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10 Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

10 Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

Creating a Special Children’s Day

Hey parents! We hope you all are keeping safe and doing well!

November 14 is around the corner. And you are still wondering how to engage and surprise your little one? Well, it’s never too late! We understand even this year the children’s day will not be the same as it has been all these years. But it’s okay. Cheer up! Even if you are stuck at home with your kids, you can always plan something great for them. This Children’s Day, why not make it even more memorable? Why not listen to your kid tell you that you are the best parent in the world for making their special day even more special?

If you can’t think of any unique and amazing plan right at this moment, if you are not sure about your child’s likes and dislikes, then wait! We are here to help with some ideas so that you can surprise your child this Children’s day on November 14, and make them feel loved and special. Don’t worry! We are not going to talk about the usual and daily routine things you have been doing for all these years but rather some innovative and interesting activities of  Children’s day that will be fun for them and help inculcate some values in them. So here we go.

Ten Ways You Can Surprise Your Child This Children’s Day

If you are not “Benjamin Button” from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” then, of course, you have experienced childhood before anything else! And we are sure you remember your Children’s day as a child. Wasn’t that the best time ever? Sure it was. The trend remains the same. Even today, children want this day to be unique because it’s in their mind that it has to be special! So why not make it?

1) Offer an Impromptu Ice Cream Treat

Who does not relish a yummy ice-cream bonanza, that too when you are least expecting it? As soon as you are done with your work, tell your kids that you are taking them for a short drive, of course, maintaining all the Covid guidelines and safety measures. Once you are out, surprise them with a visit to their favorite ice cream parlor. The look of approval on their face will melt your heart!

2) Surprise Sleepover with a Best Friend

Well, the second one we bet your child is going to love the most. But for this, you need to plan things a few days prior and talk with her best friend’s parents. Ask them if they can bring their kid for a sleepover. And what’s next? You will enjoy the way both friends scream, dance, jump up and down, get crazy at each other for a minute, and have a lot of laughter all night long! Indeed the best surprise ever on Children’s Day!

plan a surprise sleepover for kids this children's day

3) Leave a Surprise Under the Pillow 

When your little one is off to sleep in the night, quietly slip in a small surprise gift for your child this Children’s day under their pillow, neatly wrapped and with ‘Happy Children’s Day‘ written on it. The gift need not be an expensive one; classic children’s books or a set of crayons and drawing books, their favourite chocolate will do the magic. It is the thought that matters. Watching their face glow up when they discover the gift under the pillow will be a great treat for them as well as for your eyes!

4) Caring and Sense of Inclusiveness

With the growing concerns about global warming and climate change, planting a sapling and helping it grow is the best you can do. Nothing goes best other than watching out for your little one getting into the act. Go for a nearby nursery visit, show the kids the plants there, let them choose a few, and come back with a sapling for your garden. “Trees happen to be our closest relatives.” What they exhale, we inhale. What we exhale, they inhale. Therefore, this Children’s day, you can surprise your child with a gift of nature. This way even your child can have a little one to look after!

5) Down the Memory Lane

listen to parent's childhood stories this children's day

This Children’s Day, show a glimpse of your own childhood to your kids. You all can sit as a family and go through old childhood pictures together. To add a little more fun, you can even share a few anecdotes with your kids – how naughty you were, how you were as a student, etc. You can even get your grandparents on call and have them share a few embarrassing stories with your kids! Your kids will surely love this. After all, children love to hear about the time when their parents were as innocent, naughty, and silly as they are now!

6) Sense of Satisfaction and Helping the Needy

Taking your child for a surprise visit to a school of specially-abled children on this Children’s day will show them that not everyone in this world has all the privileges that your kids have. It gives them a feeling of being lucky, and humility will set-in. Besides, it will allow them to see the struggles specially-abled children are going through, even for their basic necessities. This, in turn, will give them a sense of humility and will trigger a sense of giving, donating, helping the needy, and, most importantly, learning to be satisfied with whatever they have.

You can even take a few goodies to distribute among the children to make their Children’s Day a special one too!

7) A Meet Up with Grandparents

meet your grandparents this children's day

We all would agree on the thought that kids love spending time with their grandparents. So this children’s day, why not take your kids to them? You can arrange something crazy and exciting where both grandparents and grandchildren can participate. Suppose they are already staying with their grandparents. In that case, you can go for a family picnic in a nearby park where both of them would be asked to acknowledge the relationship they share with each other and the stories of their childhood. This is going to be so much fun! This will even help your child to learn from the veteran experiences they share.

8) “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye!”

Gift them chocolate this children's day

To be celebrated on November 14, Children’s Day is the time to pamper your kids with lots of love and chocolates! This special day calls for some indulgence in chocolates. So why not switch from the boring vegetable stew to some chocolate cheese toast in the kitchen and surprise your child this Children’s day? We bet your little one will love you even more.

9) Bake and Shake!

For a quick celebration you can bake mug cakes using chocolate cookies at home! It doesn’t take too many ingredients or time to bake a mug cake in the microwave. You can top it off with chocolate sauce and choco chips.

To add a side beverage, you can use the same chocolate cookies and mix it up with chocolate sauce and milk and give it a swirl in the grinder! If you can manage both, don’t forget to click a picture when your little one sees a chocolate overload snack time just waiting to be eaten all by them!

10) Have a Costume Party

Staying at home for more than a year in shorts and tees must have gotten boring for kids. So why not give them a chance to dress up? There aren’t many activities that are as fun or creative for kids as costume parties. Let’s face it. Watching the little ones dress up in their favorite characters, dancing, singing, eating cake, playing in a bouncy house, and playing fun party games, don’t have much of a downside. Remember, the costume party should be based on the children’s day theme ideas. So this 14th Nov let’s bring a wide smile on their face! Let’s make it very special amidst this new normal.


The ideas just don’t end here. You can ask your kids about things they would like to try out on a special day. The innocence that lies in a child’s eyes holds priceless gems of obscure emotions and talents, waiting to be revealed and accepted. Why not try and spill the jar of upright madness and let them discover themselves a little more than they do now. Spread the joy- as Chacha Nehru once said, “Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.”

We hope this piece of content could offer you all that you have been searching for. Please don’t forget to share with us your plans and ideas about celebrating Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day once again to all of us!

Because “Dil Toh always Bacchaa hai Ji”!

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