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10 Important Personal Safety Tips For Kids

10 Important Personal Safety Tips For Kids


Reading safety tips for kids is one thing, but being aware of specific safety rules can keep your child safe. When it comes to your child’s safety, tips are the best thing you can give them. Here are some of the most importantly personal safety tips that should be followed by all children, whether they are toddlers or teens. These 10 personal best safety ideas should be implemented in everyday situations to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

10 personal safety tips for kids

1) Teach your children to never go anywhere with a stranger

Even if the person seems nice or tells them something important. If possible, teach your child how to escape from various restraint techniques their abductor might use on them, such as grabbing their wrists or arms firmly and keeping them close at all times until he/she can get away safely. This is one of the safety tips for kids that they must know and follow.

2) Teach your children not to wander off alone 

You should teach your children about ‘stranger danger’ and safety rules rather than leave the safety lessons to the school or other people. These are among the essential safety tips for kids that you can teach them.

3) Avoid talking to strangers

Safety awareness must remain in effect at all times when out in public. While walking with your child outside, tell them not to talk to strangers even if they are children around their age unless you know them well enough beforehand. Teach your kids never to take things from strangers, no matter how much money or candy is offered to them for doing so. Your child must know these safety tips for kids.

4) Follow safety while travelling 

Keep in mind safety tips while traveling with children, such as staying near the hotel pool where there are many adults around; teaching your kids what types of places (museums, malls, etc.) they can visit without an adult present; always keep track of your child in public places, and leaving a travel itinerary with family members.

5) Develop safety awareness at home

Safety tips for kids say that it is important to develop safety awareness at home as well. This means not allowing your children to have unsupervised playdates with friends they don’t know very well, keeping knives, lighters, rat poison, or other dangerous items out of reach from small hands, practising safety around water (both indoors and outdoors), knowing where fire extinguishers are located in the house, etc. It is also crucial to have first aid equipment on hand at all times.

6) Teach your child to trust their instincts

Tell them to trust their instinct when something doesn’t feel right about a person, place, or situation; tell them to trust their intuition. For example, if someone pulls up while playing at the park and offers to take them somewhere, they should feel free to refuse and be loud about it. Teaching your child to trust their gut feeling and trusting their instinct is one of the essential safety tips for kids that they must learn to follow.

7) Reach out to you whenever needed

Teach your children how to reach you no matter where they are when you’re not with them (and vice versa). This means swapping phone numbers learning email addresses, and other contact information for each parent in case of emergencies or miscommunication. With smartphones almost becoming a must-have these days, the ability to both call and text is a bonus. This is one of the safety tips for kids, which will help your child a lot in the situation of emergency.

8) Safety latches on cabinets

Basic safety around the house includes keeping safety latches on cabinets containing cleaners and chemicals, so kids don’t get into them by mistake, teaching kids to leave home keys with friends or neighbours if locked out of the house, etc. It also includes teaching safety rules such as walking along sidewalks whenever possible instead of cutting through parking lots. It is important to teach these safety tips to kids.

9) Teach your child safety rules when using the Internet 

Tell your kids about the safety rule while using the internet by constantly telling you where they are going online, what friends they are meeting there, and being open with them about keeping themselves safe while chatting or posting on the Internet. The Internet is full of predators and the safety tips for kids that we teach will help your child to stay safe online. The internet safety tips for kids are essential things that your child must know.

10) Water safety and pool safety

Teach safety rules for water safety and pool safety, including using safety equipment such as life jackets, proper supervision, and never allow your children to swim alone. Also, teaching kids about the dangers of water toys like inflatable pools or even kiddie pools can pose a risk if not placed in an open space away from grass etc.


It is all about teaching safety by example, practising safety tips ourselves, and following through with our own safety rules and guidelines outdoors or indoors. Teaching safety tips for kids will help keep them from being hurt, keep them safe, and feel more secure.

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