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20 Creative Activities For Kids in Lockdown




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With the pandemic and the Lockdown severely impacting our daily routine, we understand that many families out there would be apprehensive of outdoor activities where crowds are involved. We hear you and have got you covered with an article to give you creative ideas for kids and to ensure you make the best out of the current situation.

20 Creative Activities For Kids To Perform With Parents in Lockdown

Here are a few fun, creative ideas for kids that you and your kid can undertake during this unprecedented Lockdown.

Try Playing Vintage Board Games – one of the most engaging activities in Lockdown

Be it Uno, Ludo, Scramble, or a game of Monopoly, playing board games offers several benefits. Board games play a significant role in bringing people together, thus building up relationships and helping kids bond with their peers. 

Creative ideas for kids like board games also stimulate the brain, thus playing a significant role in improving complex decision making and memory amongst kids. Indoor games for kids such as chess also foster logic, concentration, and patience.

Work On Easy Crafts For Kids

Working on crafts offers several advantages to kids and adults alike, be it enhancing fine motor skills, identifying shapes for kids, or improving the creativity that goes behind such exercises.

There are several creative ideas for kids that you and your family could try out. Here are some excellent links to start:

  1. Crafts for Kids
  2. Pinterest Guide to Crafts and Activities for Kids
  3. 50+ Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Help Your Kids Pick Up A Hobby- Isn’t that one of the most useful activities in lockdown?

Be it singing, dancing, music, or sports, it is important that you teach hobbies to your children. Hobbies play a crucial role in shaping the personality of your child. Hobbies teach many good qualities such as independence, cooperation, and competition and help build self-confidence in your kid.

Try Playing Indoor Games

There are myriad indoor games for kids that can be played in the comfort of your home. Games such as dumb charades, musical chairs, lava, and stone/paper/scissors also help build rapport with your kids and keep them entertained. Indoor games aimed at kids, such as table tennis, also help enhance hand-eye coordination, keep them fit in the absence of outdoor exercise, and encourage problem-solving in real-life situations.

Explore Nature Together

Nature acts as a great creative ideas for kids as well as a teacher. There are many activities that can be undertaken in nature. Be it afforestation via plant saplings or trying out nature art by collecting raw materials, nature provides a wide range of options to explore with your kid.

Bring Out Your Inner Creativity By Making a Treasure Out Of Disposable Boxes

With everyday items such as cardboard boxes, several artefacts could be made with the use of creative ideas for kids. A couple of items that could be made using disposable boxes are:

  1. Mini-cars
  2. Ovens
  3. Aquarium

Play Outdoor Games In Your Garden

Be it flying a kite or playing a game of badminton, outdoor activities just outside your home can ensure that you and your kids stay fit despite the lockdown.

Papercraft Ideas For Kids Under 5

Such creative ideas for kids play a major role in ensuring that your kid adopts out-of-box thinking. Practising crafts also provides short term and long term cognitive benefits to the kids involved in the exercise by ensuring that there is abundant cooperation between left and right hemispheres.

With winter approaching, here are a few papercraft ideas for kids under five that are worthwhile exploring:

  1. Winter Crafts and Learning for Kids
  2. 20 Art Ideas during Winter

Practice Puzzles And Sudoku

Practising puzzles goes a long way in ensuring that your kid thinks critically and exercises his/her brain to keep it sharp. Instead of buying costly puzzles off the internet, start with the ones that come in newspapers such as “The Hindu.”

Sudoku also helps improve your kid’s concentration, reduces stress, and helps him/her be focused over long periods.

Ask Them To Experiment With Legos

When it comes to creative ideas for kids, nothing tops Legos. Legos brings out many ideas amongst kids, who can model the logos to create a well-defined structure. Encourage your child to make different complex objects by watching tutorials, this Lockdown!

Go Grocery Shopping With Your Kids

Yes, you read it right. Be it planning a grocery shopping list or helping him/her learn about nutrition, involving your kid in grocery shopping is a good way to teach responsibility to young children and help the kid understand planning.

Encourage Him/Her To Write A Diary

Another one of great creative ideas for kids is journaling. Writing a diary goes a long way in ensuring that kids improve writing, stay organized, and make them self-reflect on their deeds at the end of the day. A diary also ensures your kid plans and develops the ability to create long-term plans.

Practise Fun Origami Tricks With Your Kids

Origami is one of the ancient creative ideas for kids that involves the art of turning paper into a useful decoration. There are myriad benefits that origami provides:

  1. It enhances eye-hand coordination.
  2. It improves your kid’s spatial skills.
  3. Origami helps develop fine motor skills.

Visit The Zoo

While maintaining social distance, a zoo can be a very good place to relax and can let your child understand the nature that exists around them.

Cook Lunch/Dinner With Your Kids

Teaching your kid the basics of cooking can go a long way in ensuring that your child learns this vital life skill.

Spend Time With Your Kid In The Garden

Activities like watering the plants and removing the weeds play a key role in helping your child embrace nature and make their day.

Teach Them A Musical Instrument

Be it a guitar or a violin, learning an instrument can be a really good use of your kid’s time during the Lockdown and help them explore their interests.

Visit An Auditorium/Museum With Them

History ought to be cherished. By taking him/her to unexplored spots near your city, you can help the kids learn to embrace history and keep them entertained in the process.

Visit The Beach

If you live near a beach, visiting it along with children while taking adequate social-distancing precautions is a good way to keep your kids engaged.

Play Indoor Cricket

If you are having very young kids, it might also be a good idea to engage in indoor cricket using a plastic ball. Besides being a very entertaining sport, it also ensures that your kid doesn’t venture out and mingles with the crowd during a pandemic. Lockdown offers immense opportunities for kids and adults to get to know each other and helps them bond since a significant number of adults are working from home too. As mentioned in the article, be it easy crafts for kids, indoor games for kids such as board games, or outdoor activities such as gardening, there is no shortage of options for children to explore the environment around them and learn in the process.

We hope you cherish this time with your kids!

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