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This is How Skill Development Benefits Your Child!

This is How Skill Development Benefits Your Child!

What is Skill Development?

“My daughter secured first place in a singing competition, did your son win something too?” “Congratulations to her. Oh yes! My son is great at public speaking and won the inter-school debate!” Every child has a certain skill set. It is either inherent or acquired over time by learning something new. As and when your kids discover and practice a new activity, it becomes a part of their skill set. This is a continuous process that goes on with the pace of life and is referred to as skill development. 

language skills

Does this mean parents and kids have to be pressured to excel in some specific skills or to be better than others? Absolutely not! But it is always better if parents help their kids to find their interests and help them enhance their skill development. It is important that the skills these children develop are not just to fulfil a temporary cause, like to participate and win a competition, but to carry it forward throughout their lives!

Which Skills Can Your Child Develop?

Children are overloaded with interminable skills which are mostly left undiscovered by either themselves, their parents, guardians or teachers. Some skills are lost forever while some skill sets remain dormant.

The skills’ vocabulary has been expanded in recent years to include not just skills but also children’s talents and passions. Below mentioned are some of the skill development activities that your kids can take up easily!

  • good communication skills like public speaking and debates.
  • creative skills which include skills like dancing, singing and drawing skills.
  • skills that elevate the kid to a higher level of education like skills in mathematics, languages and even computer skills.
  • analytical skills which include counting skills, skills in sorting and problem-solving skills.
  • leadership skills that help them to manage other people or tasks effectively.
  • teamwork skills which are mostly found in children belonging to sports activities.
  • spiritual skills which help the child find a deeper meaning in life. Such skills include appreciation, etc.

9 Benefits of Learning a New Skill

  • Skill development enhances and stimulates the child’s mind and imagination, thereby increasing their creativity.
  • It increases the attentiveness of children as they learn a new skill thereby improving their memory skill to a great extent.
  • Skills also help children understand what they are learning in school since skill development is often an integrated part of the school curriculum.
  • Some skill sets demand physical activity which helps build strength and endurance in the child.
  • Regular skill development helps the child deal with life’s challenges as it allows them to have a positive attitude towards problems and solve problems creatively.
  • Learning new skills also increases confidence, self esteem, and determination in the child. So skill development at an early age does not only benefit them temporarily but also throughout their life in every field.
  • Skills are what make a person really unique and special. Everybody has their own unique skill set which can make them reach heights if explored correctly.
  • Take for example a child who is very good at things such as playing the piano and dancing, or skills like cooking which requires knowledge of how to use various ingredients to produce different types of foods. These skills give that child an edge over others. It makes them stand out from their peers.

Parent’s Role in Child’s Skill Development

There are boundless ways in which you can help your children to enhance their skills.

  • Parents can help their child nurture their skill development by encouraging them to play different sports and to participate in different physical activities.
  • They should also encourage social skills among kids as these skills will be used throughout a child’s life. By allowing your child to interact with other children, you are not only building skills but offering them new life experiences too!
  • If you have a music loving kid, encourage them to learn music beyond it being just a hobby. They will not only build skill development but also create a passion for this new activity they have acquired and succeed in life.
  • If you have a child who loves drawing, learning various forms of art can help them develop their creativity and also explore what their capacities and capabilities are.
  • You should also help your child understand that skills should be based on their interests, whatever field your child is in, skills can be applied anywhere you want them to be used in.
  • Developing skills as a child can help them have a better approach towards everything that comes their way in their lives than what they had before.


In today’s world skills are the need of every person. We see people working on a skills-based job more than menial jobs or simple working jobs. Skill development is very important now because they open up massive job opportunities for you later on in your life. It is important to nurture your child’s skills at an early age because the earlier you start, the more likely they are to have an edge over their peers. 

The advantages of having a strong skill development in school and life are clear-cut. In addition to being able to complete tasks with ease, children who excel in one or many areas will be better prepared for college admissions and future jobs. Parents can help by encouraging playtime as well as providing opportunities for their children through activities like music lessons that promote development of essential skills such as focus and discipline.

Happy learning!

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This is How Skill Development Benefits Your Child!

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