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Things to Do with Kids in Mumbai/Bangalore

Things to Do with Kids in Mumbai/Bangalore


So, you’re in the city of Mumbai/Bangalore with your kids and are wondering what to do? You don’t have to worry! We’ve compiled a list of some great activities that will keep you busy for hours. This list of things to do with kids on a vacation in Mumbai and a vacation in Bangalore is a mix of some offbeat activities, which you won’t find mentioned in the usual guidebooks. Apart from the activities listed below (to be done at your own risk), there are many educational places that one can visit with their children like museums, planet auditoriums, etc. There’s something for everyone – from museums and parks to zoos and aquariums. Let us know which one is your favourite! Have fun travelling with kids in these fantastic vacation spots.

5 Things to Do with Kids During Mumbai Vacation

1.The Mumbai Aquarium

The Mumbai aquarium is a great place to spend your day with the kids. It’s located in Worli, just opposite the Haji Ali chowk. The aquarium has an appealing collection of marine life from all over India. If you love nature and animals but have lived in concrete jungles for too long, then do head to this place. The Mumbai aquarium is a good way for kids to learn about aquatic life too!

2. The Queen’s Necklace

The queen’s necklace is where you can spend the day with your kids, strolling along with one of India’s most famous beaches. The queen’s necklace is a ten-kilometre-long beach in Worli and ends at Alibaug, not too far from Lonavala. If you plan to head to the queen’s necklace, do visit the Borivali National park. This national park is located just next to it.

3. Bite into Mumbai’s Tempting Street Food!

If you are in this city, why not eat like a true Mumbaikar? Head over to Crawford Market and have some tasty Pani puri. This dish has a variety of vegetables and seasonings added to it, making it taste even better. Also, check out the other vendors in this market who sell all sorts of foods: from Chinese Satay to Moroccan bread; this is one place where you can bring your kids as well!

4. Wildlife and Natural History Museum.

If you are a nature lover, this is the place for you to take your kids. Located inside the national park, this museum introduces them to wildlife in an exciting way. If you love museums, then head over to the Kala Ghoda festival too – it may be a little crowded, but there’s never a dull moment!

5. Cozy up at a Cafe.

If you are looking for something else to do with your kids, head over to one of the many cafes in Mumbai. The Blue Frog in Mumbai is very popular with children and families alike. It has a range of books and magazines which might be interesting for your little ones as well! You can also try the famous “The Cat cafe” near Churchgate.

5 Things to Do with Kids During Bangalore Vacation

1. Visit an Art Gallery

If you want to introduce your kids to art, then head over to the eye-catching Rangoli gallery, which offers insight into Indian culture through its stunning collection of folk art. You can also visit the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in Bangalore; It has a wide range of exhibits and is a great place to take your kids.

2. Head to a Play Park

If you have some spare time and want a bit of fresh air, then head over to Cubbon Park in Bangalore; It’s the largest park in Bengaluru and has plenty of open spaces for exploring nature with your family. The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens have its ornamental flower beds and miles of grounds to walk around.

3. Go to the Zoo

Enthralling and heart-warming, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a must for those interested in science. It conducts several outreach programs involving children and their families, including workshops, exhibitions, lectures, etc. The one-day workshop ‘Learning through Doing’ offers an insight into life at IISC Bangalore.

4. Mysore Trip

It’s the oldest living city in India and is located on a plateau. The smell of sandalwood fills its air, flowers of different colours seem to adorn every inch, and you can hear soft rhythmic percussion from neighbouring temples at all times, making it a perfect vacation destination.

5. Visit a Sports Complex

If you’re planning to visit Bangalore for a vacation, make sure you stop by the National Sports Complex or watch some of their games not just because they are popular but also because young kids’ energy will be infectious!

Benefits of Having a Vacation with Kids

1. The kids can understand complex ideas and concepts better when they travel.

2. Kids who travel early in their lives learn how to deal with new environments efficiently. They also have a lot of exposure to different cultures, which helps build their personalities.

3. Kids who travel gain tolerance towards other cultures, which is very important for society.

4. Kids learn to be responsible and independent early on in life through the experience of travelling; they are more assertive about doing things for themselves and thus can fend for themselves when needed.

5. The opportunity to travel with kids gives parents a chance to spend quality time with their children and build relationships.


When considering spending your time with your children, remember that they need more than just playtime. A good balance of fun with family and education is the key to successful parenting! For example, we’ve seen parents who have taken their kids on day trips or weekend getaways as a way for them to explore other cultures while still having plenty of family bonding time. If this sounds like something that would be enjoyable to both parent and child alike, check out our blog posts about things to do in Mumbai/Bangalore with kids!

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