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10 Easy Ways To Get Your Kid To Sleep Faster

10 Easy Ways To Get Your Kid To Sleep Faster


Every parent knows how difficult it can be to get their kids to sleep. They are so excited about the new toys that they won’t go to sleep! However, there are some easy ways you can help them calm down and get ready for bedtime. We have put together ten tips that will make your kid sleep faster, so both of you can enjoy a good night’s rest!

Why Should Children Get Enough Sleep?

According to a study, sleeping less than the recommended hours of sleep for a child can have severe consequences for their physical and mental health. They are at higher risk of developing anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders and chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes later in life. There are various other benefits like,

  • Sleep helps children develop and learn.
  • Regular sleep is essential for physical health, mental performance, and emotional well-being.
  • Sleep boosts immunity, and it avails the body to resist diseases.
  • Sleeping helps the heart to function well.
  • Sleeping for 7-8 hours will help in controlling weight gain.

What Can I Do to Help My Child Sleep Faster?

Children dislike sleeping for some reason. To help your child sleep faster, here are some easy tips that will work for you:

Make Them Exercise Every Day.

Exercising every day or at least three to five days a week helps release body chemicals that relax and calm the person—exercising before bedtime is not advisable because it will energize the body. So the child will be more active, so it won’t help them to sleep faster. You can go jogging in the morning together or do basic workouts at home. When you work out along with your child, they’ll not slack.

Be Consistent – Have a Bedtime Routine.

Some children need routines, and sticking with them will help their brains know when to sleep. The entire family must follow sleep schedules to learn how serious it is. If you put them to sleep and then go ahead to watch T.V., they’ll get distracted.

Don’t Let Your Kids Play with Their Phones Before Bedtime.

Research has shown that playing on tablets or smartphones within an hour of going to bed can seriously impact a person’s quality and quantity of sleep, affecting how they function throughout the next day. Try to get them to read instead or read them a story! You can also sing a lullaby that will make them sleep faster.

No T.v.s in Kids’ Bedrooms

This will ensure that the only light your child is exposed to before bedtime comes from a soft lamp on their nightstand, which might help them feel like it’s time for sleep and not have too many thoughts racing through their head. Make sure they don’t spend too much time looking at screens before bed.

Keeping the Bedroom Cool and Dark

This is a simple way to ensure your child gets better sleep – more cosy bedrooms set at a cooler temperature are more conducive to sleep, so try not to let it get too hot when they’re trying to doze off. Keeping it as light-free as possible will also help them fall asleep faster with fewer interruptions.

Check If Their Bed is Comfortable.

If your child is complaining that their bed is uncomfortable, you might want to consider getting them a new mattress or pillow – it’s been shown that even the slightest change in sleep surface can disrupt someone from falling asleep. Another way of dealing with this problem would be trying out different sleeping positions and seeing what works for them. You could try putting your child on their side, back, or stomach.

Could You Give Them a Night Snack?

If your child feels hungry even after dinner, try giving them a small snack. This will fill up their tummy. Do you know that people with a full stomach sleep well? Would you mind not giving them oily food or junk? Give them some fruits or something that won’t be too much for the night. You won’t want your child to suffer from digestion issues at late night.

Check If Your Child Has Nightmares.

Another reason why children are unable to sleep faster might be because they have scary thoughts. They might also avoid sleeping to evade nightmares. If your child is afraid, you should sit and talk to them. You can also seek a therapist because they’ll help your child to cope up. Spending money on this would be worth it because they’ll eventually nap faster and better.

If Your Child Plays with Toys at Night, Remove Them.

Kids might not want to take a nap because the toys may make them want to play with their toys lying around. If the child is playing with their toys in bed, remove them. But if your child won’t sleep without a plushie, then maybe giving them one would be fair enough. But, mostly avoid giving them toys because it will be a big distraction.

Make Them Finish Homework Soon to Avoid Late-Night Completion.

If the child finishes their homework earlier, they will feel more relieved and sleepy. But if they procrastinate and complete it before bedtime, the stress levels will not let them sleep comfortably. Even if they finish it an hour before rest, the amount of pressure they went through to complete would be lingering. This will cause them issues when they’re sleeping.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty standard when it comes to this concept. Almost every parent around the globe faces difficulties while putting their kids to sleep. With these simple tips, you can witness changes in their habits.

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