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8 Tips to Be a More Confident Mom!


Indrani Raha





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Motherhood…. All love begins and ends there…

So, how do you become a confident mom? Well, that’s not an easy question. Nor is there an easy answer! But surely you can think of a few parents who appear to be super confident mother in everything they do. And how do they do it? Do they have access to some secret knowledge that you don’t know about? Well, the answer is yes, they do, but it’s no more secret! The thumb rule is: Slow down and take a chill pill. Because when you rush, things fall apart. 

Parenting tips you can follow to be confident mom!

Before you had a baby, you were probably living your life and feeling pretty confident about it. You had a job that you enjoyed, an academic life you had worked hard for, or several other activities and responsibilities you knew how to handle. And then your baby arrived in your life, and your confidence took a turn. Becoming parents is enough to make anyone feel low self-esteem. From navigating breastfeeding to handling a new sleep schedule, there are so many unknown turns that come along with your baby. And unless you take intensive pre-baby parenting classes, there’s a lot no one prepares you for. It’s okay not to feel entirely confident in your abilities as a new mom. But hey, the good news is, there are several ways to steadily build your competence and trust in yourself.

Yes, it’s true. While becoming a mom is a natural part of life for many of us, the transition into motherhood to becoming a confident mom balancing the demands of parenting with work, a household, and a brand-new routine can sometimes be an intimidating feat to take on. That’s completely okay, mama! There are surely some common characteristics all confident moms seem to share. If you’re not super confident, to begin with, there are ways to learn how to be a confident mom. These eight essential tips will surely help you find your groove. 

8 Secrets of Confident Moms

Want to keep rocking your parenthood journey throughout your life? Don’t know “how to be a confident mom”? Whether you have had babies before or motherhood is uncharted territory, keeping these major points in mind is surely gonna help you throughout. These tips are also going to best navigate the new demands and challenges that an amazing new baby can bring.

Take your time to know your kids

We need to focus a lot of time and effort on knowing and understanding our kids. Not just what they like, love, dislike, or hate but who they are. Watching these little cuties grow up themselves is one of the great joys and is the greatest thing on earth. However, as much as this process thrills all the mothers, it’s hard…because we often need to battle our prejudices and expectations so that we can be flexible when it comes to parenting each child individually and collectively.

Build a community of fellow moms

Us mothers should find a group of our fellow mates who share the same life stage as ours, and there you are! You will soon be able to know about a treasure trove of collaboration, comfort, and commiseration. It’s often said that “friendship boosts mental health,” so building a community of fellow moms for yourself will certainly help you in this challenging time of transition. Moreover, getting together with those in the same boat can provide a space to discuss particular challenges of those who have been there, too. 

It’s okay to say, No!

Prioritizing yourself is the basics and is the most crucial step to be a confident mother! When you give yourself the power to say no, you gain confidence in your abilities to balance work, family, social activities, and “ME time.”

Going slow with your expectations is the key- if you are a new mom

Life changes dramatically once you give birth; you can’t expect to work as you did before having a newborn. Accept the slow pace of being with your baby, focus on being at the moment together, and lower down your expectations of how much you can do every day. This is sure to help you be more content and a more confident mother.

Do not open yourself up to opinions

When we lack confidence as mother, we tend to ask around for opinions hoping that it will make us feel better about our decisions. However, we think that this method usually backfires and ends up making us feel even more insecure. For example, if a stranger at the park asks how your baby is sleeping, you can simply lie and tell her that she is sleeping well even if she is up 20 times a night because the chances are that the stranger will not be giving you life-altering advice. They will share with you some strategies for you to try because it worked for their child. This can make you feel you are doing things wrong. Result? You will either feel obligated to try the stranger’s method or reluctant to go against your instincts.

Remember, biology is a huge factor

Perfect parenting does not necessarily mean raising an ideal child. Well, how many fantastic people do we know who had horrible parents? Interestingly, it works both ways, which means that we do not need to beat ourselves up so much over every tiny parenting decision. Part of who our children would be is already etched into their DNA. We need to believe that parenting plays a huge role in shifting tendencies, but something is reassuring that it is not 100% in our hands.

Be a confident mom, and start doing the hard things right anyway

Whether it’s going out and reaching home within 20 minutes or breastfeeding your infant in public, new challenges come along daily post-baby. It can be tempting to be caged at home to avoid dealing with it –but facing trial and error is where growth takes place. If you can push through your self-doubt and just give these tasks a try, you are sure to discover that “you are a super mom.” You will soon be able to figure out your way of managing difficult tasks that are best for you and your baby. And as you tackle challenges head-on, don’t forget to give yourself some credit! Reflecting on how much you are learning and growing right along with your child is the best way to bring back self-confidence in you. Pat yourself on the back, mom because you are doing the most challenging job of all.

Talking positive about yourself, taking care of Self-is the best thing you can do to be a confident mother

How’s your inner monologue? The way we speak has a significant influence on our self-assurance, for better or worse. Instead of beating yourself up for “failing” in a new-parenting situation, remind yourself that you are new at this, and you are still learning. Beating ourselves up will not make us a better mom—but being kind to ourselves certainly will. To start the day off right, we should always reflect on some positive truths about ourselves. Be confident in little things like how beautiful you look, what looks best on you, and so on. While you are at it, do all you can to nurture yourself through acceptable self-care practices like healthy eating and enlisting your partner to watch the baby so that you can catch up on sleep? 


Confidence is the key to parenting well. Being a confident mom is all about figuring out the balance that works best for you and your family. Confidence will allow you to have some flexibility when it comes to challenges, changes, and even the occasional mistake; and knowing that you are mothering your way – the right way for your little one. When we display confidence, our child feels free and safe to express their worries and feelings because they know we are their wonder woman and can very well handle them. There is always freedom in acceptance, satisfaction in investment, a connection in understanding, and confidence in wisdom. None of these happens overnight! Mother, let’s just stop trying to be so Insta-perfect. Instead, take a deep breath and remember that you’ve got this! 

“Keep Mothering Your Way, Mom – It’s Exactly What Your Baby Needs!”

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