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Too busy to be happy? Ways to find happiness despite being busy

Too busy to be happy? Ways to find happiness despite being busy


How to be happy, is funnily one of the most commonly googled questions that everyone does at least once in their life during a turbulent time in their life or during a stressful job. In the midst of the frantic search for ways to find happiness, there exists the hustle culture that takes away many hobbies and time to recharge. There lay the pressure to be better in your workplace and to climb the ladder of success. But little does one understand that in this run, one loses the ultimate treasure in life which is- happiness. What one doesn’t grasp is that there are easy ways to be happy even if you are busy all day with your work. And the reasons are actually way simpler than what you may think it is. Let’s take a look at various ways to find happiness.

The Secret to Happiness

  1. Saying “No”

As humans, it is our innate need for acceptance and to feel appreciated and liked. It’s as simple as, do not take up more than what your plate can hold. Doing so will just make you too busy to enjoy life and it’s always the things that you feel are little things that you miss the most when you get too caught up with your schedule. Like, walking your dog or playing a game of your favorite choice with your family, or even something as simple as just sitting on your balcony with a cup of hot chai or a beverage of your choice! One of the easy ways to find happiness is to remember that happiness isn’t a constant state rather small bursts that make life worth living. 

  1. The 30-second hack

According to Psychology Today, in a nutshell, it explains the easiest way to add a sprinkle of happiness to your day by doing the most simplest thing- being grateful. Being grateful for the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the 9-6 job that helps bring that food to the table, and the family and friends who wake up for another day. Life is short and to have them for another day by your side, be it through digital means or in real life, is a blessing. There is also significant research found about how your posture can have an effect on your level of happiness. Another one of the ways to find happiness  is as easy as by taking the time in naming the things that make you like you the most, you are the ultimate way to be happy.

  1. Align your priorities

Having the privilege to say no to that job that is mentally taxing but pays well is not in the hands of everyone. But sometimes aligning your priorities not only helps you align it well so you know what deserves the most attention at this point in your life but it also helps you connect with what matters in life right now. Making sure that your goals align with your core values not only helps you sail smoothly through with less friction but it also will help in finding yourself happiness! If you don’t see yourself in the career line you currently are and it still occupies a large chunk of your time, get out of that rut!

  1. Dis[connect]

Connect within your safety zone, the people who aren’t emotionally or mentally taxing. Disconnect from your phone and put it down. One needs to understand that checking your emails all the time isn’t going to be healthy for you nor does it allow you to keep up your boundaries and keeping your boundaries strict is a very important way to establish oneself. Take time off, put all your gadgets away. In a time when the coronavirus has brought everything to your fingertips from classrooms to workplaces to communication with people, it is easy to get carried away and find oneself in that endless scrolling session that ultimately leads to further exhaustion.

  • Work, but with purpose

Sure they say that following your dreams makes work easy, but in reality, it really doesn’t. Working for your dream makes you work harder to achieve it and it can sometimes become toxic. Keeping yourself grounded by reminding yourself that your ultimate goal cannot be achieved until you take care of yourself should be your mantra. Changing your wallpaper at work into something or someone you love can help remind you that you need to take care of yourself for them at least. 


Mental health is something most people end up ignoring in their race to become successful and top the rest. Taking time out of your day to unwind and unplug is absolutely essential. Some people find comfort in a busy life, and that’s okay as long as they’re emotionally healthy but when it becomes an act to help one not deal with the noise in the background, it becomes toxic. The quest for ways to find happiness is nothing but learning how to tango in the rain with a sprinkle of self-awareness on where to draw boundaries and say NO!!

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