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“Best out of waste”: Recycling Ideas for School Projects

“Best out of waste”: Recycling Ideas for School Projects

Do you hear someone’s constant panting? Yes, that’s Earth, our dear planet. He has been severely injured with lung disease, as we have not left a single space for him to breathe. We have made our children’s lives more pathetic by not being patient and compassionate to this planet. Now, it’s time to rethink our activities and indulge ourselves in recycling projects. There are thousands of best-out-of-waste ideas. But, you have to finish that school project of your little stars. Better focusing on some exclusive ideas.

What Are Some Best Out of Waste Ideas for School Projects?

Have your little champ come from school with a project that says, “Make anything you like out of waste material?” and here you are, absolutely clueless about what you need to do. Let us guide you with some fantastic ideas: 

Piggy Banks Out of Used Bottles

Children love the term “piggy banks”, and this delicate thing is their first step towards personal savings. Students who learn “Financial Literacy” in their schools must require a piggy bank to budget their pocket money. 

How to Make Recycled Piggy Banks?

1. Things You Need

  • An empty plastic bottle 
  • Glue 
  • Coloured/White Paper 
  • Tape
  • Felt pens/crayons/paint
  • A penknife 
  • Small bottle caps 

2. Things to Do

  • Make the bottle clean and dry 
  • Allow a slit on the side of the bottle so that the coin can go through it easily
  • Taping up the edges of the slit will make them smoother
  • Making different colour patterns around the bottle will pour life into your creation
  • Why don’t you add some character to your piggy bank with smaller pieces of paper for the eyes and nose

Snowman Out of a Sock

Kids are at their happiest when they are asked to make a snowman. But choosing only ice for snowmen is not fair! You must break the stereotype by making the snowman out of waste material like socks. You obviously need to select a pair of white socks, as snowmen cannot be black (Not being a racist, honestly). 

How to make Socks Snowman?

  • One white sock 
  • Elastic rubber bands 
  • One colour sock 
  • Buttons (various colours)
  • A strip of cloth or ribbon (choose your colour)
  • Tiny seeds or grains of rice/pulses (To fill the sock with)
  • Glue 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • One small piece of cardboard 
  • Bits of coloured paper or coloured bindis

Snowman out of a Sock

1. Things to Do

  • Make the sock half by cutting. 
  • Fill the socks with seeds or small grains after turning them inside out.
  • Make the base round and firm so that you can stand it. Here comes the usage of the cardboard that you can stick under this snowman made out of the best out of waste material for better stability. 
  • Tie the top tightly with a rubber band
  • To make the head of the snowman, you must tie another rubber band about the way up.
  • A little decoration is a must with this cute snowman. Therefore, you need to glue the buttons onto the body of it.
  • For a more realistic appearance, stick the bindis for the eyes and mouth.
  • Roll up a small piece of paper into a conical shape for the nose and stick it in place
  • Snowman’s hat comes from the top portion of the coloured sock. But what if the snowman’s hat falls? That’s not going to happen, as you will already secure it by sticking it with glue.
  • Tie the strip of cloth or ribbon around the neck for a fancy muffler

Handmade Papers 

We have tortured this planet enough. Now, we are finally concerned about finding alternative ways. Well, better late than never. To make handmade paper, you should follow this process:

How to Make Handmade Papers?

  • Large tub to soak the paper 
  • Sheets of paper from old notebooks 
  • A piece of wire mesh to fit into the frame 
  • Old wooden picture frame 
  • Flower petals or dried leaves, whatever you like
  • An old towel 

Handmade Papers

Things to Do

  • Cut the paper into small pieces. 
  • Pour enough water over them after placing the paper pieces in the tub. 
  • Allow one night to soak them. Sometimes, you will need a full day to make the paper to a friendly pulp.
  • Put the frame on the towel and the wire mesh inside the frame.
  • Squeeze with your ultimate force from the paper pulp. Then, spread it evenly on the mesh in the frame. 
  • Now, place the flower petals or dried leaves on the pulp.
  • The towel can absorb any extra water if you press them down hard.
  • Leave the pulp alone to dry. Maybe it is just a pulp. But sometimes, it also needs to break. 
  • After it gets dried completely, peel out the sheet of paper from the frame and your upcycling project with the best out of waste from a newspaper is done.

Herb Gardens on Cartons 

Who said you could nurture a garden only before your house in a lavishly decorated area? Herb gardens on cartons of eggs are pretty famous, and you can also bring them up on your balcony. This is one of the best out-of-waste ideas.

How to Make Herb Gardens on Cartons?

  • An empty egg carton
  • Empty eggshell halves 
  • Herb shoots with roots/seeds.
  • Soil 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Toothpicks (if preferred)
  • Tiny strips of paper 

Herb Gardens on Cartons

Things to Do 

  • Cut out the top portion of the carton 
  • Put empty eggshells in each slot 
  • Fill the shells with (of course) soil
  • Plant the seeds/shoots in the soil 
  • Pour some water 
  • Make labels for each herb
  • Now, stick the labels onto the toothpicks and fix them in their respective slots 
  • Take utmost pleasure in seeing the plants grow with the best out-of-waste ideas for kids

Life is all about learning new things every day. No matter how wretched an item has become. You can always pour new life into it with your creative mind. Utilise that to the fullest and take your kids’ school’s “best out of the waste project” to the next level!

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