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Tips for Happy Parenting

Tips for Happy Parenting

“Jhonny Jhonny, yes Papa. Eating sugar? No, papa…” does your everyday morning start like this now? Congratulations, you have already taken the first step to becoming a happy parent. Yes, happy parent spends time with their kids. Among many unique qualities of a great parent, this is definitely the one. Happy parenting is a consistent thing. It is not the fruit of only one day. You have to make some significant lifestyle changes to be a happy parent.

Before delving deeper into some habits of good parents, gather sufficient knowledge about what happy parenting is. 

What is Happy Parenting?

Does being a happy parent mean “always smiling” or encouraging your children’s every behaviour? The answer is a sharp “NO”. Happy Parenting instead implies a balance between your restrictions and allowance. Not only that, you must set a limit for both. You are undoubtedly a happy parent with a comfortable and disciplined child when there is a delicate balance between the two. 

Words seem meaningful when they turn into action. Talking about limits and maintaining them is easy, but the implementation takes a toll on everyone. Let us see what experts are saying about it. 

List of Top 12 Happy Parenting Tips

After years of research, experts have developed some parenting tips that help parents understand and bring up their kids. According to child psychologists, much behavioural disorder in children occurs due to poor Parenting. With growing age, children want their parent’s company. Not only their company, but they also wish for closeness with their parents. But unfortunately, parents often end up surveilling their actions and putting restrictions on them. 

If you want to break the stereotype and be the most faithful friend of your kid, follow these happy parenting tips: 

Refrain from Comparing

Comparison is one of the habits that affect your child’s mental health. Refrain from doing so. Many kids will be growing up with your child, and they might be doing far better than your child. Initial frustration is natural. But do not let that overcome your good spirit to inspire them. Maybe your kid has not performed up to the mark this time. If you discourage them, they will never be able to perform better. So, encourage a habit of happy parenthood and never compare them with other kids. It damages their self-confidence at an early age. 

Be There Always

Be There Always

Being a happy parent means being there with your kids all the time. No matter what! You should always be a call away. You must make them feel that you are that person they can turn to when in danger. So, always be there for your little champ. 

Spread Happiness

As I mentioned, you must make lifestyle changes to be a happy parent. You cannot be content as a parent when you’re grumpy and unsatisfied as a human being. Improve some of your habits and practice them daily. Be a happy human being. Happy Parenting will be as easy as cutting a cheesecake. 

Set Limits Gently and Early 

Do you think setting limits will make you a bad parent? Not at all! Setting boundaries is a must-do step for every parent. It makes their children know the difference between good and evil. But you have to do it gently and early. If they practice an unhealthy habit for days and you’re putting restrictions after a week or a month, they will rebel against you. Put a full stop to any bad habit at the earliest. 

Ask for Help

It’s okay to ask for help when in need. Never hesitate to ask for expert help. Do not ever think you fail as a parent if you need help. 

Teach Forgiveness

One of the most important lessons for your kid is to give them a lesson for forgiveness. It includes how to forgive and how to ask for forgiveness. Bringing up a healthy body and mind means they have learned that mistakes are common and can occur anytime. Teach them to forgive people and ask for forgiveness when needed. 


happy Parenting

A happy parent means a happy child. The combination of these two makes the best playmates. Did you know? Give time to your children and play your heart out. Little champs are excited to get their parents’ attention and genuine care. 

Maintain a Healthy Conversation

Maintain a Healthy Conversation

Talk to your children. They can be your best friend, trust me! The more you include them in your life’s decisions and events, they will grow up with a voice. Having a say in this age is essential. 

Practice Patience 

Happy Parenting means keeping your calm all the time. Nowadays, our professions make us a little impatient. Never let that self out in front of your kid. No matter how complex the situation is. Keep patience, and you will overcome. 


As an 80’s or 90’s kid, don’t you feel that it would have been better if your parents had complimented you other than comparing you with “Sharma or Chopra Ji ka beta?” Do not repeat the same mistake with your kid. Compliment them for their little achievements. You cannot imagine what kind of push it will be for them.


Happy Parenting starts with inspiring your kid and pushing them further by saying, “Yes, you can!” Keep encouraging them. The kind of ignition it generates in them is unmatched. 

Encourage Freedom of Choice 

The first rule of raising a healthy kid is encouraging the freedom of choice. Encouraging a voice and bringing them up with a strong personality will make you pat your back in the future. 

Parenting Gen A is not easy, but it is not impossible. Bringing a child up with compassion, love, and care has never been difficult if you follow the proper steps. 

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