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Things we need to provide our kids as a part of parenting

Things we need to provide our kids as a part of parenting


Parenting is hard. It’s one of the toughest jobs on this earth, and it can be lonely at times when you’re parenting solo. But parenting doesn’t have to feel so solitary. We need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves as parents, and that includes spending time with family and friends who don’t have kids too! Because a well-rounded parent is better equipped to take care of their children. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about 10 things our children need from us as their parents – because parenting is important!

Why is healthy and good parenting important?

Good parenting is more important than an excellent school to the academic success of a child. Youngsters do their best when their parents help them with their homework; they can even emphasise the essentiality of education and thus attend school events. Parents are the best teachers of kids. They learn moral values, manners, discipline and everything from their home. It’s their good upbringing that helps them succeed in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether the quality of the school is lacking. What matters most is supportive parents. They perform best when their parents take a high interest in their education. The critical fact is that social mobility can’t be achieved just by fixing the school system. Some initiatives are also required which aim to improve the involvement of parents.

Things Our Children Need From Us As Their Parents


Healthy parenting starts with good communication skills. It’s never too late to start doing better as a parent or get back on track if you’ve gotten off course from your parenting skills. The most crucial reason to converse with kids during parenting is due to their early developmental learning. Conversations help a kid to learn different language skills and new vocabulary. As the child enters the ‘symbolic’ or the parent’s language system, they tend to pick up new words and meanings, providing new perspectives. This can be a very engaging phase for children as they learn the nuances in a language through conversations. It can be the equivalent of us learning a foreign language. When entering a new language system, we may not only learn new words, but we also learn about the culture. Children can learn to recognize and verbally express their emotions when they have names for them. This, in turn, may help them to regulate these emotions better. It can help them see where they belong and view the world as a whole.


Healthy parenting is all about helping your children through difficult times by showing them compassion and empathy will be fulfilling for both you and them in the end.


It’s important that we stay positive in parenting when our kids are around, so they know that feeling good always proves to be fruitful and makes you a better person.


Honesty is necessary when parenting children because lying will only cause more problems down the road if they find out that we’ve been telling them stories all along.

Self Confidence

Parenting can take a toll on our own self-confidence, but if you show your child that they are capable and have strengths then their self-esteem will grow and help them to become confident in themselves.


Don’t compare, just be compassionate and you ‘ll be able to show your child that they are enough.


Parenting can feel lonely and sometimes it’s hard not to get frustrated, but if we understand our children then things will go a lot smoother.


Parenting can take a toll on our own self-confidence, but if you show your child that they are capable and have strengths then their self-esteem will grow and help them to become confident.


During parenting whenever your child loses track or is depressed for any matter. As days pass by, life gets busy for all of us. With lots of responsibilities, our to-do lists start increasing and other priorities seem to take precedence over quality family time. It is vital to spend time with your family, especially with children. That’s only because kids are less likely to have behavioural issues at home or school. They tend to spend more quality time with their families and are proven to be less likely to participate in risky behaviours. They show your children that you love and care for them and help keep them mentally, emotionally and socially strong. 


Parenting isn’t about being a perfect parent and it’s not about always telling your children that they are wrong. You can feel a sort of grieving process when you learn that your child is not who you thought they were going to be. You might have to give up specific dreams you had for him and miss that person you imagined he would become. But you need to understand that it takes a long time to find out who your child is. Once you embrace that, a different kind of love develops. 


As their parents, we have a responsibility to take care of our children during parenting. We must protect them from the dangers that come with this world and provide for all of their needs so they can live a happy life. It is not always easy being a parent but it is worth every moment because in the end, what matters most are these little ones who need us more than anything else in this world. What do you think?

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