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How to Stop Your Child from Bullying Others

How to Stop Your Child from Bullying Others


Bullying is a serious problem in today’s society. It affects students, parents, teachers, and communities. Bullying can be physical or verbal; it can happen face-to-face or online. Regardless of where bullying takes place, the effects are devastating for everyone involved: victims, bullies, and bystanders. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to help stop your child from bullying others – this blog post will give you five suggestions to get you started!

What Is the Relation Between Child Psychology and Bullying?

An article by Child Psychology defines the relationship between child psychology and bullying as “bullying is a form of aggression that can be unintended or intentional.”

What are some examples?

Child psychology says there are many different types of bullying. There’s physical violence like punching or shoving, verbal abuse through name-calling, cyberbullying through text messages, emails, and social media postings, exclusion from activities or groups because of rumors; the list goes on!

How does bullying affect children?

Bullying can have lasting effects from childhood to adulthood. If your child is a bully, remember that they’ll be causing great damage to others and themselves. Following are 10 ways through which you stop your child from bullying.

Communicate with Them

Communicating with your child is a must. It is important that you communicate with your child as soon as you discover that he or she has bullied another child. Not only will this show that you are aware of the situation, but it will also show that bullying is inappropriate and will not be accepted. Maintain your composure, avoid any hurtful words, and express your concern. They might also open up why they did so. In this way, when you listen to them, your child will feel more loved and understood if you take the time to talk about their feelings, emotions, or thoughts without judgment.

Teach Them Empathy

Children are impressionable! Teach your children how to behave by showing them rather than telling them what it means to be empathetic toward others. Explain that any sort of bullying brings hurt to others. Make it clear to them that name-calling, teasing, hitting, shoving, starting or spreading rumors, cyberbullying, and all other forms of bullying are unacceptable. By practicing empathy, they will learn to care more about others’ feelings and be less likely to bully.

Don’t Shame Your Child

There will be times when your child may feel bad about what they have done. Or maybe not at all sorry, or even proud! Regardless of how they’re feeling about the situation, however, it’s important to keep them from being shamed by you. Acknowledge that bullying is a difficult and emotionally charged issue on both sides. So don’t publicly shame them or severely punish them. Rather talk about the reality and give them a strict lecture.

Teach Them How to Handle Disagreements

As a parent, you need to teach kids that there are many ways for resolving conflicts and it is important not only what the right choice maybe but also understanding why different people might choose differently in the same situation

Consult a Therapist

If your child continues to bully after you have tried all of these methods, it is time for a meeting with a clinical psychologist. Your child might have been going through some mental health issues, and so a therapist would know it better. They’ll analyze the psychological development of the child and treat them. To stop your child from bullying, the therapist’s medications and treatments will definitely help them.

Remove Privileges

To discipline your child, you can remove certain fun aspects of their lives to make them understand the consequences of bullying. You can take away devices, the privilege of attending parties or special events, social media use, etc. This will help your child understand how bullying hurts the person and make them learn not to do it again. When you try to remove privileges, be sure that they are all things that are important to them, or else they might just find something else to bully about.

Discuss with Your Child’s Teacher

A school’s teacher can help you get a better understanding of your child. They will be able to tell you what is going on in the classroom and if there is an issue with bullying from their students. Sometimes, children are not aware that they’re being bullies themselves or how much it hurts someone when they do so. So with the help of the teacher, you can monitor what your child is doing at school.

Find the Root Cause of Why Your Child Is Bullying Others

There are many different reasons why children bully, so it’s important to find the root cause. Sometimes they’re just trying to fit in and feel accepted or sometimes bullying is a result of being bullied themselves. In order for your child to stop bullying others, you need to identify where that behavior stems from first.

Enroll Them in Hobby Classes

If your child is a bully, then enrolling them in additional classes can help. They’ll be able to meet new people and won’t be able to bully them as well. Because the new set of people might feel threatened by him/her. This will further lead him/her to enhance communication skills and befriend others. Your youngster may require a new set of atmosphere to bring a change in themselves. It will assist kids in learning to act differently, accept responsibility for their acts, and learn to form cohesive connections.

Join in the School Disciplinary Committee

If your child is a bully, then you should join the school disciplinary committee to help in the act of stopping bullying. The more people know about this, the better it will be for them. Your child will stop bullying knowing you’re one of the main people who are controlling the school’s discipline. This will further make them realize that they’ll make you feel ashamed so they’ll stop it.

Final Thoughts

Bullying has been constantly tormenting many people. Though various methods are being implemented, it still hasn’t come under control. With a small act at home, you can shape the lives of children. You should take it upon yourself to stop your child from bullying because a change at home is a change in society.

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