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How to maintain a healthy relationship with children?

How to maintain a healthy relationship with children?


When your child is growing up, that is the best time to make a healthy relationship with them that will go in the future, by healthy relationships I mean when they are growing up, healthy relationships will help them to be more independent.

When they are small, healthy relationships are the best way to make a good environment in your house. If you give love to them, they will love you back; healthy relationships with children can help you to solve some of the problems that may happen at home or outside the house. Usually, kids always want attention from their parents, and they always want everything for free; that’s why healthy relations must be maintained during all the periods of their growth.

10 ways to attain a healthy relationship with your kids 

Here are 10 tips on healthy child-parent relationships :

1) Be flexible with your rules

Don’t make too many rule, becauseyou will have stress  if you make lots of rules for yourself. If you make too many rules, sometimes children can’t follow them, they need your flexibility because healthy relationships are based on trust and love. This is one way to attain a healthy relationship with your child.

2) Be authentic

Children need to be taught about healthy relationships, especially if they are teenagers. Don’t ever lie to them; for example, don’t say that you go out just for some grocery; if you do this, then their self-esteem will decrease at the end of the day because healthy relations are built on trust, not lies. If you have somewhere else to go, then tell them about it, let them know so they won’t feel alone or depressed at home waiting for you.

3) Spend time together

If a healthy relationship with children is one of your goals, spend time with them that is quality time, not just staying at home. Sometimes, go out to the park, mall, or any other place like the zoo, museums, and more. It’s healthy for you and your kids because they will learn about healthy friendships and healthy relationships with others; this will also help them develop healthy relationships in their future.

4) Be available

Don’t ever make promises if you can’t keep them; if you say to your child after school, I’ll see you guys later, don’t break them because a healthy relationship will not be built upon broken promises. If you are busy sometimes, let your children know beforehand so they won’t feel abandoned. They need to know that despite being busy, sometimes they will still be there for them; healthy relationships are built upon truth and honesty.

5) Be healthy yourself!

Your kids are looking up to you, so lead by example. If your healthy lifestyle can have a positive effect on your children, then do it. If you want them to exercise daily, go ahead and hit the gym with them, eat healthy foods with them, show your healthy teeth as a result of a healthy diet, and let them know this is what healthy lives look like. This way not only you but also they will appreciate their bodies more.

6) Keep fighting fair!

This means no name-calling, no threat, no matter how angry you get; always keep fighting fair as long as there’s love in the family, there’s hope. It means no matter how many times you fight, there’s always a healthy way to solve it. Learn about beneficial conflict resolution, and this will positively affect your kids too.

7) Spending quality time together

Kids need parents who spend a healthy amount of time with them and are interested in healthy activities, from catching the weekend movie matinee or cooking healthy food together. This way they know that mom and dad are on their side and want what is best for them. Make sure you include your children in some of YOUR activities and teach them new things while doing something YOU love doing. Shouldn’t be that hard to do after all they see what YOU eat!

8) Be a friend

We have to have healthy relationships with our friends or whatever healthy relationship we have with our children will suffer sooner or later. When we become parents, we often forget our friends and devote all our energy and even money to taking care of our little ones without thinking that there may be nobody more important than us after all. Your kids are very good at telling you if you are faking it, so show them how much your friends mean to you by being there for them, even though they may not understand completely what is going on yet.

9) Be engaged to other parents

Since healthy parenting is all about sharing knowledge and experience, it’s no wonder that healthy relationships should extend beyond family ties. They can be made through play dates, school events, or team sports. You don’t need to only find other parents having healthy relationships but also seek help from someone who’s been down this road before too.

10) Healthy steps to work smoothly on common goals

Each person in a healthy relationship has their ideologies, but they see where they can compromise. Setting healthy family goals is beneficial for all family members, so healthy communication must take place when these plans are being made. Both the partners should do their bit to succeed when moving towards new healthy goals.


To maintain a healthy relationship with your child, healthy communication is the key. Above mentioned are some healthy tips to maintain healthy relationships with your child that you must try.

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