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Science Projects for 7th Graders






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By the time kids reach 7th grade, they will become more curious about why and how things work. Gradually, they get interested in experimenting with more challenging questions and love hands-on activities in science. Looking for some engaging and inspiring science activities for your students? Look no further because we got you covered. Be it classroom or any science fair projects, this post has many experiments that are challenging yet easy to perform for 7th graders. Such projects will not only offer your students the chance to explore concepts too close but will also help them discover their scientific skills along the way. So, check out the list and pick a few to try with your middle schoolers soon!

Project 1- How to remove oil pollutants from water

This science project for 7th graders requires minimal steps and supplies. Take three jars and use them to show three methods in which oil pollutants are removed from the water. Ask your students to fill each jar with water and add motor oil, half its amount. They will be able to see how oil rises to the top. Later, you can guide them to use sand, a cheesecloth, and a spoon as three methods to remove oil.

Project 2- Photosynthesis Study

In this science projects for 7th graders, you need to keep three of the same plants in different lighting conditions and analyze how lighting affects their growth. To start with, all you need to do is ask your students to place one plant in a corner that receives no sunlight, the second plant in a corner that receives partial sunlight, and the third plant in a place where it receives direct sunlight. Make them observe how quickly each plant grows and tell them to document information such as which plant grows first.

Project 3- To determine the quickest dissolving pain killer

This science projects for 7th graders is conducted to let the students know about the quickest dissolving painkiller brand to eliminate pain much faster. First, select three branded painkillers. Take three cups and add a quarter of water to each. Drop one pain killer tablet into each cup at the same time. Then, ask your students to observe and make a note of the time each tablet takes to dissolve.

Project 4- To determine salt, and its effect on water

This science projects for 7th class students determines whether salt prevents water from freezing. In order to proceed, students need to fill three freezable and identical plastic cups with normal water. In one cup, they need to add two teaspoons of salt and stir. To the other cup, instruct them to add one teaspoon of salt and stir. And to the last cup, ask them not to add any salt. Then place all three cups into the freezer overnight after labelling. Next day, make them observe closely whether the cups are all frozen, or it has shown any variation.

Since every year, middle schools worldwide hold science fairs as a medium for students to learn about the scientific method and show off their scientific skills, picking the right project can be daunting for both parents and students. But this does not have to be the case. Now, winning the science fair project for the 7th grade is THAT easy. How? Well, just a little time and effort! And your students are ready to show how inventive they really are!

There is a wide array of project ideas that can easily be science fair hits. Check out a few of the most exciting and fun-filled projects for your little ones.

Project 5- All about exploding Jack-O’-Lantern

If you are a science teacher in 7th grade, you must try out this, oh so unique experiment, “exploding Jack -o- Lantern,” and teach them a lesson about exothermic reactions. Start by carving out a pumpkin. Ask the class to pour half a cup of six percent hydrogen peroxide, a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and eight drops of food coloring into a soda bottle. The students should place the bottle inside the pumpkin. In a separate bowl, mix a small packet of dry yeast and three tablespoons of warm water. After pouring the mixture into the bottle, instruct them to place the top back on the jack-o’-lantern and stand back. As the foam explodes out of the jack-o’-lantern, the yeast quickly removes the oxygen from the peroxide, creating lots of bubbles filled with oxygen.

Project 6- Maths project – one of the most amazing science projects for 7th class students

Alt+text- Teacher making students to participate in class quiz

Are you a math teacher? Or do your students find you boring? Then, this science projects is absolutely perfect for you. It’s no secret that other than taking random surprise tests or assessments, Math projects are the only way out to assess the knowledge of 7th graders. Most of the math learned at this age lends to hands-on projects. So, before the students lose interest in Math, it’s time that you consider using math projects to assess the progress of young minds in areas such as geometry, percentages, and proportions. It also serves an additional purpose of engaging students and helping them see some practical ways to abstract math concepts that they can later apply in the real world.

Project 7- Time to explode eggs

This experiment is conducted to make the students learn about pressure. Middle school students can participate by poking a pinhole in both ends of an egg and blowing the insides out. They need to place the empty eggshells on a stand and fill them with hydrogen. All you need to make sure that students are maintaining a safe distance while watching it. Help them in lighting the top of the egg and instruct them to move away. Soon the hydrogen starts rising to the top of the egg and fills its bottom with air. As the hydrogen ignites, the gasses in the egg get very hot and expand, creating high pressure, resulting in the exploding of the eggs.

These are a few of the astounding science projects that you can conduct in your class without taking much time on it. Have you ever wondered why for many students, “science is one of the tedious, monotonous, and boring” subjects? It’s all because they hardly get to engage themselves with the fantastic science facts from day to day life. Balancing chemical equations, memorizing phases of the moon, and dissecting frogs may not be everyone’s favorite assignments at school. Yet, science has so many branches that it is impossible for someone to dislike all of them. Learning a scientific subject has many benefits; getting an exciting, rewarding, and well-paying job is definitely among them.

So, next time when any of the 7th class students say “Science is boring,” make them participate in one of these inspiring science projects that will raise their interest and curiosity in the subject. Experiments such as photosynthesis study, math projects, exploding jack-o’-lanterns, eggs, and salt, and its effect in water are sure to accomplish this. Just make sure to keep your students safe while performing such experiments. And what next? The ball is in your court!

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