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Easy Menu Plan and Recipes for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Easy Menu Plan and Recipes for Your Child’s Birthday Party


Since your child is turning another year older, that means it’s time to start browsing for a child’s birthday party ideas. Here are some ideas that are sure to be a big hit with your little one and their friends!

Your child’s birthday party is always an exciting time for them, but it can also be a challenge trying to come up with a child’s birthday party menu ideas that all the kids will love.

Children are usually picky eaters, so a child’s birthday food may need to be child-friendly. Ensure that child’s birthday recipes are easy enough for the child to help with during clean-up time since this can make the child’s birthday party menu ideas even more fun!

10 easy menu for child’s birthday party

Here are the top child’s birthday party menu plans and recipes that everyone will love.

1) Taco child’s birthday party menu

Taco child’s birthday party menu ideas are a great alternative to pizza and pasta, and tacos can be made with child-friendly fillings. Your child might like helping you to plate up the child-sized taco appetisers and Childs birthday desserts; then your little guests will feel like they’re eating at an authentic restaurant!

2) Child-friendly soup for child’s birthday party menu

A bowl of homemade tomato soup is something that children will love as their meal, especially if you buy cups for everyone and spoons. On the side, serve up some baguette or other breadsticks to dip into the soup for an extra yummy treat. This is one of the easy, light, and fun recipes children will love.

3) Child-friendly salad for child’s birthday party menu

A child-friendly salad has a child’s favourite ingredients like vegetables and fruits but may be prepared differently than what the child is used to. If a child loves cheese, the easiest way to make their child-friendly salad extra delicious is by sprinkling some grated parmesan cheese on top! And if a child eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches regularly, why not give them a child-sized PB&J? You can cut up different kinds of bread into rounds or rectangles and then add a layer of jelly (or jam) in between two slices for each sandwich. This will be something that children will love to eat—and you might even let your little guests assemble it themselves!

4) Mini pizzas

This child-friendly party food is a winner! All you have to do is cut the baguette, ciabatta, or French bread into rounds and then top it with cheese. For kiddie pizzas the size of a child’s palm, it will be best to use pre-sliced cheese—or if that’s not available, simply grate the block of cheese. You can also add different kinds of toppings on top for a child’s preferred flavour—like ham, tomato sauce, and bell pepper flakes for a spicy kick. This is one of the fantastic child’s birthday party menus.

5) Tuna sandwich

Children love tuna sandwiches, so this deserves a spot on every child-friendly menu! To prepare these child-sized sandwiches that are easy to handle yet filling for the child, simply cut small sandwiches into halves. And because children love seafood, try adding chopped shrimp on top of the tuna sandwich spread. This is one of the fun child’s birthday party menus that everyone will love.

6) Mini burgers

If kids love patties and buns, child-sized mini burgers will be a hit with them too! Prepare ground beef or chicken meatballs, then place them in the centre of a child’s palm-sized burger bun. Top it off with a child’s favourite sauce like ketchup, mayonnaise, or a honey mustard dressing to make every bite tasty and inviting! Another variation that you can do is put cheese instead of meat patties—and your child will have an easier time handling this sandwich variant since the bread is sturdy enough to hold its shape. For the child’s party, you can also prepare additional toppings like vegetables and cheese to make each child feel that they are eating a real burger!

7) Chicken Nuggets

Kids love chicken nuggets, especially if they are dipped in a child’s favourite sauce. Serve it with the child’s favourite dipping sauce like ketchup, honey mustard dressing, or barbecue sauce, and the child will be enticed to eat their meal! It is a quick meal that children can eat so you can have more time to play with them. Be creative by serving this dish on a plate designed after the child’s favourite cartoon character or video game hero. That way, the child will feel extra special as he enjoys his birthday party meal.

8) Chicken Fingers

This child’s favourite meal is a great choice. It may be the child’s guide to making good food for a child! Make the child feel special by serving these chicken fingers on a child-sized plastic or paper plate decorated with the child’s favourite cartoon character. This will help get a child excited about his birthday party and eat healthy foods too, for he will know that you care about what he eats. This is a great choice for a child’s birthday party menu.

9) Chips & Salsa

A Mexican-themed dish that every child goes crazy for is chips and salsa. Keep in mind that children can get messy when they eat this one, so make sure plenty of napkins are available! Other child-friendly snacks would be tortilla chips with guacamole or child-size bean burritos.

10) Cracker Sandwiches

Be a child’s good friend and serve the child his favourite sandwich. Let the child choose from peanut butter, jelly, or cheese. You can use different types of crackers for added fun. This is a great choice if a child loves to have a wide variety of options at his party.


By following this child-friendly menu plan, the child will have a very child-friendly birthday party that every child loves! Because the child is having their birthday at home, make sure there are plenty of child-friendly snacks to go around. Make sure your child’s friends are comfortable coming to his home for the celebration. Of course, if the children are comfortable with not being in their own homes, then any option you choose would be perfect! If you are hosting an outdoor party, keep the food items light. Keep them simple and basic so child’s friends can easily handle eating outdoors without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices, especially ones they may not like.

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