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10 Safety Rules at School You Must Teach Your Children

10 Safety Rules at School You Must Teach Your Children


As a parent, we are constantly worried about the child’s safety. From birth to adolescence, they are always in danger of falling sick, getting hurt, or losing a life.

Though safety rules cannot guarantee safety, they can help prevent inevitable accidents. Most safety rules are common sense, and children should be taught these safety rules as early as possible to keep themselves away from harm’s way. 

10 Safety Rules For Kids 

Here is a list of 10 safety tips that you may teach your child:

1: Don’t talk to Strangers

Teaching your child not to talk to any stranger will lessen the chance of them being abducted by criminals. Children should be taught not to approach strangers unless people they know well also come first. This rule applies to strangers and adults who try to persuade your children with gifts, money, or candy.

2: Cross the Street with Adult Supervision

Teaching your children to cross the road only when adult supervision is available will keep them safe from vehicles that might run through red lights, break traffic rules or do dangerous manoeuvres to get through intersections in time. Teach safety rules on crossing streets early in a child’s life before it becomes hard for them to understand.

3: Never Play with Fire

Fire safety rules should be taught very early in a child’s life because young children are fascinated with weapons that produce flames. Teach them not to touch any object that makes fire and where safety equipment is usually kept when they see fire around them. Children will know what to do when faced with fire situations with these safety rules.

4: Be Safety Conscious While Going to School

Teach safety rules while going to and from school because children are exposed to many dangerous scenarios while commuting. Instruct them how to cross streets, look both ways before crossing a road, what safety equipment should be available in a bus or a jeepney (ex: seatbelts) and how they should act when safety is compromised like fires, injuries, or accidents that might happen during their way home/to school.

5: Be Safety at Home

Home safety rules include teaching them not to play with matches or lighters; instructing them not to play near appliances like ovens, irons, and electrical outlets; teaching older children about safety precautions when using kitchen appliances like knives; safety rules in the bathroom like not playing with toilet lids, electrical outlets and faucets.

6: Be Safety Smart While Doing Chores

Teach your children to take safety precautions while doing household chores. Show them how to use safety equipment while cooking or washing dishes. Instruct young children to use the ladder when cleaning the roof or windows. Teach older children safety tips when using power tools for home repairs and improvements. Be safety-wise at home!

7: Play Safety

Instruct your children to play safety rules when playing outside. Let them know how much damage a bee sting or simple cut can do. Teach kids safety rules about going out in nature, like crossing the street at home. Remind older children of safety tips when riding a bicycle, playing ball, or having water fights. Be safe and smart while playing!

8: Safety on the Road

Teach your kids the safety rules all around you. Let them know that they should not get too close to strangers who want to talk with them or give them candy and other treats. Keep an eye on children around cars, especially when waiting for or getting into a school bus. Remind children of safety tips when crossing roads, talking to drivers on the road, and wearing safety helmets while riding bicycles or motorcycles.

9: Teach them Internet Safety Tips

Children must be reminded of safety tips when surfing the web, playing online games, and browsing social media sites. They must understand that safety on the internet is paramount. Make sure they only add people they know when using chat or messenger programs or on social networking websites. Teach your kids about cyber safety by checking who is viewing their profiles, photos and videos online

10: Safety Tips When Travelling

Children must be reminded of safety tips about road safety and staying away from strangers while going to school or travelling. Teach them safety rules when crossing streets, asking for help from adults and police or security officers if they get lost or separated from you.


It is essential to teach your child these basic safety rules to ensure the safety of your child. It is vital to teach safety rules at an early age to allow children to grow up into responsible adults when it comes to safety. Keep these safety tips in mind while travelling, playing, or simply walking with them around the neighborhood.

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