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School Bully: Your Child’s Version of the Monster Under The Bed






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School can be a difficult time for children. They are learning how to interact with their peers in school and they’re also trying to fit into new social groups. One of the hardest parts about school is dealing with bullies, who typically target the most vulnerable kids in school. This blog post will:

  • What is school bullying? How does it look on the school playground and inside classrooms?
  • How to know if your child has been bullied or is being a bully.
  • Tips for parents about how they can help their child deal with school bullies at home, in school, online, and more.

What Is School Bullying? 

A bully is someone who makes fun of others. Bullying can be physical or just mean comments and actions that make another person feel uncomfortable or inferior. Your child may be a bully if they:

  • Call other kids mean names or make fun of them in front of their peers.
  • Pinch, push, hit, and otherwise harm someone on school property.
  • Ignore requests to stop bullying behavior.
  • Keep coming back after being told by the school staff not to do it again.

help deal with bullying

How to Know If Your Child Has Been Bullied or Is Being a Bully?

You always need to be aware of the school bully. Ask your child about school and if they have many stories to tell you about any bullying behavior that has been happening with them or their friends at school, take action.

As parents, you should be able to read your child’s behavior or his/her changing behavior for that matter.

What Does the School Bully Do?

The school bully has an agenda for what they want to do and that is to hurt someone else. They either just need attention or they are taking it out on other people because of their own problems in life. The school bully likes being in a position where others look up to them, but this is not an appropriate way to gather attention. They are using this tactic to cause others pain either physically or emotionally.

How Does School Bullying Affect the Victim?

The school bully is affecting everyone that they come in contact with, whether it’s their friends, family members, or even teachers on a daily basis. How does it affect them? They might have nightmares from not being able to sleep. It would also affect their studies and academics, as well as their overall social development.

How to Deal with a School Bully?

Every school has one. The school bully, the kid who picks on other kids and especially likes to pick on your child. As a parent, it can be frustrating when you try to help but nothing seems to work or is effective for long periods of time. Bullying is aggressive behavior in which someone repeatedly and intentionally inflicts discomfort or harms others. Some of the ways to deal with bullies are:

  • If it is an adult, do not put yourself in harm’s way by confronting him/her directly as it can be dangerous because cases have been witnessed where school bullies have been armed with knives.
  • Be a good listener and reassure your child about school bullying by accompanying him/her to school if possible or making sure that they are feeling safe at school because there is nothing like the fear of not knowing what will happen next when faced with school bullying.
  • It’s important for you to talk to the school authorities and staff about school bullying. It is important for a child to speak up. So teach them to defy wrongs.
  • Don’t ignore school bullies and don’t let them see that they have hurt your child because it will only encourage school bullying to continue.
  • If you are in a situation where the school bully has physically harmed someone (such as punching, kicking, throwing an object at), call the administration or the cops immediately and tell the school staff about the happenings in detail.
  • If the school bully has come into your home, you should talk with an attorney and contact law enforcement immediately.
  • You may also want to speak with a therapist about what can be done for school bullying in order to lessen the effects on your child.

If it is getting worse, talk to the bully’s parents personally. Bullying is often a reflection of what may be going on in their personal lives as well so this approach may help.


The bully may be the child’s version of the monster under the bed. They’re just trying to scare you, and will run away if you stand up for yourself. We can help your children face their fears head-on by providing a safe place where they can learn how to defend themselves against bullies. This is why it’s important that we teach our kids how to get rid of their fear of being bullied at an early age so that they don’t grow into adults who are afraid of going out into public spaces or doing anything outside what feels “safe.” Let us show them now before it’s too late. Our goal is not only for them to do well.

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