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Wondering How To Stop Tantrums In Toddlers? These 5-step Strategies Are The Solution.

Wondering How To Stop Tantrums In Toddlers? These 5-step Strategies Are The Solution.


You’re standing in the snack aisle of a mega-mart, lying at your feet is your 4-year-old boy, who has just been scolded for crying for cookies. His face has turned a shade somewhere between red and purple, with fists pounding the floor in a fury.

We all have been in a where our toddlers throw tantrums in the middle of the road. Not just pounding, they stomp their feet, scream, sometimes even refuse to eat dinner. They can even become violent by either hitting their own selves or trying to hit their elders.

Well, if you have a toddler, and are fed up with their epic tantrums, then the time has come to get him quiet as quickly as possible. Don’t know where to go, and what to do, don’t worry–we’ve got it covered. It can be hard to figure out how to get them back on track, but nothing is impossible.

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What Are Tantrums And Why Do Toddlers Throw Tantrums? 

A temper tantrum is a sudden overwhelming outburst of a combination of emotions, including obstinacy, crying, hitting and other fierce conduct. The individual might not stay still, and regardless of whether the “objectives” or “desires” of the individual are met, they may not be quite still.

Tantrums are not something you can ignore because they generally leave the toddler in a state of agitation. It’s important to stop it and address its causes as soon as possible. Tantrum prevention is more about addressing frustrations than it is about behavior modification. It will help your child better cope with life’s inevitable stresses and obstacles in the near future. 

Five Steps To Stop Tantrums In Toddlers Today

However, research has shown that the majority of toddlers throw a tantrum due to some basic fundamental reason. However, you should remember there are more reasons your child might be throwing tantrums. And it is your duty to figure out what went wrong and why they are behaving that way.

I know, handling a tantrum thrown by your kid can be a daunting task. So whether you’re dealing with 2-year-old tantrums, 3-year-old tantrums, or 4-year-old tantrums, check out these tips for calming your child down.

Identify Why Your Toddler Is Crying

Many parents do not have time to observe their child and understand what triggers a tantrum. But to help you prevent future episodes of the drama, understanding the cause is vital. It might also prove to be useful if you can fulfil their legit needs after you identify them. 

Ignore Their Tantrum Screams 

You can follow this step as long as they are safe from harm or danger. Stay close enough so that they know you are still there waiting for them to calm down. The goal here is simply to wait until they are ready to come back and play with you rather than give in to their demands. This will prevent any future tantrums. They will know there is no point in throwing one in the first place. 

Don’t Get Angry, Stay Calm And Patient

Do not give in to their demands or bribe them to stop crying. Also, avoid neglecting your child, which can lead to some insecurities in the child. Stay close by, avoid eye contact, and make your child feel that you are not abandoning them completely. Instead, wait till you guys could have a pep talk and sort things out once for all. 

Take A Time-out And Cool Down When They Throw A Tantrum.

Experts say it is not good to scold or shout at your toddlers while they are having a tantrum. This will change things for the worse. You have to keep calm while dealing with a toddler’s tantrum. You are an adult and are expected to act like one in situations like these. Respond to your toddler’s tantrum with a gentle, firm voice. Stay calm and don’t get too mad. Also, you could ruin the moment for both of you by getting carried away in anger. You have to be attentive as well as patient in this situation. Remember that toddlers are not yet fully mature. 

It’s Time To Brainstorm Solutions 

Brainstorming solutions with them will help improve the situation for the better. Engage them by suggesting solutions that might help to make the situation controllable. For example, draw pictures or take a break from playing together for a while. Toddlers have this excessive energy rush, especially during a tantrum. You can channelise it in a more productive and happier way. 

If nothing else is working, you should consider seeing a psychologist for kids. They will be able to offer counselling for children and professional assistance with tantrums in a toddler.

Child psychology can be difficult to understand sometimes. The healthy psychological development of a child includes family and a psychologist, if needed. Child development psychology of handling kids, especially naughty kids, definitely need assistance for proper child development. 

Bottom Line

Children naturally develop an attachment to their parents, and the bond that develops between a toddler and his or her parent is one of the most important in a child’s life.

The attachment theory by Dr John Bowlby indicates that toddlers are particularly sensitive to being left alone for even short periods of time. It is because they have not yet developed enough self-reliance skills. It can cause tantrums when you try to leave them with someone else. Or if you take too long finishing up tasks at home before picking them up from daycare after work. If your goal is peace—both for yourself and your little ones—it’s essential that you readjust your expectations about how much independence kids need.

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