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How to Succeed With Your Passions and Hobbies – The Rahul Dravid Way!

How to Succeed With Your Passions and Hobbies – The Rahul Dravid Way!

Little- Big- Dreams

Sanjay, Ramya and Joanne are sitting around the coffee table watching some old cricket clips with Ramya’s father. Among their distinct hobbies and passion, cricket is what brings them together! There is just the sound of the mixer grinder in the kitchen and the blaring of the television with..

“…the crowd is feeling anxious today.. This could be the winning shot.. Annnnnnnnnnnd it’s a six by Dravid! India wins this match fair and square…”

The sounds of the TV fades away and Sanjay, Ramya and Joanne get lost in their own little world.  


“Why can’t we be like him! I don’t want to go to school.”, Sanjay screamed while making the biggest sad face ever. 

“Beta, this man has a bachelors and masters degree! You also get yours and then do what your heart feels like!”, Ramya’s dad Mukesh told him. Mukesh is an architect by day and a dreamer by night chasing his goal of one day publishing his own book on architecture and following his hobbies and passion! 

Sanjay dreams to become a fashion designer, he loves picking out fabrics and helping his mom and dad with every function they have to attend. Ramya wants to become a jockey, because she loves horses. Little Joanne wants to be an astronaut with ISRO and one of her hobbies and passion include reading all about rockets and extraterrestrials! 

But sadly, their parents already have a set academic goal for all of them and consider their fancies as simply hobbies and passion that can’t work in real life!

Can Hobbies and Passion Convert to a Future?

Of Course it can! Let me show you how. The formula is simple and I’ll explain it to you the Rahul Dravid way too since we started with watching him ace his game. Nobody overnight becomes a success story like Rahul Dravid, it takes skill, time management and determination. But what is the Rahul Dravid way? Gather around, let us break down some of the key points of his method of making a life out of your hobbies and passion.

Dravid had never compromised on his education. In fact he even holds an MBA degree. But how and why is it that he had gone to such great feats when he was already pursuing his training in cricket. If he had a future in cricket why did he bother so much to have a formal education?

Schooling is important.
Education is important.

There is so much you can learn from your schooling that can be super useful in following your hobbies and passion in the future!

What can the Little Children Here Do?

Pursue your education because if you truly enjoy what you are passionate about, you will make time. Schooling is very important because it lays the foundation for everything you do. Let’s apply it in the dreams of Sanjay, Ramya and Joanne to show you how it’ll work for them.


fashion designing as hobbies and passion


Being a fashion designer takes a lot of creativity and innovation. One should be wired a certain way to remain unique in the industry. Sanjay would learn a great deal from the art classes in school because they will help him lay a foundation for different techniques. He can learn how to sketch, what kind of pencils to use, what paints to use where, and a lot more under the watchful eye of professional teachers



Having a deep rooted love for animals, she can learn so much about them in her biology classes. She can also learn the principles in physics to know the effect of weight and movement. There is so much science that goes into being an equestrian or a jockey! One should also learn animal behavior and be more empathetic in handling animals. And all this is based off of the base you get in school. Gaining all this knowledge will accelerate her journey towards following her hobbies and passion around animals.



She loves all things stars, moons and planets! And a junky for extraterrestrial information. Learning more about geography and the different planets and space would definitely help her go very far in the future. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference and if she just asks her teacher for help regarding this subject, for sure her teacher could recommend her some extra reading!

Your Takeaway

Always remember: 

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already”

Education, hobbies and passion go well together and it is important to follow your heart as it leads to a more happy and satisfying life. But not at the cost of letting go of your formal education as it lays the foundation for your future goals. Education also teaches you discipline and making sure you do your work on time and that is a pretty important lesson to learn.

Instilling in your child the importance of following their dreams and not yours is also vital for the overall wellbeing of your child! Now what are we waiting for? The man Rahul Dravid himself has told you how following your hobbies and passion and formal education are all equally important!  

Get off your device right now, and let’s build a future we love with strong dedication and a whole lot of passion!

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