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Know the Benefits of Developing Reading Skills for Children at an Early Age






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Reading has been a favorite hobby for most of us until this generation. Many of us would often hear from our guardians how they love and miss the smell of a new book now and then. Sadly, ‘books’ have lost a lot of new and old subscribers lately. With the advent of the digital in almost every aspect of our lives and thanks to the much rushed and gushing lifestyle, we, too, as advocates for the newer generation, have succumbed to the pleasures of having one marshmallow now, over the immensity of developing self-control to delay gratification. But have you ever noticed, today’s most popular games are wholly immersive with vast digital landscapes unfolded in eye-popping detail and nuanced characters evolving from one point to the next?

These games are deliberately designed, with the help of a psychologist, to make kids keep playing. They are available on every platform, be it gaming consoles, computers, or smartphones. Today’s kids are more tethered to this technology than the older generation and have been playing more sophisticated games at younger ages than their parents ever did. But that is never enough for his academic growth. So to increase his retention and comprehension academically, you need to put your kids into the practice of reading books at an early age to truly gain the benefits of reading.

Inculcating love for reading books in children can indeed be an unbeatable task for anyone, but with the use of proper methods, you can quickly turn your reluctant child into a little bookworm. Raising this habit in them is vital for their future, not just in academics, but also in improving vocabulary, knowledge, speech, and confidence so that your child can improve his/her personality to a greater extent. Not just that. With this comes several other reasons. The benefits of reading are endless.

If you are all set to shape up your child’s future, then you are most welcome to this page. From “benefits of reading” to “how to inculcate reading skills for children,” this post has all the answers. Check this out!

Benefits of Developing Reading Skills for Children Since Childhood

Improves Communication

Books are the best way to get acquainted with extra-ordinary words in the English language. Inculcating reading habits at an early childhood will not only help your child learn new words and demonstrate several ways to use them in their daily expression but will also develop the benefits of reading. This, in turn, will ultimately improve their knowledge in grammar, depth of understanding, and overall communication skills.

Better Ability to Comprehend

Kids who develop the habit of reading at early childhood are good at comprehending situations and develop a better sense of understanding than those who do not read. They are able to understand serious situations and analyze the cause and effect of a scenario maturely. To develop reading skills for children early, help them try reading aloud, and take baby steps towards improvement. Please don’t be too harsh on them; instead, show them how reading is fun and how the benefits of reading are going to be fruitful.

Take the Stress Out of Learning 

Does your child have a tough time keeping a piece of information in mind while doing something else? No worries! You can help your child improve his working memory by building simple strategies in daily life. How? Well, the benefit of reading is: take the stress out of learning. According to psychologists, due to stress, kid’s brain intake systems stop sending information into the reactive brain and prevents information flow to the conscious brain where long-term memory is constructed. This means that creating high-pressure study situations will harm your kid’s memory. Just establish enjoyable reads before study time to de-stress the study experience and open up the brain networks that lead to memory storage.

Reading Skills Build Personality.

This point perfectly demonstrates the phrase “you become what you read.” Only a good book can unfold your child into a better person and enhance their emotional development, social involvement, cultural awareness, and industrial intelligence. This is, perhaps, one of the most vital benefits of reading. As you all know, books are one of the means through which children get to discover their hidden selves, and with the help of the same tool, they can evaluate their personal development from time to time.

Enable Your Child to Make His or Her Own Examples

Connecting study material in the right way helps your child remember the information. So, when your child creates his or her own examples by relating it to their personal experiences, be sure that it would make processing the material much easier.

Helps You Bond with Your Child

Developing reading skills for children is a great benefit of reading as a habit. Not just that, inculcating “good reading habits” together is a lovely ritual you and your child can share at the end of a hectic day. Why not! Especially when it works to serve the purpose to calm your kid and prepare them for a good sleep. Believe it or not, it is enjoyable for both parents and children because just by developing such good reading habits, you and your kid can snuggle together in bed and be close to each other. You can even ask them their thoughts on what they are reading, and you can share your own opinions too.

Sparks Curiosity

A great way to spark your child’s curiosity and get them wanting to learn more is through reading the right books for the age. Probably a book about butterflies will start your kid’s lifelong love of nature, or a story about a famous painter will inspire your kid to pick up the paintbrush and create their masterpiece. Reading out different books to your child on different topics will let them explore the outside world and the numerous possibilities that could await them. You never know what could pitch your child’s interest!

Develops Concentration

An excellent benefit of putting your child in the habit of good reading at an early age will not only help them develop their concentration but will also help them focus on one thing at a time. Make sure, while helping your child develop this piece of good habit, your phone is either silent or switched off to avoid disturbances.

How to Develop Reading Habits in Children at an Early Age?

1. Start Early

Start reading to your three years old infant. Did you know, young children love to hear the soothing voices of their parents? Well, they often laugh at the funny voices you make while reading or even listen to you and fall asleep in your arms. Starting at an early age will make it a routine, and your child will look forward to it every night. Make sure to invest in some cloth books, touch and feel books, puppet books, and some board books with ample illustrations.

2. Choose Books Carefully


Young children respond well to pictures and colors. So, please choose books with rich illustrations such as pop up books and 3D images. Such books with vivid illustrations and little text are the key for young readers because too young babies do not know how to read and would be more excited when shown a picture. Eventually, as the child grows up, you can even ask questions based on illustrations. For example, ‘Do you see a TV in the room?’ or ‘The dog is jumping over what?’ This will not only increase their thinking capacity but would also build vocabulary and help them learn new words.

3. Let Your Child Choose


Kids pick up books that look interesting to them visually. If you have a variety of books at home, let the child choose what he/she wants to read. If you are taking a trip to the library or a bookstore, ask your children to browse around and let them choose what they like the most. And the fact is: Children take much interest in reading something that they have selected themselves. Your child will love the benefits of reading themselves.

Read Their Favourites Again and Again

All children have their favorites. So, if your child is in love with a particular book, don’t get frustrated if they want you to read it to them again and again. This is a good sign because it shows that your child understands the book, is trying to learn new words, and is slowly getting attached to a story. It is like practicing a new technique, and it is a practice for your child as well. Re-reading a book will only enhance fluency and master his grasp of the plot. But the more exciting fact is that your kid loves to spot things he might have missed in the first or second read. And thus, by re-reading the same book, he tries to connect the words he sees in real life. And gradually, when he starts feeling confident, your kid will ask if he can read out the story to you. The benefits of reading are supposed to flow naturally.

So, to all the newbie parents out there, help your child to grow up with a curious mind, full of wonder and intelligence that does not give rise to hostility. All just by inculcating good reading habits at an early age. Doing this will even boost their reading skills even four years later when they are about to start school. So, what are you waiting for? Start today, and be witness to your kid’s exponential growth as a human being through the benefits of reading.

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