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Why and How to Teach Your Child Mindfulness?


Pallavi Gulati





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Mindfulness is that state of mind that helps you in approaching all those things that are happening in your life, in your emotions, in your thoughts, but you will not overwhelm at all. When you start being mindful and begin living in the present moment, only then you will fully live your life, and you will know more about yourself. It is that state that will introduce you to yourself.

Benefits of Teaching Your Child Mindfulness

Before you begin with the ways of how to teach your child mindfulness, you have to learn about the benefits of mindfulness for children which are given below: 

  • Reduced Depression, Stress, and Anxiety
  • Less distraction
  • Less negative thinking
  • It improves the sense of well-being.
  • It enhances their problem-solving skill and concentration.
  • It will increase their ability to relax and improve sleep.
  • It plays a vital role in reducing medical symptoms like high blood pressure, chronic pain, and it also enhances their overall immune function and resilience.
  • Offers more energy and enthusiasm
  • They will become less judgmental and treat other people with more acceptance.

After knowing the above benefits of mindfulness for children, if you want to learn how to teach your child mindfulness, the activities below will guide you through it.

Ways to Promote Mindfulness Among your Little One

Focus on their Breaths

One of the simple ways to keep your child’s mind quiet is by paying attention to their breathing, and it will also let you know the answer to how to teach your child mindfulness. Teach your child to close their eyes and start counting their breaths. By doing this, you are helping your child become more aware of breathing, and it will also teach them about how their body and lungs feel when they are mindful. At that time, teach them to breathe so deep that it will make them forget all their worries. These mindfulness activities for kids will play an essential role in making your little one free from all tensions and worries. 


How to teach your child mindfulness is by walking barefooted on a wet-grass is quite stress relieving, therefore take your toddler to walk and ask him to feel the wind, think about good things that are happening in their life and forget everything. Walking barefooted will also make them feel relaxed, and it will also provide them instant relief from the stress they are facing.  


Meditation is another essential useful activity that will teach your kid about mindfulness. It helps in releasing the negative energy surrounding them. And it is all about relaxing your mind and soul. Ask your little one to sit in some isolated place where there is no disturbance and start doing meditation for at least 20-30 minutes a day. It helps them in relaxing their minds by flushing out the negative and evil thoughts.  Your child will get inner peace by avoiding such thoughts of mind which are negative & worthless.

how to teach your child mindfulness through Meditation

Encourage your child to practice progressive muscle relaxation.

If you want to know how to teach your child mindfulness, ask your little one to practice Progressive muscle relaxation, which is all about paying attention to muscles present in different parts of the body. The main aim of these mindfulness activities for kids  is to relax those muscles that have become tense without even noticing. For doing this activity, ask your child to lie down and tell them to tighten and relax a specific group of muscles one at a time. Keep doing this activity until it reaches their head. You can also take online tutorials that can help your little one in doing this activity step by step. 

Do Yoga

Yoga is one of the great ways to make your child aware of the connection between their minds and bodies. The yoga poses that are specifically design for kids can help them in becoming more mindful. For enhancing their mindfulness, you can also do yoga together and incorporate it into your daily routine. In addition to mindfulness practice, yoga will also help your child in enhancing their coping skills. You can also enroll your child in yoga classes, and you can also do it at your home. 

how to teach your child mindfulness

Start doing Concentration

Concentrating on specific things will also play an important role in teaching your child about mindfulness.  For example: if you concentrate on a single entity like a chair, you will get yourself psychologically involved with that object, thus helping you in gaining control over your mind and helping in releasing the excessive stress that is present in your body. It will also let you know how to explain mindfulness to a child.


Thus, to get rid of tensions, anxiety, and stress, you must encourage your kid to practice mindfulness regularly. It will help them in living their life peacefully. Once your kid begins to practice, later on, it becomes easy for them to gain control over their thoughts, and they will get free from all their worries surrounding them. 

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