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10 Amazing and the most followed YouTube kids channels for new parents


Indrani Raha





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Bringing up a new life in this world is not THAT easy. From ‘Am I changing the diaper correctly?’ to ‘Is it okay for him to have solid food now?’ – there are loads of questions you need to come across almost every day. Back then, you could approach your mother or in-laws for help. But, with changing times, the quickest method to get all your answers is online. Also, YouTube might the best aid to new mothers. YouTube kids channels for new parents, especially new mothers, will help addressing their queries. You can read blogs written by mothers and even can install parenting apps to join a community of like-minded parents.

Apart from parenting blogs and apps, there are many such YouTube channels that have great videos for almost each and everything. Yes, we know with so many channels and so many videos, it’s really tough to follow the most relevant one. But dear parents! There’s a Good news! Whether you have toddlers or teens to entertain, there are channels that will capture their attention—and even secretly teach them something new.

Here are the top 10 amazing YouTube kids channels for new parents

International or Indian, YouTube has plenty of channels with kid-friendly videos on a variety of topics, be it nursery rhymes, science, children’s education, and so on. Here’s a list of the best ten channels that can engage your tiny tot!

  1. Smart parenting

Which started off as a parent’s magazine, Smart Parenting, is now among the popular YouTube kids channels to help new parents focus on raising healthy kids. With each new content, you might end up spending hours just watching her videos about raising your little one. Smart parenting isn’t just about fun crafts; they have many educational videos and food ideas for mom’s like you to watch. Videos like how to babywear safely, how to start talking to someone about postpartum, and how to deal with Mommy Guilt are the most viewed topics. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to her channel and keep watching!

  1. Draw so Cute

Even if you are not a new parent and have a teen who is into art, we bet they will love this fun YouTube kids channel. This channel is famous for the way it teaches children how to doodle anything from cute pugs to their most favorite pop culture characters. 

  1. Simple kids crafts

With the motto “Recycling easy crafts that really work,” this youtube kids channel has proved to be the most-watched kid’s educational videos for new parents. It offers more than 700 how-tos on everything from bottle-cap tops to doll furnishings. Most of the activities shown here require a minimum of materials, time, and expertise. So if you have been looking out for the best you-tubers for kids all these years, then this is it. Follow right now and get started right away.

  1. BBC Earth

If your kids are into animals, click right over to the BBC Earth YouTube channel. There’s a good assortment here for kids of all ages and interests, with playlists covering the really wild such as animal battles to the adorable baby animals. There are also interesting videos on creatures great and small, from dinosaurs to budgies. We know your children have heard about Dinosaurs and so this YouTube channel will be a great treat for them.

  1. Super simple songs

The most adorable animated video for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on Super Simple Songs, which has more than 500 million views, has sent many kids off to dreamland more times than you can even count. You will also find a range of educational shows and videos featuring original music and animations in this one of the best YouTube kids channels where all the new parents like you are seen to have a fun time together. In these videos, Smiley little monsters teach kids about eating healthy, while the cute little animals of the Treetop Family show kids the magic. 

  1. Indian Youtuber Manisha

If you are looking for the most-watched YouTube kids channels in India for parenting, then this is it. Indian mom YouTuber Manisha Dahiya is a mother of two kids and started her youtube channel in 2017. Her channel is all about daily routine vlog, product reviews, house organization, cleaning, skincare, shopping, decoration, tips and tricks, and much more in a real way. She comes up with new and innovative content each new day and knows how to solve all the queries that new moms often come across. And hence, her channel has a lot of content about mom routines. So if you are a newbie mom and haven’t subscribed to her channel, we suggest you should definitely click on the bell icon and start following her amazing content.

  1. Nerdy Nummies

If you and your kids like cooking or baking, watching Nerdy Nummies can very well turn into an uber-cool monthly kid-parent activity. Host Rosanna Pansino has built a huge fan base by delivering weekly videos where she, with another guest, comes up with all types of cake-bakings, cookies, cupcakes, and other confectioneries. If you want to impress the little geeks in your family, this brilliant YouTuber has created awesome edibles, including Game of Thrones, The Legend of Zelda, Minions, every Disney princess imaginable, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more. Are you planning to bake a handmade cake for your little one? Or want to teach your kids to bake at home? Then don’t miss out on the bell icon of her youtube channel.

  1. TED-Ed

It’s one of the best Youtube kids channels so far, especially for the age group 9, and is one of the most talked-about videos for most new parents. TED-Ed is an amazing resource for young thinkers like your kids in your family. As the name suggests, it is the youth and education arm of the TED foundation. The original animated videos on the site are creative collaborations between TED-involved experts and speakers, TED Fellows, and various educators. The videos are so beautifully animated that both the kids and adults enjoy thoughtful topics, riddles, and tutorials that are shared on a daily basis. 

  1. Masha and the Bear

With kindness and comedy in its heart, the show has the adventures of a little girl Masha and her friend, The Bear. The video is all about how a child interacts with the big world and how an adult aids with such a difficult task. Masha is shown as a restless little girl who cannot stand still due to her endless energy. She is friendly beyond description and treats everyone like she’s known them for ages. Her curiosity and creativeness cause funny adventures. We know your child will love these videos like anything. So don’t just wait. Subscribe to the channel.

  1. Sick Science

Steve Spangler is a celebrity teacher, science toy designer, speaker, and an author. He is best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral. Spangler is the founder of www.SteveSpanglerScience.com, a Denver-based company specializing in the creation of science toys, classroom science demonstrations, teacher resources, and home for Spangler’s popular science experiment archive and video collection. For teachers, parents, or DIY Science ideas; all you need to do is subscribe to his channel and let your kids explore the magic of science.Well, the article ends here, but not the list! They say a child educated only at school is an uneducated child. For learning can happen from multiple sources. And YouTube is one such great resource. Apart from the above list, there is an umpteen number of YouTube kids channels available that will help & nurture the young babbling kindergartners to the dynamic world of nursery rhymes, alphabets, educative animated series to churn their rational cycles.

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