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Ten Tips To Create Better Classroom Management

Ten Tips To Create Better Classroom Management


Teachers in classrooms all across the country are faced with challenging jobs. They have to educate and guide their students every day, while also making sure that they maintain better classroom management. If you find yourself struggling with this, or just want some new ideas for maintaining an upbeat mood in your class, here are ten ways to help you create a positive environment! Have a look!

What is Classroom Management?

Classroom management is a set of techniques and practices that give structure and encourage children to learn in a good environment. To keep classroom activity under control, the teacher gives directions to shape the student’s behavior. Effective classroom management is evidenced by organized students, active engagement in learning, and minimal behavioral disruptions. The purpose of an effective management plan is to keep the classroom safe and enjoyable so that students can concentrate on learning.

How Does A Positive Classroom Help Students?

According to studies, providing better classroom management boosts student achievement as well as teacher satisfaction. When a teacher has control over a group of students who are cooperative, collaborative, and courteous, everyone in the room has a better educational experience. Wondering how to turn a negative environment to positive?  Let us check.

1. Take Care of All Students’ Needs

A positive classroom environment is about more than just being nice to students. A teacher’s responsibility includes making sure that all students have the resources they need in order to be successful. Say “yes” when possible, even if it feels like you are giving away too much of your time and energy. It can feel overwhelming sometimes when a student asks for a second chance.

2. Praise Students for Their Accomplishments

Classroom management won’t be possible if you don’t celebrate a student’s success. It is easy to get frustrated with bad behavior, but it can be more challenging when students are doing well in your class. Take time out of your day or week to recognize those who have been contributing positively by praising them as they work on tasks together or through.

3. Do Not Be Partial to Students

Teachers must never be partial or be favorable to students who are talkative or those who are quiet. Give everyone an equal chance to speak, and give students who are quite adept ample opportunities before you dismiss them for something that may not be in their control.

4. Keep Simple Rules for Your Classroom

To work on maintaining better classroom management, keep the rules of your classroom clear and simple so that students can follow them easily. This will help to create a positive environment and allow students to focus on learning. If you have a rule like all students must take turns checking whether the lights are switched off when the class ends, it will be easy. But if you keep complicated rules like that, all students must teach the rest of the class some subject each day, it might pressure them.

5. Keep Your Classroom Clean

A clean classroom is a place where people feel safe, comfortable, and content with their surroundings. A disorganized room can affect the mindsets of students as they work hard in an undesirable space that makes them less likely to cooperate and learn from each other. Encourage your students with positive feedback by talking about how grateful you are for them helping in maintaining the classroom clean.

6. Be Nice to Your Students

If you can’t be genuinely kind, at least try not to be mean and keep your emotions in check when talking with them about their work or any topic that may cause conflict between the two of you. The less tension there is between a teacher and a student, the more likely they will feel comfortable coming to you for help. Be sincere when praising a student, because it helps to boost their self-confidence and motivation for good work in other subjects as well.

7. Make Teaching Fun

When it comes to teaching, do not bore the students with the same old lectures. Rather, make the class fun and interesting. You can make a PowerPoint presentation with vibrant pictures, funny educational videos can be shown, and you can also assign fun group projects. You can also include roleplaying if you want them to learn an English story in a better way.

8. Encourage Discussion

We must know that the key to classroom management is lots and lots of engaging and educational activities. Students learn a lot when they can share their thoughts and be involved in classroom activities. When students are more engaged, it makes it easier to teach them as well, because there is less distraction from other topics or activities that may interest some students more than others.

9. Share About You to the Students

Students can learn a lot from the teacher. They should know what the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses are, why they teach certain topics or not others, etc. Teachers can also talk about their interesting school days that seem relevant to the syllabus. By sharing about themselves, it is easier for students to grow into good citizens because they’ll definitely get inspired.

10. Greet Students by the Door

Greeting students every morning with a bright smile is indeed part of classroom management. You can give them a high five, a hug, or a pat on the head. They can simply choose how they want to be greeted if you give them those options. You can paste 4 to 5 options on the door and ask them to choose one. And then, you can greet them just like they want it.

Final Thoughts

There are many classroom management ideas, such as setting up classroom norms like respecting fellow classmates, themed days, field trips, etc. But the most important thing is that you, as a teacher, should be able to have a positive attitude towards your students, no matter how difficult it may seem. If they see this in you and everything seems like fun for them, then surely you’ve won the classroom management skill!

All the best!

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