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The Top 10 Summer Sports for Kids

The Top 10 Summer Sports for Kids

In this blog, we will explore the top summer sports for kids. Do you know why summer and sports go hand in hand? Summer sports are an incredible way to have fun and play outside in the sunshine. It is also an exciting way to practice the sports they like and an excellent way to make new companions. Similar to peanut butter and jelly, when summer comes around, children love playing outdoors. Try an Internet search and a plethora of results will display the top summer sports name!

The following are the top 10 summer sports for kids:


This game can be played in singles or doubles, but you have to play with another person.

  • Sportsmen across the world prefer tennis for maintaining strength and agility.
  • Another benefit of this game is that it makes your children stronger and smarter. 
  • As the cherry on top, the game brings an outstanding opportunity for your child to make friends. 
  • A solo sport which also helps to develop social skills.


Football fever has made me curious about the advantages of playing a beautiful game.

  • This sport teaches your child how to communicate effectively.
  • This game helps improve muscle strength and tone. 
  • Thanks to all the hype, children generally like to play football.


Every street in India echoes the sound of a ball hitting a bat and the child’s footsteps trying to catch it. In front of television sets, we all cheer for our favorite sports player Dhoni during IPLs without fail. Let’s understand how this sport is beneficial for your child:

  • This game aids develop endurance, stamina as well as physical coordination.
  • Cricket helps in developing social as well as team skills.


Most popular disc sport that does not require another person to play, and your child can even play it with your pet dog. 

  • Simplest game to play but has many physical advantages. 
  • Disc sport gives your kid a whole cardio workout.
  • Summertime activity helps to increase your child’s stamina. 
  • Amazing sport for summer vacation for your child who wants to build up stamina.


  • This sport helps your child develop a better muscular system.
  • It enhances your child’s energy level.

Volleyball is a non-invasive team game of a net type that became famous very quickly and made its Olympic debut in 1964. Do you know this game will help in boosting your child’s growth?


Is your child craving a new challenge? Have you heard about triathlon? In layman’s terms, a triathlon is a single race, comprising swimming, biking, and running – almost always done in that order.

  • Helps to improve the physical fitness of your child.
  • This thrilling multi-sport helps to develop multi-disciplinary skills.


Do you want to connect your child with nature then there is no better alternative than hiking!

  • It is a great outdoor activity for kids, but it is usually not very accessible if you live in the city. 
  • Recreational activity aids muscular fitness and gives your child a whole-body workout, especially your legs. 
  • It also aids build your cardiovascular system and the overall development of your child’s body lubricates your joints. 
  • This activity can also be a good stress reliever as the outdoors can be very refreshing.


What exactly is lacrosse? Well, it’s a team sport played with a lacrosse stick and a ball. 

  • The majority of sports need intense hand-eye coordination, and lacrosse is no exception.
  • Apart from it, Lacrosse improves strategic thinking and instills discipline.


Rugby uses an unusual, elongated ball designed for easier carrying and grabbing.

  • This game aids build resilience.
  • Players learn the significance of goal setting.


Squash is a racquet sport played by two or four players. 

  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • The healthiest sport that sharpens your child’s mental abilities.
  • Squash clubs provide a friendly environment for your child.

Don’t let your child miss out on an ultimate summer sport – Squash!



In a nutshell, there are plenty of sports for summer vacation that children can enjoy. This list consists of just the well-known top 10 summer sports for kids, providing the best growth and development opportunities. Summertime is a fantastic time for your child to rejoice in the outdoors instead of staying inside and playing virtual games.

We at Orchids The International School organize summer sports camps to keep our students active and engaged!

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