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Try these innovative project ideas for class 6 students

Try these innovative project ideas for class 6 students

Many elite schools nowadays are putting their every nerve to indulge in creative school projects. Some of them could be illustrated on the school ground, such as involving a kid to play with the wooden planks with stuffed toys on it. As depicted in the above image, it could be a simple school project idea for kids to understand force and motion, quite a fun way to understand the topics. With the help of some innovative project ideas for school students, schools can explain complex theories and examples in a much exciting way.

School projects are a fantastic method for students to understand the basics of their subjects deeply. The knowledge given at the educational institutions grows multi-fold when kids learn it through creative and exciting school project ideas. Because of how much a school tries, theory becomes monotonous for the kids at some moment; this is the time when the institutions can spice up studies with innovative project ideas for school students related to the course. It not only draws their attention towards studies but also clarifies the doubts creeping up in the theories. Also, there is a known fact that kids can understand a concept better if they can feel it in real life.

A study report by Johannes Strobel & Angela van Barneveld in 2009 says that school project ideas can increase retention of content and improve student attitudes towards learning. A study using the meta-synthesis approach for comparison of project-based learning to conventional learning systems gave the conclusion that PBL is efficient for long-term knowledge holding. It develops skills, satisfies students and teachers as it removes doubts and queries in a better way, while traditional learning methods were more effective for short term duration. As it has been productive for over 40 years in different manners, we can clearly understand that innovative project ideas for school students positively affect their learning behavior.

Tremendous beneficial effects of practical learning on students makes it advisable to bring the students into a project-based learning system from a younger age. You can find here some school project ideas for kids that are easy to perform and provide much higher knowledge content to students.

  1. Buzz wire game

In our childhood, we all must have played this challenging game in the science centers, museums, and we know how exciting and testing amusement it is. Now it has become a significant inclusion of innovative project ideas for school students. Some feasible items like an AAA battery pack with a switch, a DC buzzer, 2 ft long 16 gauge copper wire, 14-inch alligator clip, Cardboard/plastic boxes for batteries, electrical tape, and a glue gun.

Steps to build: 

  • Prepare your box for the batteries with the help of a glue gun. Make a hole at the top of the box lid enough for the copper wire to pass through.
  • Detach your alligator clip, make a small wand in it with the help of copper fire, and pass it through another hole at the side of the box, and connect the other end to the red wire in the buzzer. 
  • Now take the copper wire, make some twists and turns in it as you like, and twist both ends of the copper wire into one, and attach it to the red wire of the battery.  
  • Now, attach the black wire of the buzzer with the black wire of the battery. Make sure to mask all the open wire connections with electrical tape.
  • Put the battery, buzzer, switch inside the box. Turn on the switch, and you are good to go.

Your kid can create this exciting game by themselves, and not only can play with it but also can benefit from the science involved in it. It is one of the easiest but terrific school project ideas for kids.

2. Solar cooker

It’s one of the most uncomplicated school project ideas that could be managed with the help of effortlessly available items. Items needed for the preparation of it can be found at home easily.

Items needed:

  • Pizza Box
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pencil and plain surface
  • Clear sheet protectors
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors and craft knife
  • Tape and glue
science project- making of solar cooker

       How to prepare:

  • Stick or ruler
  • Draw 2 small square on the right, left, and front on the top of the pizza box with the help of a pencil. Cut the drawing with the help of the craft knife. Now, your upward-opening flap for the oven is ready.
  • Paste the flap inside with aluminum foil with a glue gun and keep the shiny side outwards.
  • Glue the black paper on the inside bottom of the box and tape the clear sheet protectors to the box’s lid for covering the opening creating by cutting.
  • Keep open the lid with the help of a stick; put the box in direct sunlight for 30 minutes with some marshmallows and chocolates. 

And within some time, you can enjoy some nicely cooked chocolaty marshmallows; this is one of the most innovative school project ideas for kids that will enhance their knowledge and savor their taste buds.  

3. Float a ping pong ball

Students learn the science of air in school; air pressure, airspeed, its force to blow away objects is a thing of surprise for them. Out of many, this is one of the most undemanding school project ideas for understanding the power of the air. It requires only a 1-liter plastic bottle, a craft knife, a plastic straw, a ping pong ball, and paper tape.

Step1: Fix the tape straightly just below the spot where the curve from the topside of the bottle gets straightened. Cut the bottle with the help of a craft knife, following the upper outline of tape.

Step2: Place the cap of the bottle on a flat bench, and make a hole in it of straw’s width with the help of a nail & hammer.

Step3: Fit in the straw tightly into the hole; if it feels small, widen it with the help of a fingernail or the knife.

Step4: Now insert the short end of the straw into the hole and tighten the cap into the bottle.

Step 5: Place a ping pong ball into the bottle, and blow air from the other end of the straw. And here it is, your ball. It is floating in the air when you blow air with the right force.

Innovative project ideas for school students, like this one, will allow them to get familiar with the air pressure, and also they will have a lot of fun doing it.

Apart from these school project ideas, there are some more, like motorized tiny dancers, the apple pendulum, potato battery, craft stick bridge, baking soda & vinegar powered boat, homemade lightning, etc. They are pretty easy to create but are fun, and not to forget, these innovative project ideas for school students enrich them with a real feel of theoretical knowledge. They will help them understand the different parts of their syllabus much easily, and the facts learned through them stay in the mind of kids for a long time.

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