences and convey his/her thoughts effectively.

Makes A Child Confident

reading and learning makes a kid confident

Connecting with the right people at the right time leads to better networking, but it involves a skill to also connect in the right way. Reading develops a habit in children to counter every problem differently. Based on the communication skills a kid develops overtime, the child usually finds it easier to find the right company around. It makes him more confident among the people he/she is with. Good communication skill motivates a child to participate in competitions in schools and other fronts. Such participation makes the child confident and vocal on the stage, which makes him/her more laudable. Over the process of participation in various competitions, the urge to grow better increases and leads to mastery among children.

Reading Inculcates Imagination And Creativity

It is often said that the depiction of characters in movies wasn’t as great as in the book. The basic premise of this saying lies upon the fact that a movie is directed from the perspective of one director, and a book is read based on the individual perspectives of its readers. Reading books unleash creativity in us and make us picturise the characters in our sense. While reading a book, children often experience feelings like empathy, thrill, and excitement, which reflects on to make them better learners for life. The imaginative learning through Reading drives learners to explore their environment in creative ways and learn effectively.

Reading Tips To Improve Language Skills

reading helps them improve their imagination

Books often use languages which aren’t usually used in common parlance. The structure of words and sentences in the book is more descriptive and follows formal structures of grammar. Knowing the languages in its pure form is always an advantage, especially for kids engaged in different extracurricular activities. Knowing how to learn to improve in language skills helps in developing literacy, language, and social skills.

Considering that these skills often give results in the long run, making your child read would make him/her a person much ready for future challenges and opportunities.

Reading Tips For Parents As How It Improves Discipline

One of the attributes a child needs to attain to be successful in life is discipline. In anything a child does, discipline plays a crucial role in achieving milestones until the person finds success. Reading page by page develops a fair amount of attention, concentration, and discipline. For a beginner, it might take a month to finish one book, but gradually, after constant improvement in attention and concentration, the Reading becomes disciplined. This is not just limited to Reading but being an active reader helps in being disciplined to continuing any work until it finishes.

In essence, if you feel the need to make children around you succeed in their studies and all the areas they work, you should motivate them to read. In doing so, Reading will be a fun and creative exercise for the children, which will open doors to all kinds of a new world for them.

Reading Tips for Parents

parents reading a book to their child

Since parents are the first educators and children learn to recognize their parents’ voice even before they are born, your initiative to read stories and poems to them may do wonders. While at the comfort of hearing your voice, reading to them for a few minutes a day will increase their language exposure. When you read to them, they are exposed to a lot of words, which then increases their vocabulary and improves their understanding. Thus in this way, you actually motivate the kids to read.

Here are a few exercises and reading tips that you can follow to encourage children to read more and more.

  • Read Together To Foster A Love Of Book- Leading By Example

Mobile Phones are a very addictive device, and a child’s inclination towards it is much more than an adult. However, to let your kid stay away from mobile phones, you also should stay away from it. Usually, children copy attributes of their family members. So when you read in front of them, it inculcates a reading behavior that works both at a conscious and subconscious level. You can lead your child by setting an example to read.

  • Create A Reading Area Or A Study Room 

To create an ambiance of Reading, you should look for one corner of your house to transform into a reading area. If you can afford to create a study room, you must do it. This creates a more likely surrounding to read and study.

  • Connect Books With Real-Life Incidents

Best parenting tips include talking to your kid about what he/she is reading and exchange conversations about real-life incidents concerning the topic. This creates a connection between the real world and the world in the book and helps in generating more interest to read.

  • Take Up A Library Subscription Locally And Keep A Set Of Reading Materials At Home

A recent change in the educational front is encouraging parents to homeschool their children. However, homeschool or not, you should make your kids surrounded by books by all means. If there’s a local library in your vicinity, take a subscription that might do away with buying books for your kid. By doing this, you can make sure there’s enough material available at the kid’s discretion to choose the books from.

  • Reading Tips To Constantly Encourage And Supporting The Child

Timely appreciation and constant support help the child to develop confidence in the reading style and attitude. Every child faces a few difficulties in Reading and writing, but with the right set of guidance, every barrier can be challenged.


While there exist several reasons why you should motivate your kids to read, none stands as above as your love for the kid to grow and succeed. You already know not every child loves to read, but by letting them read, you can make them do wonders.

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