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Know More About Indian Art And Culture

Know More About Indian Art And Culture

From a simple Namaste to famous Madhubani paintings to graceful dance moves of Bharatanatyam, Indian culture and traditions are things of pride for us and make a mark internationally. It is our identity and distinctiveness that makes us different from others, and we should be proud of our rich heritage. India is blessed with a diversity of art and culture; this is our nation’s vividness and greatness.

However, in the blind race of modernization, knowledge about Indian culture is getting neglected. One of the main reasons behind it is that our young generation is not aware of Indian history and traditions. In every era, the younger generation holds the responsibility to forward the cultural and traditional values to the future years. But how they would be able to do so if they are not made aware of our cultural accomplishments. Kids should know about types of Indian art and dance forms, which exist in different parts of our country.

A person cannot appreciate the culture or feel proud of it in a few years; the information about it must be given to them from a younger age when their mind is much open to newer things and facts. So, that they grow with it, absorb it in their habits, then only they will be able to understand the beauty of it, and only then they could appreciate the positivity of Indian art and culture. When children learn about their culture and traditions, it instills a sense of pride and confidence in them. It helps them connect to other people, and also they may find their future career and profession in diverse music, dance, and paint types of our country.

All Your Kids Need To Know About Indian Art And Culture

It’s impossible to teach kids about our glorious history of art and culture through one institution only; it takes collective efforts, from school to home. Every elder holds the responsibility to share the information. While schools teach the fact to kids through theories and sessions, parents at home can motivate their child to assimilate the cultural practices in daily routine. Amusing Indian culture facts could be better explained by the guardians, as they hold access to soft corners of their mind. Here we will discuss some ways to help the parents inform kids about Indian traditions and culture.

  1. Include the stories about Indian art and culture in daily storytime
Different Indian religion

Every kid likes to hear stories, try to include the tales about Indian culture also. It will help the kids to understand the Indian values and traditions, and the characters and morals of every story will bring them closer to their roots. Panchatantra is a nice collection of righteous stories with fantastic moral conclusions, enhancing their character and belief for the better.

  1. Celebrate Indian festivals at home with full vigor

Celebrating Indian festivals is a very nice way to inform kids about Indian culture. Traditional festivals are deeply connected to our cultural roots and can teach a lot of things to them. Celebrating traditional festivals gives kids a great idea about the grandeur and vibrancy of our art and culture. Also, by participating in Indian festivals, the bond between a family and society strengthens more because of shared moral values and perceptions.

Indian art and culture
  1. Introduce them to different parts of our nation

Visits to distant parts of the country open up their acceptance level and also quenches their thirst to know more about Indian culture. Meeting different people increases knowledge, and they get to know more deeply about the traditions, as seeing the different cultures through their own eyes is an enriching experience. They get familiar with different cuisines and types of Indian art; they get to understand why people in different areas are unique.

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  1. Persuade them to visit or participate in cultural programs

Cultural programs are a great platform to showcase our nation’s traditional diversity, as with increasing movement and rehabilitation of people across the country, different communities live together in an area. Every society has got its schedule of festivals, where they showcase their cultural values and traditions. Attending these cultural programs introduces kids to different types of Indian art, music, and dance styles. These programs also hold multiple competitions and performances, which bring the traditions and values of other areas to their society.

  1. Include Indian characters and methods in routine games for kids

It is an awe-inspiring technique to make the kids familiar with Indian culture. As kids love fun, and if something that needs to be taught to them is included in their game routine, it will not feel like an extra burden to them. Because some kids may be less interested in learning about Indian culture through direct lessons, but if we include Indian values and characters in their games, they will not feel offended. Gradually, they will get accustomed to Indian values.

  1. Convince kids to opt for different types of Indian dance, and music as a hobby

When a kid selects a hobby for himself, he gets attached to it through his emotions. Like when they are looking for a dance form to train in, parents should recommend traditional dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, etc

Indian dance, and music

As they will learn, they will get to know more about its history, will learn more facts about it, which are an integral part of our Indian culture. Indian music forms like classical, Ghazal, Qawwali, etc. have their charm, and adopting them as a hobby makes them more familiar with them. The music world is extended to the playing of different types of musical instruments; Tabla, Flute, Harmonium, etc. are excellent options instead of western instruments. They will offer them more facts about Indian culture.

  1. Make them visit local exhibitions

Many artisans and talent from different parts of our country gather at the exhibition to showcase their region’s art and culture. It offers kids a valuable opportunity to feel and experience the different art forms from far regions of our country.

It is not possible to travel every nook and corner of our country. But in exhibitions, they can look at different painting types like Madhubani, Kalamkari, Warli, etc. which are a famous talent in their region but have not reached our area. In these exhibits, these moving talent groups showcase their area’s art and culture across the country through painting, handicraft, dancing, music, etc.

  1. Prefer Indian items for your daily use

Our culture is vibrant not only in terms of music, dance, painting types, etc. but also in a variety of items for daily and occasional use like handicrafts, clothes, medicinal herbs, toys, etc. It’s a known thing that our market is loaded with foreign items and technology, which is equipped to catch the attention of blooming buds. If we include the usage of Indian products in our regular lives, like toys for kids, this will increase their curiosity and respect for Indian art and culture.

These are some ways you can use to inculcate the feeling of proud Indian among the kids; using these tips into our regular lives will not make them feel our great traditional values and unwanted burden; in fact, they will feel happy and proud to know more about Indian culture.

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