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Family Sports Activities to Enjoy This Summer!

Family Sports Activities to Enjoy This Summer!

Sports Activities – Need of the Hour

Staying locked up in a house with only family members taught us a thing or two. It taught us how important it is to spend time with the family. Even more so, it taught us the importance of building a healthy family – one that can fight any obstacle together. To remain fit and healthy we need to indulge in some sort of sports activities. What better way to do it than doing it together, as a family?

Eat-Sleep-Repeat, this has been our mantra for over a year now but it’s time to squeeze in some kind of a physical activity in our daily routines. And no, walking from your bed to the refrigerator does not count as a physical activity! 

Till now you must have looked for a list of sports for kids. Here we present you a list of sport activities which you can perform with your entire family and break a sweat together!

5 Family Sports Activities to Stay Fit

Obstacle Chores

Yes, you read that right. You must have thought “isn’t it called an obstacle course?” Yes it is called an obstacle course but keeping in mind that even now all the household chores are being done by us, we took this activity for a spin and created obstacle chores for your family! 

Divide different sections of the house among your family members. Figure out an average time to finish the particular chore given to everyone. Think of a reward at the end of exercise. And then? Turn on some music to get the blood and the family pumping! This not only makes everyone have fun but also makes your body (and house) fit and healthy.

Dribble the Ball

Take a basketball or any other hard ball and try dribbling it with your dominant and submissive hand, or maybe both at the same time! Take turns to dribble the ball and see who does it more in 30 or 60 seconds. Of course, like any other sports activities, this too will have some kind of prize ready for the winner!

Cycling with the Fam

Most areas now have a dedicated cycling lane and this could be the best time to utilize it. With not many people on the roads, you can go family cycling together! Cycling is one of the best outdoor sports activities to burn out the extra calories gained by eating yummilicious home-made food. For kids, it enhances their endurance, strength and muscle mass. If you don’t have individual cycles, you can take turns cycling. It could also be a great time to teach your kids to cycle for the first time!

Stay Fit With These Family Sports Activities

Skip Rope, Not Meals

Skipping rope can be one of the best indoor sports games to get into as a family. 30 minutes of skipping every day is all you need to maintain your health. Want to make it more interesting? Set a goal every day and strive to hit the number, increasing it bit by bit every day as you progress! Now you don’t need to skip meals or diet to stay in shape, all you need is a rope to skip!

A Walk to Remember

Go on a family walk every morning or evening with full-on prep—from clothes to shoes! Set a time every day that suits everyone in the family and follow it religiously. You will be surprised to see how many memories you will be able to create while trying to maintain your health. These walks will be something that each one of you will look forward to!

Make these Sports Activities Your Routine!

You don’t need to get a fitness app or hire an instructor to keep everyone in the family healthy and fit. You need to join hands and work out together to stay happy and healthy. If your kids can manage to stay in one place for a dedicated period of time, then yoga is also a wonderful option to explore as a family. If you all manage to stay in your monthly routine, you can even organize a monthly sports day at home to amp up your fitness game!

Teaching kids the importance of physical education and fitness does not necessarily require outdoor sports activities to be conducted. It can be done indoors with a lot of fun and excitement! Try these sports activities at home starting today and you will surely observe it fitting in your daily routine. 

Stay healthy, as a family!

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