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Which Board Is Best for Pursuing Commerce Subject?

Which Board Is Best for Pursuing Commerce Subject?

The class 11 students who opt for commerce stream subjects should know that they have chosen such a field where at every single turn, they have to pass through a cut-throat competition to prove themselves. The scopes of Commerce exhibit all-around individual endeavours.

We will discuss the board best suited for the students who want to study commerce. The Commerce students firstly have to choose their Commerce stream subjects in class 11. The selection of Commerce stream subjects should be based on the interest of what you like to have and what suits you the most.

The second factor which may come in the way during the selection of Commerce stream subjects is what your school or institution is offering. However, this problem or situation comes before CBSE and state board students, not with ICSE board students. The ICSE generally offers a broader area of Choice based selection of Commerce subjects. While the selection of class 11 any Commerce subject in CBSE is not more complex, you have to choose only one subject which would be optional. The essential compulsory Commerce stream subjects in CBSE are:-

 1)Business studies




The Optional Commerce Subject Might Be Perplexing

teacher explaining a commerce subject

These four Commerce stream subjects in class 11 are mandatory ones for the CBSE commerce stream students. Now they have to choose one option. And as we discussed, it should be based on interest and more or less on which Commerce subject will enhance your knowledge, personality, and overall skills. The scope for Commerce is very broad. The student should choose Commerce stream subjects like legal studies as optional via which they may flip towards the law in the future.

The students may also choose Politics as optional if they want to pursue civil services and are more attracted to policy making. They can choose mathematics; they can choose other subjects that their school offers. While opting optional during class 11, the students must keep in mind the parallel plan for their studies’ undergraduate level. Always consider that, of course, the main Commerce stream  subjects are the building block, but the optional commerce subject generally makes the difference. It is an optional subject, which will derive from choosing the stream and way for bachelor’s degree education.

The structural Pattern of ICSE for Commerce stream

a child who wants to study commerce subject

However, the commerce subject selection in ICSE is somehow different from that of the CBSE pattern. ICSE, which is generally considered as the more complex board than CBSE, offers six subjects for Commerce stream students. In ICSE, there are two English subjects, one of literature and another of Language. Nothing more changes in main subjects or we can say compulsory Commerce stream subjects like Business Studies, Accounts and Economics remain the same. There is some sort of advantage in ICSE for Commerce stream students as it offers six optional subjects out of which you can choose one for your interest.

 These optional subjects which ICSE offer:-

 1)Business studies

 2)Computer studies

 3)Legal studies



If we move towards state boards for the Commerce stream, the selection of Commerce stream subjects is not an issue. Most of the state boards follow the CEC pattern for the commerce stream students. CEC means Commerce Economics and Civics. But, if we look over the proficiency and the success rate of state board commerce stream students, we found some sort of slackness. The state boards, if we generalize, do not give so much out-of-the-box thinking and zeal to students to develop their endeavours. There is nothing wrong with saying that mostly not all but most of the state board’s facilities, faculties, and the pattern they have set, is not making the students a highly capable Commerce professional. The Commerce students of state boards do not have a much broader knowledge of scopes and variations, which also comes from the Commerce subjects’ deep knowledge.

A Key Factor for Choosing Commerce Subject- The Presentation Skill

commerce class in school

Other than that, it is generally seen during interviews and many more personality development tests, the confidence level and the presentation skill are somehow lower in-state boards. It is better in CBSE stream students and the best in ICSE. This is not because the state boards students have lower IQ levels, not at all. Just because the commerce syllabus, the pattern, the command over Language, and the art of presentation tactics are well discussed and formalized in ICSE and CBSE boards as compared to the state boards, again, let be assured that this is not the derived conclusion but a general view.

ICSE Gives Out of The Box approach

The commerce subject in class 11 is all about professionalism. Whether it is the field of learning business studies, economics, or accounting, all that leads to making a professional who can handle all the economic stress and strain, despite all difficulties, a commerce professional should have mastery in crisis management of institution, organization, and firm. The out-of-the-box thinking ability is one of the criteria that Commerce professionals (as a company secretary, financial advisor, and many more roles) should have. These qualities mainly depend upon the Commerce stream subjects opted by the student. Rationally, the state boards and, to an extent, CBSE board students lack those abilities.

Moving back to the commerce syllabus for class 11, the ICSE gives a detailed and compact course study than that of the CBSE and state board. The extracurricular activities and the exhaustive syllabus of Commerce make the ICSE point to CBSE and state boards. The state boards and CBSE course of study do not make students clever enough to do justice with what they are aspiring to do. A good all-around quality a commerce student needs is not fulfilled by the state board set of structures for that stream.

Comparative study between CBSE and ICSE for Commerce

a class in progress

Apart from that, the state board students are village-based, and they do not get the ecosystem around them, which could develop them enough. It is generally seen that they get woven around the coursebook and just get that kind of knowledge, which would not help them in the long run.

 If we compare the ICSE and CBSE, that would be the best-suited board for Commerce students.

 The first point here is that ICSE course books provide detailed information that helps Commerce students clear their concepts with ease.

 The second point is that, If a student is looking forward to pursuing an undergraduate degree in Commerce stream, the detailed and concept clearing information will be the base for him in UG.

Third Point:- The level of Language, generally English in India, makes the difference. The command over English and the literature in ICSE courses are generally complex. Many times, you may have seen that English plays the driving role. Like, If a Commerce professional has excellent presentation skills, good communicator, has command over Language and mastery in his field, nothing and nobody can block his way. He will make points over others in a cut-throat competition.

Higher Standard of English develop the confidence level

students learning commerce subject

The higher standard of English, which ICSE offers as the main Commerce subject in Class 11, builds better language skills. And that makes them more successful as compared to other board students. However, after completion of Class 12, the ICSE and CBSE have the same weightage while the state Board lacks here. The kind of respect or we can say the kind of response for further studies is minimally low for the state board Commerce students. 

Now, As we are familiar with the scope of Commerce streams, there are plenty of opportunities. In the recent economic world, money is something that plays a crucial role in everything, whether it is to sell or purchase, whether it is to run a business or a firm, or whether it is running the government. Business acumen is the need of the Commerce Professional. A Commerce professional needs to be proficient in the use of information and technology. He should be a good communicator so that he can confidently and effectively put forward the presentation and his work for the betterment of his patronage organization.

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