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Inspiring Story of the Tata Family

Inspiring Story of the Tata Family

Anyone can be a businessman but being an industrialist requires more from a man. India is blessed to have an industrialist who has become the idol of thousands with his significant contributions. He is Ratan Naval Tata. The man is a living legend with hundreds of followers in this country. Ratan Tata and the entire Ratan Tata family deserve to be looked up on. Besides strengthening the country’s economy, the TATA group has ensured employment for thousands of youth in India.

This man has crossed the country’s boundaries and spread his wings beyond it. Well-recognised companies like Starbucks and Jaguar tied their name with Tata for a beneficial partnership. Besides having some prominent Indian brands under Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Digital, Tata Electronics, and Tata Hotels, Ratan Tata expanded his boundary further. Let us know about this man now. 

Who is Ratan Tata?

Ratan Tata

The son of Sooni Tata and Naval Tata, Ratan Tata is one of India’s most prominent and successful industrialists. He is grandson of Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the Tata group. The glorious family tree of the Tata family consists of many bright minds. Ratan Tata has been the proper heir to them. 

Born in 1937 in Mumbai, Ratan Tata saw British India very closely. After his parents’ separation at age 10, he was raised by his grandmother, Navajbai Tata, the widow of Ratanji Tata. 

As he belongs to Gujarat, his first language is Gujarati. Both his father’s and mother’s families were well recognised. 

Glorious Tata Family History

The Ratan Tata family has been holding one of the strongest pillars in India for decades. The Tata family is a business family of Parsi origin who came to Mumbai from Navsari in Gujarat. Jamshedji Tata was the founder of this family’s fortune. Petit Baronets has a direct connection with the Tata family through Sylla Tata, who married Sir Dinshaw Maneckji Petit, 3rd Baronet. 

The Tata family settled in Mumbai during the last decade of the 19th century. The parent company of the Tata group is Tata Sons. Various Tata family charitable trusts hold about 65% of the stock in these companies. The Dorab Tata Trust and Ratan Tata Trust are two of them. Pallonji Mistry has 18% of the shares, and different Tata Sons own the rest. 

Tata Family Tree

The Tata family has been distinguished by their birth and work. If we start speaking about Ratan Tata’s family members, there will be no end. The family has set a goal for Indian industrialists. Just look at this chart, and you will know how inspirational this family has been throughout the decades. 

  • Jamshedji Tata is a stalwart of the Tata group who is also revered as one of the fathers of Indian industry. 
  • Dorabji Tata was the elder son of Jamshedji Tata. He had been famous as an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and the 2nd chairman of Tata Group. 
  • Jamshedji Tata’s younger son, Ratanji Tata, was the grandparent of Ratan Tata, and now you can make it out very simply that Ratan Tata is named after Ratanji Tata. After Ratanji Tata’s untimely demise, his wife, Navajbai Tata, adopted an orphan, Naval, the grand-nephew of her mother-in-law, and raised him as her son. 
  • Naval Tata, the grandson of the sister of Hirabai Tata, wife of group founder Jamshedji Tata, carried the surname “Tata” by birthright. He was the first in the family of Tata to achieve Padma Bhushan. 
  • Naval Tata is the father of Ratan Tata, the 5th chairman of the Tata Group. 

How Old is Ratan Tata?

After making significant contributions to the Indian economy, Ratan Tata retired in 2017. Ratan Tata is now 84 years old born in 1937 in British-ruled India. 

What is Ratan Tata Net Worth?

Ratan Tata’s net worth is $260 Billion as per the record 2022. He is also opening new brands in the upcoming years and will tie up with companies beyond our country’s boundaries.

How Much Ratan Tata Donated Till Now?

Not Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, Tata group has been the most prominent philanthropist in the history of humanity. Therefore, there is a massive craze for Ratan Tata’s biography. Everyone wants to know the man whose family donated $102 Billion over 100 years. 

How Many Awards Ratan Tata Got?

Ratan Tata Padma Bhushan Award

Ratan Tata’s education started with Campion School, Mumbai, till the 8th grade, and he went to Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai and Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. In 1955, he graduated from Riverdale Country School in New York City and received a degree in Architecture from Cornell University in 1975. After that, he attended the seven-week Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School. 

As a versatile personality, Ratan Tata achieved numerous awards for his endeavours. Some of the remarkable of them include:

  • Padma Bhushan Award, the second-highest civilian award 
  • Padma Vibhushan Award, the third-highest civilian award 

Ratan Tata Thoughts

Ratan Tata Thoughts

Coming from a great family like Ratan Tata’s, anyone will have thoughts to ponder. Some of the great ideas of Ratan Tata that influenced young minds era after eras are:

  • “I do not believe in taking the right decisions. I take the decisions and make them right.”
  • “Take the stones that people throw at you and then use them to build a monument.” 

On an Ending Note…

As a parent, you must narrate your children Ratan Tata’s stories. These will give them the energy to work for good endlessly. You will see your kid reaching new heights when they are greatly influenced by the life and work of Ratan Tata and the Ratan Tata family.

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