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Top 36 Classic Children’s Books For Your Smarter Kids

Top 36 Classic Children’s Books For Your Smarter Kids

Reading is a great habit that needs to be inculcated within your kid at an early age. Most books have simple yet crucial lessons. Storybooks feed on curiosity, spark imagination, and give your child knowledge of the world they are living in. Opening a world of best books for kids also means a positive engagement for the little ones.

If you want your kid to read but are confused about what to offer them, here we have sorted out the best classic children’s books of all time. This is a list of classic children’s books by ages.

Classic children’s books by ages 1-5

  • Cooking with The Cat– The book from Cat in The Hat series is loaded with illustrations and rhyming texts. It also has a recipe in the end. It sparks your child’s imagination and improves his/her pronunciation.
  • Fish with a Wish by PM McCormick– Nothing could be more relevant. A little fish helps animals in the sea who are facing the consequences of plastic. This is the best children’s book of all time.
  • My Manners Matter by Pat Thomas– The book teaches your kids the basic manners and how to be polite and good to everyone.
  • One by Kathryn Otoshi– What about a book without characters! The book teaches your kid to stand against bullying and peer pressure with the help of colored circles.
  • Clifford and The Grouchy Neighbours– Clifford series is a classic children’s book for ages below 10. In this book, the dog is hated by his neighbors initially. He gradually goes on to become a favorite because of its helping attitude.
  • Oh, The Places You Will Go– Dr. Seuss storybooks for kids are known for their funny and quirky stories with maddening illustrations.

Classic children’s books by ages between 5-9

  • Some Parts are Not for Sharing– The beautifully illustrated book deals with good touch and bad touch through illustrations and simple text.
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain– It is counted among one of the best children’s books of all time. The blended tone of humor and seriousness narrates Finn’s adventures as he encounters slavery, friendship, and religion.
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tale– Frequently listed in the category of classic children’s books by age between 5-9, the book teaches your little one—”Don’t bite the suspicious apple, don’t eat the candy trail and don’t trust your evil step-mother.
  • The Wizard of Oz– Storybooks like this have been long enthralling children of lower age.
  • The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak– The tale narrated by death is among the best books for kids to aware of the ravages of War by Nazi forces.
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid– The series by Jeff Kinney has fifteen books that tell the story of a weakling kid Greg Heffley.
  • The World’s Worst Teachers– The name of the book is interesting enough for kids. David William’s book is in the category of storybooks. It contains the story of the ten worst teachers in the world.
  • The Happy Prince– Make your little kid appreciate the value of loyalty, compassion, and friendship with this book.
  • Yes, No and Maybe by Tom Hates– The author is often stuck in situations when he has to make affirmative, negative, or ambiguous decisions. It is among the best books for kids as they learn to make prompt decisions.
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr– A tiger comes to a kid’s house for tea and eats everything, still demanding more. Read the book to find out what happens next.
  • The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck– Written by Beatrix Potter, it is one of the best rivalry storybooks. The duck tries to outwit the fox on a hilltop at Lake district.
  • The Hundred and One Dalmatians– Pongo, a dog, has human pets. Everything remains in order until he finds his puppies missing.
  • The Christmas Carol– This book by Dickens is one of the classic children’s books for all ages. The time travel is set in Turkey and shows a brighter side of it.
  • Selfish Giant– It is a book with a simple lesson. It teaches the child about the rewards of sharing.

Classic children’s books by ages 9-14

  • The Room on The Roof– India’s most celebrated children’s book writer, Ruskin Bond, wrote this book at the age of 17. The playful emotions of a teenager Rusty is beautifully depicted in the book.
  • My Experiments with Truth– Young readers will ignore this Gandhi’s autobiographical account only at the risk of being deprived of a vital perspective.
  • Robinson Crusoe– Daniel Defoe’s 1719 book is considered the first English novel by many. It is a classic children’s book for ages between 9-14. The tale revolving around pirates, cannibals, and mutinies is still a favorite stuff.
  • Sherlock Holmes– Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless masterpiece is recreated into numerous movies and series with an ever-increasing fanfare. It never fails to make into the list of best books for kids.
  • A Flight of Pigeons by Ruskin Bond– The book captures the plight of a displaced British family during the 1857 revolution.
  • Samay Ka Khatola– Gulzar’s book is a beautiful poetic journey for kids. The nicely crafted book will enrich your child’s pronunciation of the Hindi-Urdu combine.
  • Goodnight Stories of Rebel Girls– Brave and courageous girls are set to change the world. It is one of the best books for kids, especially girls.
  • Elmer- David McKee’s Elmer is one of the best books for children that makes them realize that it is okay to be different, very much like its main character, the multi-colored elephant.
  • Northern Lights– This is the first book of Phillip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy—His Dark Materials. It is one of the classic children’s books for ages between 9-14.
  • Sone Ka Kila– Veteran filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s detective book is a real delight for kids. Ray is known for the brilliant portrayal of children in his classic movies.
  • The Hobbit– Considered one of the finest among fantasy storybooks, The Hobbit has been a real entertainment since 1937.
  • Five Children and It– Nesbitt’s books teach you to be careful what you wish for! Five children meet a fairy, and all their wishes go against them.
  • The Magic of the Lost Temple by Sudha Murty– A city girl lands in a Karnataka village and is having a great time with new things. Things take a tragic turn when she finds a stepwell in the village.
  • The Anaishola Chronicles– Leela Gour Broome wrote this book at the age of 15. Anahola is a tree plantation in South India with haunting history and evil spirits. Read the book to know how two.
  • Teenagers Myna and Zehan deal with it.
  • Millions– Beautifully written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and illustrated by Steven Lenton. Money amounting to £229 370 falls from the sky, and two brothers are required to spend it in 17 days, after which Euro will be the national currency.
  • Matilda– No list of kid’s storybooks is complete without Roald Dahl. Matilda, a modern fairy tale, is among the best classic children’s storybooks by age 9-14.

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